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FTW: Yelp’s Engineers Develop iPad-Powered Kegbot


Yelp iPad KegBot

Well, we’ve already witnessed what beer loving roboticists like to do in their free time, but what happens when the beer loving Yelp engineers get extra time on their hands? They engage in “hackathons” and invent the Kegmate, an iPad-powered “Kegbot”.

And for those of you who are geeky enough … errr brilliantly intelligent enough to understand the cryptic language known as “computer engineering”, the kids over at Yelp have been kind enough to detail the entire project on their blog for anyone brave enough to recreate it on their own. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

Theory of Operation (An Overview): Sensors attached to the keg feed data into an Arduino microcontroller, which in turn communicates directly with the iPad via a serial connection. The iPad processes that data and displays it in a snazzy manner along with a description of the current brew. An RFID reader attached to the system allows users to ‘swipe in’ to KegMate and keep track of how much beer they’ve had, as well as assign a star rating for the beer currently in the keg (this is Yelp, after all). See the full post »

FTW: A Coffee Tribute to Army of Darkness

Other Beverage

Army of Darkness Coffee Parody

Klaatu… Varata… Nicaragua?

Any self-respecting Army of Darkness fan knows “the words” and how Ash flubs the line when grabbing the Necronomicon, but no one I know has ever combined the movie with fine beverage…until now. See the full post »

Antioxidants FTW: Phillips Distilling Company Introduces UV Sweet Green Tea Vodka


Phillips Distilling UV Sweet Green Tea Vodka Close-up In college, I had a friend that mixed a “diet cocktail” of vodka and fresh brewed green tea (sugarless tea, mind you). Needless to say, I found the combination to be rather unpalatable (okay, it was absolutely terrible). Don’t get me wrong, though. I love green tea. I like vodka. And I have been known to balance my boozing regimen with a regular detoxifying tea routine. But as a cocktail? Eh…

Thanks to Phillips Distilling Company, I can now get intoxicated and detoxify at the same time! Okay, technically that is not a legitimate statement. However, the new UV Sweet Green Tea Vodka is infused with real green tea leaves — which means it has to have some sort of antioxidant property. Right? Please don’t burst my bubble… See the full post »

FTW: The Beer Buckle


The Beer Buckle, Dos Equis

Ever find yourself needing to use both hands, but one of them is occupied with a beer and there is just no where to put it down? Lame! But have no fear, a team of Texas cowboys from Presently Beer Clothing Company LLC have invented the solution. See the full post »

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FTW: Kelvin Slush Truck

Other Beverage

Kelvin Slush Truck

These days, gourmet food trucks all are the rage. In fact, one can find just about any type of cuisine on a truck. The one thing lacking from the food truck scene, however, is fine beverages. Well, until now. See the full post »

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FTW: Willow Garage Invents “Beer Me, Robot”


Willow Garage PR2 Robot

Just when I thought that being a Mutineer was the coolest job in the world, I discovered Willow Garage, a team of robot design experts. They actually get paid to develop hardware and open source software for personal robotics applications. Which begs the question: whose job is cooler? I sense an epic battle of wits and strength coming on… or maybe just a duel. The Mutineers vs. The Roboticists — Coming to a theatre near you.

But, I digress. See the full post »

FTW: Motorized Scooters With Beer Fridge Sidecars


Grolsch Cool Hotline Scooters

Imagine a world where on a hot summer day you could call a hotline and, within a reasonable amount of time, a motorized scooter with a refrigerator sidecar full of refreshing, ice cold beer showed up at your door.

Yes, kids. Such a world actually exists. See the full post »

FTW: BP Spills Coffee Parody

Other Beverage

BP Spills Coffee Video Screenshot

Okay, so technically the video has nothing to do with the world of fine beverage except for the fact that it uses coffee as a way to parody the oil crisis affecting the Gulf Coast. Either way, it is pretty humorous and we think it definitely qualifies as a FOR THE WIN. Video inside. See the full post »

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