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Mutineer Magazine is a fine beverage publication unlike any other you've ever read, covering all things fine beverage with an emphasis on wine, beer and spirits. Released in July of 2008, the 44 page magazine quickly grew to a national status with its fifth issue of 84 pages being featured in bookstores including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, BookWorlds, Amazon, and more. As informative as it is approachable, Mutineer Magazine will change the way you read about fine beverages.


It is the mission of Mutineer to share the modern fine beverage experience with the millennial generation while supporting and celebrating fine beverage culture in an artistically inspired way.

Millennial Beverage Leadership

Mutineer is the beverage magazine for Millennials and by Millennials, with Mutineer's entire staff made up of game-changing Millennials bringing a fresh perspective to beverage media.

Alan Kropf

Alan Kropf
| Founder
Alan Kropf became President of Mutineer following four years as Editor in Chief, and has won numerous beverage and publishing industry awards. Prior to founding Mutineer in 2008, Alan worked as a Sommelier at some of the world's most prestigious properties, including the Beverly Hills Hotel & Gordon Ramsay's signature restaurant at the London Hotel. Alan is certified through the Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine & Spirits Education Trust, Cicerone and National Bartenders School, and is constantly traveling to speak at events, judge competitions and raise awareness about water relief in developing countries.

Jeff Dorenbush

Jeff Dorenbush
| Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Dorenbush left a career in web development to co-found Mutineer Magazine, and has been instrumental in all aspects of business development since the company's launch in 2008. Jeff led the transition to becoming nationally distributed in spring 2009, and continues to oversee distribution of the printed magazine. In September 2012, Jeff became CEO to focus his attention on expansion through new platforms to support Mutineer's continued growth.

Brian Kropf

Brian Kropf
| Editor in Chief
Prior to becoming Editor in Chief in September of 2012, Brian served as Mutineer's Online Editor and then Managing Editor of the magazine. Brian has quickly become an influential voice in beverage culture and sought after competition judge, and he has only begun to bring to life his vision for the magazine.

Julie Hadjinian

Julie Hadjinian
| Creative Director
Julie Hadjinian graduated from the Graphic Design program at Western Washington University. After gaining experience as a freelance designer, Julie was snapped up as an intern for Mutineer, but her extraordinary creative vision and talent for working with a range of mediums soon found her in the role of full-time lead designer. In February of 2012, Julie became the Creative Director, guiding art direction throughout the magazine and Mutineer's marketing projects. Julie's inspired approach to visually telling the story of beverage culture is ever evolving, keeping the Mutineer aesthetic on the cutting edge and relevant to our Millennial audience.

What others are saying about Mutineer...

| Alan Kropf runs a magazine that actually lives up to its name, causing a mutiny in beverage culture.

Napa Valley Register
| As publisher and editor-in-chief of Mutineer Magazine, Alan Kropf of Napa is leading nothing less than a beverage-based revolution.

Women and Wine Radio
| For those of you that haven't seen Mutineer, I have to tell you I haven't bought a magazine in really long time, and I haven't recommended one to anyone in a really long time, and Mutineer is on my nightstand. We have it in our store, I tell friends to read it, and we give it to our good customers.

Tom Wark's Fermentation Blog
| A New Mutiny...Let's hope they spread far and wide.

A Blog About Beer
| Mutineer is doing great things for the industry and is one of the publications on the forefront of the beer 2.0 phenomenon.

| Kropf and his team of snarky scribes pen edgy editorial that encompasses the worlds of wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea, soda and even water - and are attracting no shortage of intrepid beverage advertisers and readers along the way.

Wine Biz Radio
| I love it...I can see this publication going into the hands of a lot of different types of people.

| My favorite under-30 mover and shaker in the American wine world, Alan Kropf, is the publisher of Mutineer Magazine...Alan's a smart, ambitious guy who's achieving a solid foothold in wine media...He's like the old-fashioned circuit preacher who travels from prairie town to prairie town, exhorting the masses to Come to Jesus. In this he has his finger on a certain pulse of the masses.

Hedonism Ink
| I never thought I'd see the day the Napa Valley Opera House hosted a hipster red carpet event, but I'm glad I did. Mutineer's millenial-generation energy is introducing something new to Napa Valley, and helping local beverage innovators reach a broader audience at home and around the country. This I think is fantastic.

1 Wine Dude
| Wine Mags that are Worth Reading...Most Promising Up & Comer.

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