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Sportscenter of Yakima


Eric Phillips and JJ Bagley

I love Sportscenter, both the ESPN version and the awesome food and beer version in Yakima. The Mutineer Magazine crew moseyed over to this Yakima stronghold after the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival concluded. See the full post »

We’ll Be The Judge of That


JJ Bagley

We don’t rate beverages at Mutineer Magazine; however, we are happy to lend our palates to a festival by way of judging. That is precisely what myself and Beer Mutineer JJ Bagley did at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival. See the full post »

The Mutineers at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival


Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival

We’ve returned from the land of hops and apples with our livers and reputations intact, and for all practical purposes, that is a decisive victory in the world of the Mutineer.

Mutineer Magazine proudly sponsored the 6th Annual Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival this past weekend and I can say with confidence that the only thing more beautiful than the women of Yakima is the beer. These people know how to throw a killer party; we were very impressed. See the full post »

The Summer of JJ



Today marks the 2nd day of the “Summer of JJ” (viva Seinfeld), which is a sort of missionary trip to spread far and wide the arrival of  Mutineer Magazine, and I wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what Mutineer Magazine’s Beer Editor is up to. See the full post »

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The Mutiny is Spreading to Yakima

Yakima Herald

Check out this awesome story in the Yakima Herald Republic Newspaper about the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival and a little thing we like to call “Mutineer Magazine”.

http://www.yakima-herald.com/stories/2008/10/02/fresh-hop-ale-festival-local-brewfest-getting-bigger-better See the full post »

The Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival Mutiny


Fresh Hope Ale Fest

Mutineers JJ Bagley and Alan Kropf will be heading up to Washington this coming weekend to attend and judge the Yakima Valley Fresh Hop Ale Festival. Jessica Moskwa, Executive Director of the event, tells us what the event is all about: See the full post »

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