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Starbucks Mobile Reaches Blackberry

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Starbucks Blackberry App

Gift cards are great. They show you that the giver took enough time at the checkout line to think of a place that you’d like and lock you into spending a certain amount of money at that establishment. The only problem with the gift card idea is the transmission of funds. You have to carry around another de facto credit card. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a gift card in my wallet if I ever need to open a door, but I already have a Ralph’s card for that.

All you iPhoners out there already have the ability to load up your phone with Starbucks Starbucks giftcards, but recently, the iPhone’s ugly cousin, Blackberry, got the power as well. When someone gives you a gift card, you just enter it into the app and chuck the card in the recycle bin. Next time you order your French Press (seriously, it’s off menu, but go to a store and try it today) all you have to do is quit Facebooking long enough to open the Starbucks app. The barista on register will scan the barcode on your phone and you’re good to go. Technology, FTW! See the full post »

Starbucks Announces Betacup Challenge Winners

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Starbucks Betacup - Karma Cup

Last month Betacup challenged its participants to present innovative ideas on how to eliminate paper cup consumption through the design of a more convenient alternative to the reusable coffee mug. The judging process was split into two categories: the Jury Prize and the Community Prize.

The Jury Prize of $10,000 was awarded by a panel of independent experts to a single submission. The Community Prize of $10,000 was awarded to the top 5 ideas voted on by the community, which consisted of all the participants. See the full post »

Starbucks Responds to McCafe with New Size: Trenta

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Starbucks Logo

Never to be outdone by a certain fast food franchise, Starbucks will be testing a new size for Iced Tea and Iced Coffee, the “Trenta”. This 31-ounce tankard of deliciousness, according to a Reuters story, will be field tested in the Phoenix and Tampa Bay metro areas and will cost $3.30 and $2.60 for iced coffee and iced tea respectively.

Kudos to Starbucks for realizing that they operate in America, and here we like our beverages in child swimming pool sized portions. I’m hoping they decide to one up McDonald’s in the near future and introduce a new product, the Starbucks IV Drippi.

Starbucks & Guns

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Starbucks and Gun

Apparently guns and Starbucks don’t mix.

According to KOMO news:
An anti-gun group is urging Starbucks to ban weapons at all of its retail locations… Earlier this month, the group’s president Paul Helmke sent a letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, claiming there has been a “growing frequency” of gun owners openly carrying guns in public places, especially in California, where open carry weapons are legal as long as they are unloaded and holstered. See the full post »

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The first rule of Starbucks is, you do not talk about Starbucks

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Your Neighborhood Coffeeshop Is Getting a Makeover

Photo credit: CoffeeStrategies.com

When deep space exploration ramps up, it’ll be the corporations that will name everything: The IBM stellarsphere, The Microsoft galaxy, Planet Starbucks.”
This is the bleak out look of Tyler Durden from 1999s Fight Club, where the corporations overrun the universe and name everything after themselves. See the full post »

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Music + Starbucks = Very Cool

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Tuesday was a great day for music with U2’s No Line on the Horizon and Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone both being released. First off, Mutineer Graphics Correspondent Jordan Luckman bought both albums at Starbucks, which is very cool by itself. He already had a track for the Neko Case album via a “Pick of the Week” card from Starbucks, which he acquired the week before at Starbucks, giving him free access to “People Got a Lotta Nerve” on iTunes. See the full post »

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Starbucks To Release Instant Coffee; In Other News, Folgers Has No Plans To Open Coffee Shops

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Emily Bryson York and Jeremy Mullman of Advertising Age are reporting that “Premium java giant Starbucks is venturing into what some would consider lowbrow territory with a soluble-coffee product called Via, according to three executives familiar with the matter”. Lowbrow territory is not unfamiliar to Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz, who wrote the textbook on lowbrow moves by selling the Seattle Sonics basketball team to a cold-blooded ownership group from Oklahoma, who, to the surprise of no one, moved the Seattle team to Oklahoma (who are currently enjoying a dismal 13-40 season).

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