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Guinness QR Code Pint Glass


Guinness QR cup

QR codes are all the rage right now and Guinness is looking to tap into it with their new pint glass.

Guinness QR cup

Empty, you see nothing. With a light beer like a pilsner or blonde ale, you see nothing.

With Guinness? You see the QR code! Where does it take you? Good question.

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Summer Gas Rebate from Charles Krug Winery


Charles Krug Winery 150th Anniversary

Thinking about making the drive to Napa Valley but gas prices have you thinking otherwise? Charles Krug Winery doesn’t want you to sweat it and is offering a rebate to visitors coming from out of town. They’ve made it pretty simple; as long as the San Francisco Bay Area gas price average is over $4.00 per gallon (or until September 30), visitors to Charles Krug will receive a rebate applicable towards their tasting fees. Drive from 10-24 miles, receive $5 off. Drive 25-49 miles, receive $10 off. 50+? $15 off your tasting fee.

The fine print?

-Rebate must be printed at www.charleskrug.com and redeemed at tasting room.
-Rebate is by zone (10-24 miles, 25-49 miles, over 50 miles), $5, $10 and $15 respectively.
-One rebate per vehicle, and applicable to a tasting fee.
-Promotion runs through September 30 or until the price of gas falls below $4/gallon–whichever comes first.
-Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Regardless, a cool out-the-box initiate that is Mutineer Approved. The beautiful and historic grounds of Charles Krug will also be home to the Marvelous Millennial Wine Marketing Circus on May 18th. We hope to see you there!

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Beverage Marketing At Its Best: Stella Artois vs Newcastle


Marketing At Its Best

Stella Artois puts up a billboard, Newcastle Brown Ale counters it with a bigger, lit billboard.

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Familia Camarena Tequila Joins the Roster of the Minnesota Vikings


Familia Camarena Tequila

An unlikely combination, Familia Camarena Tequila has partnered with the Minnesota Vikings for a three-year marketing sponsorship. Announced just a day after the kickoff of the 2011 NFL season and the nail biting conclusion of the Green Bay/New Orleans game, the terms of the marketing partnership include rights to the Minnesota Vikings logos, as well as in-stadium brand exposure during all Vikings regular season home games.

“Camarena Tequila’s partnership with the Vikings is an integral part of our marketing strategy focused on continued consumer trial and awareness of Camarena Tequila,” said Gerard Thoukis, Director of Marketing for Camarena. “We look forward to a great inaugural season with this well-respected organization.”

Less than two years old, Familia Camarena Tequila’s professional sports marketing strategy has followed suit with the brand’s more than double-digit growth since its inception in 2010. Announcement of Familia Camarena Tequila’s partnership with the Vikings coincides with sponsorship agreements with six Major League Baseball clubs, two National Basketball Association teams and three additional National Football League teams this year.

Breweries have been partnering with professional sports teams for years, it’s nice to see spirits trying their hand in that arena.

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Newcastle Brown Ale: Shadow Art Billboard


Using only a single light source and thousands of real-life Newcastle Brown Ale bottle caps, two well-known New York shadow artists have partnered with Newcastle to bring to life a 128 square foot shadow sculpture. Check out the video above to see how the shadow art was created.

A very cool ad by Newcastle Brown Ale, nicely done.

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Beverage Commercials From 2011 Super Bowl

Other Beverage

The Super Bowl has come and it has gone. With it are a ton of insanely expensive commercials that aired during the big game that people will talk about for a week before forgetting about them. We’ve compiled all of the beverage commercials for your viewing pleasure. If some people had things their way, there would be no alcohol commercials during the Super Bowl. Free The Bowl, put on by the alcohol-hating Marin Institute, held a contest for people to make anti-alcohol videos to raise awareness that alcohol commercials target kids and make them drink more. The winning submission is the last video posted below.

Pepsi MAX

See the full post »

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A Unique Opportunity On The Horizon For The Calaveras Wine Country


Calaveras County

Beverage Publication Mutineer Magazine announces partnership with innovative online wine reservation system, CellarPass, to promote Calaveras wineries.

12.02.2010 – The Mutineers are at it again! Mutineer Magazine Editor in Chief Alan Kropf has been vigorously working to create buzz about Calaveras County since he made Murphys the Mutineer Magazine HQ in late September of this year. Mutineer Magazine has not only launched a marketing campaign with the Calaveras Visitors Bureau which includes several wineries, restaurants, lodging properties, and outdoor recreation venues; but they have just recently entered into an exclusive partnership with CellarPass on behalf of promoting Calaveras wine and tourism. See the full post »

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Absinthe and Its Silver-Tongued Marketers – Thujone’s Role in Absinthe Sales



Definition of silver-tongued: a person who is able to clearly and effectively express themselves, or who has a clever way with words. While at once it is admission of sophistication, it is in some cases an accusation of deceptiveness.

I wanted to make sure I clearly defined that term before I moved on any further. I am referring to the latter bit of the definition.

I’m currently working on a blog article for my own blog, over at Rantings, but I thought that this little piece of the pie deserves even more attention due to its level of deceptiveness.

What I’m talking about is thujone and how some of the less scrupulous absinthe brand representatives spin the info to make it seem like it plays an important role in the consumption of absinthe.

For those of you who have not yet read my previous blog post about the authenticity of absinthe that is available in the U.S., let’s just say that thujone really plays no part at all. Reports of its significance and/or its effects are highly exaggerated, and have been proven incorrect by recent scientific studies. See the full post »

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