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Bid to Win Batch 1, Barrel 1, Bottle 1 of Dry Fly Bourbon


Dry Fly Distilling Bourbon

The highly anticipated release of Dry Fly Distilling Bourbon Whiskey has come and gone but for about 2 and a half more hours, you have the opportunity to purchase batch 1, barrel 1, bottle one of the 101 proof Washington bourbon. The bottle, which is being sold to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities Spokane and Casting 4 A Cure is currently at $2,225.

From the auction:

BATCH ONE, BARREL ONE, BOTTLE ONE … benefits Ronald McDonald House Charites Spokane

You are bidding for a guaranteed reservation. Bottle pickup and delivery will be handled through Ronald McDonald House Charities Spokane.

This is batch one, barrel one, bottle one, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Master Distillers and highly collectable. The bottle is in mint unopened condition and is full with original contents intact, with the original label. Dry Fly Bourbon Whiskey is made entirely from scratch, with 100 percent Washington ingredients.

Dry Fly Bourbon Whiskey is destined to be the cornerstone of the distillery’s product line. Its bourbon distillery is unique in a number of ways. “The ingredients for our bourbon are quite a bit more expensive than what we use for our wheat whisky, vodka and gin,” Kent Fleishman, Master Distiller said. “And we’re aging the bourbon in 53-gallon full kegs. “ A lot of small distilleries take a short cut to profits by using a smaller barrel for aging. They use quarter kegs—about 12-13 gallons. Kent said that with the smaller barrels, less liquid on more surface area results in faster maturation.

The Master Distillers set out to establish strong relationships with their suppliers from the beginning. “We know every one of our farmers,” Kent said. “There aren’t just brokers on the phone selling us wheat or corn. We go meet them personally and they come to visit us at the distillery.”

Dry Fly Bourbon Whiskey Master Distillers decided to do it at 101 proof. Typical bourbons are 80 proof. At 101 proof there’s 20 percent more alcohol and you get less out of a barrel and Dry Fly is very selective about what goes in those barrels.

For more information on this auction or to bid, click here. Time is running out!

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The Cocktail Spirit With Robert Hess: The Tequila Old Fashioned


This week’s installment of The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess brought to you by the Small Screen Network brings you the Tequila Old Fashioned. According to Robert Hess, “Think there is only one way to make an Old Fashioned? Think again. Unlike drinks such as the Martini, Margarita, and Daiquiri which have fairly specific recipes, the “Old Fashioned” emerged during the late 1800’s as a way to refer to a cocktail as it was originally made in the “old days”. The old cocktail books would refer to “Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail” so there was no confusion as to what spirit to use. While today it is simply assumed that Whiskey will be the ingredient in your Old Fashioned (or Brandy if you are from Minnesota), that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this style of cocktail with other spirits. So join me as I make mine with Tequila. And since cocktails should be all about celebrating the spirit, I’ll be using a quality tequila, specifically Hornitos 100% blue agave tequila.”

Since July is National Tequila Month and the theme for this #MutineerMonday is Tequila, what better way to spend it than by learning from Robert Hess how to make a Tequila Old Fashioned … and then drinking it, of course!

Tequila Old Fashioned

  • 1 tsp. agave syrup
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 2oz tequila


  • Stir with ice
  • Strain into a cocktail glass
  • Garnish with lemon twist

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WIRED Magazine: Liquid Gold – The Booming Market for Human Breast Milk

Other Beverage

WIRED magazine

June was a great month for fine beverage features in WIRED Magazine. In addition to the story on the mold mystery surrounding Canadian Club whiskey’s barrel aging warehouses we posted about earlier in the weak, this month’s issue also includes the feature article “Liquid Gold: The Booming Market for Human Breast Milk” by Judy Dutton, which can be read in its entirety online.

This article really showcases the diversity of fine beverage and how it can affect us in our daily lives in ways we wouldn’t normally think of, exploring the effects of the burgeoning breast milk market from economic, cultural and health perspectives. Yes, ladies and gentleman, there’s never been a more exciting and innovative time in fine beverage.

From the article:
Most body fluids, tissues, and organs—semen, blood, livers, kidneys—are highly regulated by government authorities. But not breast milk. It’s considered a food, so it’s legal to swap, buy, or sell it nearly everywhere in the US. This accounts, in part, for the widely varying quality and safety standards in the online market for milk. For their part, Prolacta and nonprofit milk banks have rigorous screening processes for potential donors, including tests for drugs, hepatitis, and HIV. But Only the Breast and the volunteer sites, which see themselves more as communities than commodity markets, don’t screen donors or assume responsibility for the milk they help disseminate.

Whatever the source of the milk or its channel of distribution, the trend is clear: Human milk is being bought, sold, donated—and gratefully received—on an unprecedented scale. And as demand grows, the competition for every ounce is getting more fierce.

Click here to continue reading this article.

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Stone Brewing to Release Bottled Barrel Aged Beers


Stone Brewing Barrel Aged Beers

Barrel aged and special treatment beers are nothing new to Stone Brewing Co … if you just so happened to be at the right place at the right time somewhere around the country that Stone has toted kegs of the elusive beer to. Today, that will change as Stone announced that they will begin bottling and releasing barrel aged and special treatment beers in their Quingenti Millilitre series. Quingenti Millilitre means 500 millimeters and as such the beers will be seen in 500ml cork and caged bottles. This is great news as bourbon barrel aged Imperial Russian Stout and Old Guardian Barley Wine aged in red wine barrels were incredibly difficult to find … well, unfortunately this won’t make them much easier to find. Due to the scale of Stone’s distribution and how many barrels and much space in the warehouses it would take for this to see distribution, Stone will only be releasing a very small amount of bottles for each release and in order to find yourself the proud owner of one you’ll need to visit Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens in Escondido, California.

Stone Brewing Barrel Aged Beers

The first release will be Ken Schmidt / Maui / Stone Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter aged in bourbon barrels. One of my favorite beers from 2009 and now aged in bourbon barrels? Count me in. Sadly, only 672 bottles of it will be released and if they impose even just a two bottle limit per person, not even 350 people would see this wondrous beer set to be release around July.

Other beers to be on the look out for are Old Guardian in red wine barrels, Old Guardian in rye whiskey barrels as well as 2011 Stone Imperial Russian Stout & 2011 Stone BELGO Anise Imperial Russian Stout that are already resting in a variety of barrels.

Be sure to follow Stone’s Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date information on upcoming Quingenti Millilitre releases.

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Washington House Bill 1715 To Make Coffee Official State Beverage

Other Beverage

Retro Poster - Coffee!

Washington has a state bird, a state gem, a state dance, even a state fossil, so what about a state beverage? Nope, no official state beverage. One woman, State Representative Barbara Bailey, is looking to change that. At the request of high school students in her district, Bailey sponsored House Bill 1715 which aims to make coffee the official state beverage of Washington.

The idea may seem strange, but if the bill passes, Washington will join 29 other states who rep an official state beverage, ranging from Kool-Aid to tomato juice. I must say I like where Alabama and California’s heads are at, with their state beverages being Conecuh Ridge Whiskey and wine, respectively.

But I find myself asking the question if coffee is the best representation of Washington? Seattle has been on the map for coffee ever since Starbucks opened their first location in 1971, but none of the coffee is grown in Washington. With 60% of the United State’s apple production coming from Washington, why not apple juice? With approximately 75% of the United State’s hop production coming from Washington, why not beer?

An excerpt from House Bill 1715:

The legislature finds that Washington is well known as the espresso capital of the country. The coffee industry is a vital part of the Washington state economy that provides jobs and morning motivation for many state citizens.

Morning motivation – I like that. Best of luck Washingtonians.

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A Little Bit Culinary, A Little Bit Rock ‘N’ Roll


The Kobayashi Brothers

Michael Kobayashi can’t keep away from the flame. One would think, after ten successful years as a music manager, that he’d evaluate the chaos of combining that life with the frenetic existence of a restaurateur, and just let it go. But Michael and his chef-brother, Chris, just celebrated the fourth anniversary of their restaurant, Artisan, and there seems to be no sign that Michael’s day after day commitment to both of those worlds is in any sort of decline.

See the full post »

The Happening: SF INDY Spirits Expo 2010


Mighty SF

On November 17th, hundreds of fine beverage enthusiasts will have the opportunity to meet the distillers, brand owners and importers of some of the finest independent spirits in the world at the 2010 SF INDY Spirits Expo. Event attendees will also have the opportunity to sample a variety of small batch, unique artisanal spirits from around the world. See the full post »

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Craft Beer Radar #6: Notable Upcoming Beer Releases


Each week, beer blogger Lee Williams highlights the most notable upcoming beer releases that belong on every craft beer lover’s radar. This is Mutineer’s sixth edition of the weekly series.

Nogne O Sake

Nøgne Ø — “Sake”

Along with BrewDog and Mikkeller, Norway’s Nøgne Ø is one of the more notable and creative craft brewery’s in Europe. When a brewery as consistently interesting as Nøgne Ø begins sake production its worth taking note regardless of your status as a sake lover or neophyte. See the full post »

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