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Mutineer Magazine Contest – Win a copy of The Hangover II DVD or a Flat Screen TV


Hangover 2 Ad New

Mutineer Magazine and Warner Bros. are giving away a 32″ flat screen TV and 10 copies of The Hangover Part II. Entering to win is easy.

1) If you haven’t already, visit us on Facebook and like us.

2) Subscribe or renew your subscription to Mutineer Magazine by 11:59PM PST December 31 2011.*

– * Anyone who subscribed or renewed since November 1st will be automatically entered into the contest.
– Only open to U.S. residents.
– Winners will be selected at random.
– Winners to be announced shortly after contest deadline.

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Mutineer Magazine on Showtime’s “The Big C”


Mutineer Magazine on "The Big C"

This is what I’m talkin’ about. Mutineer Magazine has permeated the very fabric of the modern American experience, available not only in bookstores, fine beverage establishments, and on millennial hipster coffee tables, but also in your local faux oncology clinic, as seen here in a recent episode of “The Big C” on Showtime. I’ve never seen the show as I only watch Three Sheets and apocalyptic documentaries, so I must rely on my fellow fine beverage patriots to be on the lookout for stuff like this. Huge props to Mutineers Stephanie and Gretchen on Facebook for bringing this to our attention and RichardPF on Twitter.

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Chris Spradley To Compete On Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef TONIGHT!


Gordon Ramsay MasterChef

Tonight one of our favorite beer bloggers and good friend, Chris Spradley, will be making an appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s newest FOX reality cooking show, MasterChef. See the full post »

Betty White SNL Drinking Game


Betty White Bingo Drinking Game

In honor of Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live recently, Mutineer contributor Robert Haynes-Peterson has taken things to an entirely new level with his “Betty White Drinking Game of Champions Championship” . As with any gentleman’s drinking game, the rules are simple and logical: You print out his bingo card of possible occurrences on the show, and then play bingo, with your friends taking a shot whenever you get a BINGO! I suggest an even simpler approach, with everyone taking a shot every time something funny happens, but last time we did that at Mutineer HQ we found Jeff asleep in the washing machine (don’t know how he did it, but he did, and I have the photos.) See the full post »

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Fine Beverages of LOST Part 2

Other BeverageSpirits
Lost's Sawyer and Juliet with Dharma Rum

Lost’s Sawyer and Juliet with Dharma Rum

Back by popular demand, we examine the beverages of LOST. In part one, we examined beer and wine, and now in part two, we examine the harder stuff and the speedier stuff.

Nobody can survive without coffee. If you can, I’m convinced you’re a robot. Besides, all those super scientists and scientific experiments had to be fueled by something. I’m guessing there wasn’t a Dharma station called “The Meth Lab”.

Coffee is the only viable “energy drink” from the ’70s (don’t tell resident Energyologist Jeff, his head would explode). A nasty frost in the late ’70s crippled Brazil’s coffee industry, and Papua New Guinea, feeling the heft of its newly found independence from the British, shot to stardom in the coffee industry. See the full post »

Fine Beverages of LOST


Dharma Beer

We’re all fans of LOST here aboard the Mutineer frigate, so it’s only fitting that we highlight fine beverage references in the show being that the season just kicked off on Tuesday. While the series is rife with fine beverage, I wanted to focus on what is provided by the benevolent Dharma Initiative. See the full post »

The Hallmark Channel Heads to Wine Country

Beverage NewsWine


On March 6 the Hallmark Channel will premier “Uncorked”, an original movie that takes everything you love about Hallmark Channel original movies and combines it with wine. Wait, Hallmark has it’s own channel? See the full post »

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Mad Men’s January Jones Epic GQ Drinking Adventure

Beverage News

GQ - January Jones

GQ might just be my favorite magazine, and when the November issue found its way to me via a maze of forwarding addresses, I was very pleased to find the incredible January Jones of Mad Men on the cover. This pleasure was upgraded to a full-fledged mutiny when I found that her story was chock full of fine beverage awesomeness.

Here are some fine beverage bits from the piece, “OH, BETTY!” by Mark Kirby with killer photographs by Terry Richardson. See the full post »

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