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National Launch Party: The Spirits


The Mutineer Magazine Launch Party hosted by Paso Creek saw a host of distilled spirits. Everything from Maker’s Mark, Vicious Vodka, Obsello Absinthe, Chivas Regal and Tequila Comisario, graced the tables as guests made their way around the venue.

Vicious Vodka
Premium caffeine infused Vicious Vodka kept everyone on his or her toes while providing the perfect spirit to mix with Red Bull and really take it up a notch. See the full post »

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National Launch Party: Obsello Absinthe


Tomorrow it happens. Mutineer Magazine will make a statement with its official National Launch Party at Falcon Hollywood. If you haven’t been able to tell, we are very into the return of absinthe, and will be featuring Obsello Absinthe at the Launch Party. See the full post »

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New Years Eve ’08: Absinthe-fueled Party at Lucques in Los Angeles


New Years Eve is quickly approaching, which we are all pretty psyched about ever since our IT guy found the following message in a fortune cookie up at the Pike Place Market last night: 2009 Will be the Year of the Mutineer…but I digress.

I caught wind of a New Years Party that has all the ingredients to be a hit: great location, great food, and ABSINTHE. Yes, this party is the real deal. The theme is Moulin Rouge, and I suspect this theme will be taken a little too far, or at I hope that is the case. The location is Lucques, a very cool restaurant in West Hollywood that is definitely worth checking out regardless of whether of not you go to the New Years Eve party. The evening’s food will consist of five and six-course menus depending on the seating. See the full post »

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5 Myths About Absinthe



We recently met up with Obsello Absinthe distiller Alex Davis to get the facts about modern absinthe.

The article will appear in the upcoming issue of Mutineer Magazine, but here is a taste to tide you over.

Myth 5. While the effects and experience of drinking absinthe is different than typical alcoholic beverages due to additional active ingredients, absinthe is NOT hallucinogenic, it will not make you “trip” or hack off your own ear. See the full post »

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