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Jennifer Aniston Releases “Sex Tape” to Sell Smart Water

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Jennifer Aniston wants you to drink lots of Smart Water, and she’s willing to exploit every web video cliché in order to accomplish her mission. To establish a sense of familiarity, she introduces herself as “Jen Aniston”, saying “Hi. I’m Jen Aniston, and I’m here to talk to you about Smart Water.”

ZOMG!!! She’s gonna talk about WATER! Let’s do this!

She continues, “But in this day and age apparently I can’t just do that. Can I?”

Yes! Yes you can! Do it! Do it! DO IT!!!!!!

“I can’t just tell you that Smart Water is the smartest, best tasting water that’s out there. I have to make a video, apparently, that turns into a virus.”

Yup, no geeky water throw-down. Just a chuckle friendly video about viral-cliches on the net. Enjoy.

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Redhook Brewery – Big Announcement Coming Soon


Redhook's Big Announcement

“Psssst. Redhook’s big announcement to come March 14″ was all the email said with the above image attached. So, I guess we wait.

Stay tuned.

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Atlanta Residents Getting Charged Thousands For Their Monthly Water Bills

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Water CNN has released a report following up on four months of research into complaints from Atlanta residents about high water bills.

According to CNN:
Residents throughout Atlanta are outraged by hundreds, even thousands of dollars in monthly spikes in their water bills, and have questioned the legitimacy of the charges for years. Now, they’re demanding answers.
“I thought we were sinking in a hole of water,” said Debbi Scarborough. “It scared me to death. I thought we had a major leak when I got the bill.”
Over two months last summer, her family’s monthly water bill, shot up to $1,805 In July and then $1,084 in August, leaving a balance due of more than $3,000. She said in the past her bill has averaged $200 to $250.

Wait, they’ve been questioning the legitimacy of these charges for years? Awkward. It gets better, with CNN saying, “The city installed a device on [Debbi Scarborough’s] meter to track daily usage.” So a meter to meter the meter. Isn’t a meter fundamentally a device to track daily usage? That, ladies and gentlemen, appears to be the problem. A new, futuristic metering system was installed five years back with hopes of automating the metering process. Fast forward to fail city and a lot of pissed off Atlanta residents.

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Coca-Cola to Release Daft Punk Edition Bottles

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Daft Punk Limited Edition Coca-Cola

Daft Punk and Coca-Cola have joined forces. Not to make a collaboration soft drink or to stir up some sick caffeine fueled beats, but for a limited edition packaging that comes in two different colors, gold and silver to mimic the helmets of the duo. The limited edition run, according to Gizmodo, will be distributed to the clubs that you can’t get into beginning this March as well as being distributed through colette in Paris.

For more information, visit DAFTCOKE.com, which should be live soon.

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Become a Clean Water Crusader


Clean Water Crusaders

Mutineer Magazine’s Mutinous Water Relief Expedition to Kathmandu, Nepal in support of A Child’s Right and global water relief is approaching fast and Mutineer couldn’t be any more excited. What will Mutineer Magazine be doing? Mutineer will be leading a fine beverage expedition and purchasing and installing 5 water filtration systems, enough to provide clean water to 25,000 at-risk children for 10 years. Pretty epic.

The first two stages of our plan have been implemented by way of the Mutineer Magazine Blue Carpet Fundraiser Dinner for Water Relief held at Jordan Winery in Healdsburg, CA and with the Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival held at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in Sonoma, CA this last December. This brings us to something we’re super excited about, Clean Water Crusaders.

Are you a beverage producer looking for some exposure? Are you looking to further your philanthropic efforts? What if you could get your product featured in Mutineer Magazine and all while making a tax deductible charitable contribution directly to 501(c)(3) A Child’s Right? This is your chance. Beverage producers who raise or donate $500 will have their product professionally photographed and featured in Mutineer Magazine as seen in the image above. For the three producers who raise or donate the most, their product will be featured on the cover of the nationally distributed Mutineer Magazine for the entire nation to see.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your company raises at least $500 by August 27, 2011 to benefit water relief in Nepal, with all funds paid directly to 501(c)(3) non-profit organization A Child’s Right.
  • Your fine beverage company sends Mutineer Magazine your logo or a bottle of your beverage to be photographed.
  • A photograph of your company’s product or logo will be featured in the November/December water relief-themed issue of Mutineer Magazine with an interesting water-themed fact that will also be tweeted by @MutineerMag on behalf of your company.

And again, the top three fundraisers will be featured on the cover of the September/October issue of Mutineer Magazine.

For more information, visit our Clean Water Crusaders page or email Jeff Dorenbush.

Are you a consumer and you know of a beverage company that would be perfect for this? Let them know!

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Deschutes Brewery Events at Craft Brewers Conference 2011


Deschute Brewery CBC2011

The 2011 Craft Brewers Conference put on by the Brewers Association is less than a month away and breweries, bottle shops, and beer bars/restaurants are getting their events for the conference finalized as the American craft brewing community prepares to descend upon San Francisco. We at Mutineer are happy to announce the events that our friends at Deschutes Brewery will be holding and judging by the events we attended of theirs during the Great American Beer Festival, these will be off the charts.

WHAT: Collaboration Beer Dinner and Pairing at The Monk’s Kettle
Deschutes Brewery Chef Matt Neltner and Monk’s Kettle Chef Adam Dulye collaborate to deliver a menu made for beer. The special menu, from which anyone visiting the restaurant can order, takes the expertise of these two chefs to create food and beer pairings that will kick of the week just right. On tap will be a large variety of Deschutes beers including: The Abyss 2010, The Abyss 2009, Black Butte XXI, Hop Henge Experimental IPA, Red Chair NWPA, Mirror Mirror, Jubel 2010, Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Green Lakes Organic Ale. Visitors will also have a chance to discuss the beers and brewing processes with Deschutes Brewery brewer Robin Johnson.
WHEN: Tuesday, March 22, 6-9pm

WHERE: The Monk’s Kettle
3141 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

WHAT: Black Butte XXII California Debut at The Republic
Join us for a very rare appearance of last year’s coveted Black Butte XXII, which never released to the public. What we can tell you is that this imperial bourbon-aged version of our popular Black Butte Porter, brewed in 2010 with chilies, dark chocolate and orange peel, is well worth a taste during its California debut. You may be familiar with Black Butte XX and XXI which were released to celebrate the Brewery’s past anniversaries, but because XXII was not available outside of our brew pubs, most have not had the pleasure of tasting this spectacular beer.
WHEN: Wednesday, March 23, 8pm-close

WHERE: The Republic
3213 Scott Street
San Francisco, CA 94123-2605

WHAT: Specialty Beer Tasting at the Toronado 8pm-close
Join no less than FOUR Deschutes brewers for some beer and sausage….a pairing that could only be made in, well, San Francisco. Deschutes Brewery, the Toronado and Rosamunde Sausage Grill are teaming up for an evening of pairing pleasure. Rosamunde will be grilling up some of their best to wash down with a bit of any of the following beers: The Abyss, The Dissident, Mirror Mirror, Nitro The Abyss, Hop Henge Experimental IPA, Red Chair NWPA, Green Lakes Organic Ale and Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

WHEN: Thursday March 24, 8pm-close

WHERE: The Toronado
547 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

WHAT: Specialty Beer Tasting at City Beer Store
There’s nothing quite like a small space that’s completely packed with beer of all kinds, from all over the world. What better atmosphere to enjoy some fine Deschutes brews and conversation with a Deschutes brewer? We’ll be serving up some small appetizers to bring out the flavors of the beer as we host a casual beer tasting evening for the Friday night crowd in the city by the Bay. We will be bringing down some favorites and specials such as The Abyss, Jubel 2010, Mirror Mirror, Hop Henge Experimental IPA and Red Chair NWPA. Meet our brewmaster, Larry Sidor, along with three other Deschutes brewers as they discuss this wide variety of beers.
WHEN: Friday March 25, 6pm–close

WHERE: City Beer Store
1168 Folsom St # 101
San Francisco, CA See the full post »

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What Flavors Do You Want in the Jones 2011 Holiday Pack?

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Jones Soda

That’s what Jones Soda wants to know.

With flavors like Christmas Ham, Christmas Tree and Mele Kalikimaka, how could you not want to vote?

Coming from the amazing soda company that graced the cover of Mutineer Magazine Issue #4, let’s help them out.

To let your voice be heard and help vote on the Jones Soda 2011 Holiday Pack, follow this link and vote away!

Issue 4 Cover

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Mutineer Magazine Issue 16 Preview


Mutineer Issue #16 Cover

April 22nd is Earth Day and it’s a well-known fact that Mutineers love the planet Earth, clean water, clean habitats and environments to grow the ingredients for our beverages and for happy animals to frolic. Mutineers love the Earth so much that we have dedicated an entire issue to Earth Day with sustainability being the common theme throughout the magazine. With that said, we proudly present to you Issue #16 of Mutineer Magazine.

Mutineer Interview: Kim Jordan of New Belgium Brewing

The Mutineers paid a visit to New Belgium Brewing on the eve of their 20th anniversary to speak with CEO Kim Jordan about their history, their beer, and their extraordinary efforts for a sustainable brewery.

Bordeaux: Le Wine Buff Odyssey

Mutineer Alan Kropf travels to Bordeaux, France with Le Wine Buffs, Bordeaux’s wine ambassadors of the future recruited by the Bordeaux wine industry to connect with the younger generation of wine drinkers. Meet the Buffs and follow them on their adventure in beautiful Bordeaux.

Drink Green: Sustainability & Fine Beverage

Sustainability Certifications, Six Sigma wine, Organic Liqueurs, Frey Vineyards, Kegged Wine, Canned Beer, etc. Everything you need to know about the steps beverage producers are taking to minimize and offset their effects on mother nature.

Cooking With Guinness

Mutineer Food Editor Erin Jimcosky shares three awesome recipes using Guinness beer and just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, as well as tips by The Homebrew Chef Sean Z. Paxton on how to cook with stout beer.

The March/April issue also includes:
Civilization and Its Discontents: In Defense of the Angry Drunk
The Plaid Avenger: Sri Lanka
What People Drink: Ben Gleib
What People Drink: Martin Miller
Wine Steals: Riesling
Behind The Glass: Impotent in Potenza
Beer Styles: Organic Beers
Classic Cocktails: The Grasshopper
Left Coast Libations: Portland
Mutineer Library, The Adventures of Georges and Anja, 6 Tips for “Greener” Coffee, , and much, much, more…

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