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Vodka Heist?


You may have heard about the recent vodka heist in Miami, where 1 million dollars in vodka was taken by some well informed thieve. Here at Mutineer HQ, we got to chatting about what fine beverage we’d risk a trip to the big house for. Here is what we came up with. See the full post »

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Japan Launching “Pepsi White”, Not Getting Hopes Up

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Pepsi WhiteDon’t let the festive snowman deceive you. Foul play is at work…

Crystal Pepsi is amazing. I realize it’s not the first time I’ve made such a claim on this blog, and it certainly won’t be the last, but new evidence has surfaced that at first glance gives those of us patiently awaiting the return of clear cola some hope.

According to ABC News:

Pepsi Japan is launching a new clear cola drink just in time for the holidays. Called Pepsi White, the drink is tangerine-flavored and the packaging is designed with colorful snowmen.

Beyond the obvious, which is that colorful snowmen are awesome and obscure clear cola trends are significant enough to our culture that major news organizations track related foreign product development, I’m not sure how to feel about this given the tangerine factor. Don’t get me wrong, tangerine is a fine flavor and could actually be quite tasty in the context of a cola blend, but the legacy of Crystal Pepsi was built on the minimalism of delicious cola delivered in a clear format, and I fear that the Japanese may end up on a slippery slope of taking questionable liberties with the clear format.

Oh wait, they already did. The ABC News article continues:

Pepsi Japan first launched Pepsi White in 2008, which was a Pepsi and yogurt-flavored beverage.

NO. This is no good at all. Capturing the flavor of yogurt and adding it to clear Pepsi is a win for no one. Their treatment of the clear cola format is beyond concerning and shows a lack of respect for the whimsical Crystal Pepsi-fueled memories of my youth. I have to imagine that even yogurt cola enthusiasts feel some level of shame for what has to be the result of a lost bet or bitter vendetta…or an inception plot by the folks over at Coca Cola.

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PepsiCo Japan Prepares Next Unconventional Release

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Pepsi Mont Blanc

The Pepsi Japan’s marketing team is on a roll with .. uh, creative .. limited edition releases of Pepsi. From the same people that brought you Pepsi Cucumber Ice, Pepsi Baobab, Pepsi Shiso, Pepsi Blue Hawaii, and Pepsi Azuki, Pepsi Japan would like to introduce to you Pepsi Mont Blanc. Never ceasing to amaze me, the new product will taste like the popular Mont Blanc dessert, mixing the taste of marron (chestnut) and snow from Mont Blanc.

French for “white mountain”, Mont Blanc pays to tribute to France’s Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the European Union. Scheduled for release October 26, Mont Blanc is also a fitting tribute to the nearing start of winter.

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Pepsi Rekindles Cola Wars

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Pepsi Max vs Coke Zero Commercial

You may or may not be old enough to remember the classic Pepsi commercial from 1995 that features a Pepsi driver dropping into a diner for a bite and meeting a Coke delivery driver at the lunch counter. They hit it off just great until the Pepsi driver offers the Coke man a can of his cola. Well, lets just say the Pepsi driver had to get his soda back forcefully. See the full post »

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Argentina Gone Wild featuring Pepsi in the Nude

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Pepsi Goes Naked Rumors of nakedness have been buzzing all throughout the country of Argentina. And you might be asking yourself why. Well, let me tell you.

According to Ad Age, Diego Maradona, the head coach of the 2010 World Cup Argentina soccer team, has declared that if Argentina takes home the championship title, he will go streaking through the streets on Buenos Aires. Not wanting Maradona to be the only one running around in his ‘birthday suit’, Pepsi has also declared that it will go naked if Argentina wins the 2010 World Cup. See the full post »

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Pepsi Pulling Soda Out of Schools

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Pepsi Soda Line-up

The World Heart Foundation has won a significant battle in the fight to curb the frightening amount of children in the U.S. that are obese. Pepsi announced that it will pull all of their fully-sweetened beverages from schools by 2012. 

At primary schools, Pepsi will only sell water, fat-free milk, low-fat milk and juice products that have no added sugar. Secondary schools will get the addition of Diet Pepsi and low-calorie soft drinks. See the full post »

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Pepsi Creates App to Get Guys Laid, People Very Pissed Off

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Pepsi AMP iPhone App

Yup. Pepsi is playing hardball with their AMP iPhone app that not only helps guys get laid, but also lets them keep track of their victories. An iPhone is for data storage, is it not?

According to AdWeek’s article on “Should Pepsi Pull Its Amp App?“:
The NC-17 rated application offers pick-up lines, strategies for picking up married women, a scorecard for sexual conquests and other edgy content.

The craziest part of this story is that while people have gotten very worked up over this, and while Pepsi has apologized, the app remains available to buy. See the full post »

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A Crystal Pepsi Revolution

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Bring Back Crystal Pepsi!

Crystal Pepsi is coming back people. Ok, it isn’t, but it should. People are amped up for a clear cola again. Word on the street is that Crystal Pepsi can be had in South America, and we have a writer investigating the South American clear cola scene at this very moment. Crystal Pepsi and the McRib are one of my all-time food and beverage pairings, and if I buy one more bottle of vintage Crystal Pepsi for $30+ off of Ebay, Jeff is going to fight me. In the street. It will not be good. Must get Crystal Pepsi back into production…

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