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Six Liter Bottle of The Macallan M Sells for Record $628,000


The Macallan 6 litre Decanter

The Macallan M broke records recently when a rare 6 liter version of the Scotch whisky sold for US $628,000 at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. The auction commemorated the global launch of M. Four 6 liter decanters were created by LALIQUE, the largest they’ve ever made. Each decanter required the work of 17 craftsmen, including two with the prestigious title, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, with each taking over 50 hours to complete.

Of the four, two will be archived by The Macallan and one has been committed to a private collector in Asia. The fourth, Constantine (named, as are the other three, after Roman emperors), uniquely features the engraved autographs of the three principal creators – LALIQUE/Silvio Denz, Fabien Baron and Bob Dalgarno. This highly collectable creation was made available as part of the Finest and Rarest Wines and The Macallan auction by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong on Saturday, 18 January 2014.

The previous record was set in New York in 2010, also by The Macallan, with The Macallan 64 years old in LALIQUE Cire Perdue which sold for US$460,000.

Thankfully, the net proceeds of the auction were donated to local Hong Kong charities.

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Japan’s Suntory Plans to Purchase Jim Beam


Beam Inc.

It was announced today that Japanese booze conglomerate Suntory Holdings Ltd. is in the process of acquiring Beam Inc. Suntory, who already owns Yamazaki Japanese whisky and Bowmore Scotch, will now add iconic brands like Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Teacher’s and Laphroaig Scotch to their portfolio, effectively making them the third largest spirits company in the world. It was reported that the deal was worth $16 billion, including $2 billion of assumed debt that Suntory will take on. See the full post »

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Woodford Reserve Announces Limited Edition Malt Offerings


Woodford Reserve Master's Collection

New World and Old World are terms often thrown around with wine, but not so much in the realm of other libations. Of course, they exist with beer, whiskey, and more. For beer, you have classic Old World beers like Rodenbach Grand Cru which could be compared to the New World variants of American Wild Ales from Russian River Brewing Co. With whiskey (or whisky), you have Scotch from Scotland (Old World) and you have Bourbon from the United States (New World). But have you ever been curious how the two differ at their most basic levels? It’s hard to compare the two as the ingredients and processes are so different between them, but Woodford Reserve was curious and decided to play around with it.

A key difference between the two is the barrel in which the spirit is matured. Scotch utilizes used barrels to mature their spirit whereas Bourbon uses new, charred casks to mature theirs. One lets the grain shine through and the other lets the impact of the new wood have more of a presence.

Woodford Reserve is taking the best of both worlds (no pun intended) with their Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Double Malt Selections. Taking the same liquid, one will undergo new barrel maturation and the other a used barrel maturation to give whiskey enthusiasts a side by side comparison of the role in which the barrel plays.

Look for Woodford Reserve Straight Malt Whiskey and Woodford Reserve Classic Malt to debut in individual 750mL bottles starting November 1.

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From the Jungle to the Cocktail: The Amazing History of the Pineapple


Dean Callan Monkey Shoulder pineapple pic 2

Monkey Shoulder Global Brand Ambassador Dean Callan on his passion for pineapples.

I’m on a mission… to re-instate the pineapple in bars and on cocktail menus across the world.
My quest was inspired by a visit to Cienfuegos, a brilliantly garish Cuban-inspired rum joint hidden away above a sandwich shop in New York’s East Village.

A friend and I ordered the Isle of Manhattan Fizz, a rum and gin punch with coconut, lime, soda and one of my all-time favourite cocktail ingredients – pineapple.

It got me thinking – why don’t we see many pineapples in bars these days? How did this fruit, once considered a symbol of status and hospitality, become so neglected by bartenders?

A few months later, the subject of pineapples came up again in conversation with my good friend, Jake Burger, the man behind the infamous Pina Colada pineapple-inspired Penis Enlarger cocktail. As the drinks flowed, we made a pact – let’s bring the pineapple back.

The next day the words of the great Ernest Hemmingway were ringing round my head – “Always do sober what you said you’d do when drunk” – and our mission to promote pineapples was under way.

Fast-forward to today and we’ll be singing the praises of this wonderful fruit at Hotel Monteleone on the opening day of Tales of The Cocktail.

Since tribesmen first discovered pineapples in the Brazilian jungle thousands of years ago and fermented them to make their own early alcoholic drinks, this tropical fruit has travelled on an amazing journey.

We’ll look at how Columbus first encountered pineapples in the 15th century and how this strange-looking fruit captivated his sailors who would often disappear into the jungle for days to gorge on them.

We’ll explore the little-known fact that, as pineapples were shipped back to Europe and America, this rare tropical fruit became a prized symbol of hospitality and status. And how it gradually slipped from the top of the food chain at the hands of the canned food industry.

There’ll be cocktails too of course – we’ll be creating some classic and new pineapple-inspired drinks to show how to make the best of its flavours.

And if you’ve ever wondered what the story is behind cheese and pineapple on a stick – we’ll tell you all about it (warning: this may involve the use of swords!).

Come and join us on our mission to support the not-so-humble pineapple.

Dean Callan and Jake Burger will present ‘The Pineapple, a Symbol of Hospitality’ at Tales of The Cocktail at the Queen Anne Ballroom, Hotel Monteleone, Wednesday 17th July, 12:30pm-2pm.

Click here to buy a ticket for the event.

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anCnoc Single Malt Scotch Whisky Announces Peter Arkle Limited Edition Series “Bricks”


anCnoc Bricks

anCnoc (pronounced “a-nok”) has recently announced the release the the third offering in their Peter Arkle Limited Edition Series. The series is in collaboration with Peter Arkle, an illustrator who is an avid fan of whisky. For each offering, AnCnoc will make a limited edition whisky limited to just 1,000 cases and Peter Arkle will illustrate the packaging with something that inspired him during the process or from the distillery.

With anCnoc “Bricks”, it was the distillery’s history itself that inspired him. Peter Arkle explains, “I have loved working with anCnoc and am very proud of our latest limited edition. The distillery at Knockdhu is such a great place and I had a fantastic time visiting there. This particular illustration for me really shows the heart and history behind the distinguished taste of the brand.” The name Bricks and correlating artwork was inspired by the brick walls of anCnoc’s Knockdhu Distillery, which first opened in 1894.

anCnoc “Bricks” is limited to just 1,000 cases beginning July 1 and according to Distillery Manager Gordon Bruce, “Bricks” has signature honey and lemon notes with a spicy taste of citrus, sherry and dark chocolate.

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The Glenrothes Distillery Wants to Send You to Scotland With 2013 US Vintage Maker Competition



After a highly successful 2012 US Vintage Maker Competition, this year The Glenrothes Distillery is looking to send two lucky prize winners to Speyside, Scotland with their 2013 US Vintage Maker Competition. Two separate grand prize winners will each get to take one guest with them to visit The Glenrothes in the heart of scotch country, mastering the production of single malt scotch, all culminating with the creation of a new Glenrothes Vintage.

According to contest organizers, “From February 12, 2013 until April 12, 2013, entrants can submit an essay of 750 characters or less and an image response to the prompt, “Share a Vintage Moment with The Glenrothes.” Winning entries will be selected based on the best representation of how The Glenrothes Distillery defines a Vintage Moment: A perfect combination of time, place, people and/or occasion when everything comes together to create a moment that will stay in the memory forever.

For more information on The Glenrothes or the 2013 US Vintage Maker Competition, visit www.theglenrothes.com.

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Johnnie Walker to Release The Spice Road


Johnnie Walker Launches The Spice Road

Johnnie Walker was a traveling man and paying homage to him and his family, Johnnie Walker is releasing the Explorers’ Club Collection beginning with The Spice Road. According to the press release, “From 1820, the Walker family and their agents travelled the world, navigating their way down the famous trade routes: the Spice Road of Europe and Asia; the Royal Route from Europe to Persia; and the Gold Route of the Americas and the Caribbean, in pursuit of adventures bringing both new business and rich experiences.

Their efforts ensured that, by the 1920s, Johnnie Walker had arrived in 120 countries and was being enjoyed on the great railways, luxury ocean liners and early transatlantic flights. Meanwhile, the striking image of the Johnnie Walker Striding Man was becoming an icon all over the world.”

In honor of the Johnnie Walker family and to those who travel today, The Spice Road will be available in duty free stores in Europe, the Middle East and Australia in December. It will be available in duty free stores globally from January 2013 with a recommended retail price of $43.

The second and third releases in the Trade Routes Series – Johnnie Walker The Gold Route and Johnnie Walker The Royal Route will be available in duty free stores in 2013.

About The Spice Road:

“The first release, Johnnie Walker The Spice Road is an evocative expression of the vibrancy, aromas and spices that the Johnnie Walker agents would have discovered in the thriving markets around Asia. It is a whisky of exceptional smoothness and rich flavour, matured in old oak casks for an intense finish inspired by spice markets, but still true to the Johnnie Walker signature style.”

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Whisky Live Returns to LA on October 17


Whisky Live

What’s better than a glass of sweet, toffee-colored, barrel aged scotch, bourbon or whisky? How about 150 of them?

On October 17, WHISKY LIVE LOS ANGELES 2012 returns for its fourth year. Held at the Hyatt Regency in Century City, there will be a full spectrum of spirits originating from Scotland to Kentucky. In addition to classic and traditional bottlings, guests will also get to try new recipes, unusual finishes, and rare, hard-to-find spirit. Producers, distillers and independent bottlers will be on hand to answer questions while pouring their product. Interested in the experiential more than the educational? Maybe the selection of artisanal foods, cheese and chocolate pairings, fine cigars and live jazz will whet your whistle.

Hailed as a “worldwide connoisseur event,” the LA tasting comes after stops in Chicago, San Francisco and Boston, and before landing in Madrid, Capetown, and Moscow, among other international locations; and brings with it experts from across the globe to lead guided Masterclasses for up to 75 people. Lectures will include flavor comparisons, pairings and an assortment of introductory classes, including presentations of new whiskies.

Tickets start at $109. Discounts and upgrades are available on Twitter, by following @WhiskyLive.

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