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Moet & Chandon Announces Winner of the Inaugural Moet Oscar Cocktail Contest


MOET & CHANDON RED CARPET GLAMOURCongratulations are in order for Chicago’s Adam Seger, as featured in Mutineer Magazine Issue #15.

Moet & Chandon, the champagne of success and glamour since 1743, is proud to announce the winner of the inaugural Moet Oscar Cocktail Contest. The legendary Champagne House congratulates Chicago native Adam Seger, whose Moet Red Carpet Glamour cocktail dazzled a panel of expert judges and the social media community alike. The Moet Red Carpet Glamour cocktail – selected for its originality, taste and popularity – will be brought to life at the 2012 Governors Ball, the after-party of the 84th Academy Awards. In its fourth year as the exclusive champagne of the Academy Awards, Moet & Chandon is pleased to share this once in a lifetime opportunity with its winning mixologist and commends all Moet Oscar Cocktail Contest participants.

Moet Red Carpet Glamour Cocktail:

  • Fill a chilled Champagne Flute 1/2 way with ice.
  • Stir 1 ounce of Fresh Squeezed Sour Mix* and Hum® Botanical Spirit with fresh ice.
  • Strain into Flute to fill 1/2 way.
  • Top with Moet & Chandon Imperial.
  • Garnish with a Single Rose Petal.

Continually refresh as you wish with Moet & Chandon Imperial as the Champagne will float on top of the Hum Sour, but its effervescence will deliver Hum’s heady cardamom & Kaffir lime notes.

*Fresh Squeezed Sour Mix Preparation: Combine 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water until sugar is completely dissolved. Add 1 cup fresh lime juice and 1 cup fresh lemon juice and refrigerate.

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Tales of the Cocktail 2012 Official Cocktail Competition: The Old Fashioned


Tales of the Cocktail

Tales of the Cocktail is right around the corner (July 25th!) and that means the 2012 Official Cocktail Competition is even closer. Equally exciting, Mutineer Magazine is happy to announce that we are the official sponsor of this year’s cocktail competition. The theme will be The Old Fashioned Cocktail. Want to enter? The deadline for all cocktail submissions is March 12th which will then be judged by renowned cocktail experts Robert Hess, Chris McMillan and David Wondrich. Below is the official information from the TOTC team.

For our tenth anniversary, we are shaking things up with our annual cocktail competition.

For the 2012 Tales of the Cocktail official cocktail competition, we invite you to include your product to be used to create an original Old Fashioned drink using the original basic ingredients as your template.

By definition the Old Fashioned can be made with any spirit. The cocktail is essentially referencing making the cocktail in an “old fashioned” way or by using the original definition of a cocktail: any spirit, sugar, water and bitters.

Robert Hess, American Cocktail expert, states, “using the “definition” of the cocktail is a good model for this, which also provides a lot of flexibility.”

Spirit: Any spirit with at least 40% alcohol content
Sugar: Any type of sweetener (eg. Sugar, honey, cordial, flavored syrup, etc.)
Water: Could be just through ice melt-age, or as added ingredient. (Can be flavored)
Bitters: Any bitters that are easily available
Garnish or Fruit: Can be muddled if contestant chooses to do so

The winner will be announced to the public April 12th and we look forward to trying your creation at Tales!

Click here to enter the contest.

San Francisco’s Candybar skips dinner: serving gourmet dessert and adult beverages


Candybar SF
With the lights turned low and an agreeable mix of hipsters, financiers and more than a handful of local debutantes, San Francisco’s first dessert lounge provides locals with a place to appreciate dessert, local art and fine beverage.

Imagine taking your favorite part of the meal as a child: Dessert! and pairing it with your favorite part of the meal as an adult: Cocktails!

As I sipped my Kir Royale and watched patrons order another round of voluptuous Sangria, we nibbled on shortbread cookies and realized that Candybar seems to have found a sweet combination.

Located in the Western Addition Neighborhood, Candybar is part lounge and part epicurean candy shop. They boast an international wine list, creative sparkling cocktails and Chef Cathleen Li serves a rotating collection of innovative desserts like Lavender Honey Crème Fraiche Semi Freddo, Peanut Butter Jelly Time! and an Ice Cream Sandwich that isn’t exactly old fashioned.

The lounge further encourages playtime with a selection of board games to enjoy while you tickle your sweet tooth from Battleship to Parcheesi, Candyland (of course) and an impressive collection of trivia decks.

Board games. Dessert. Drinks. Yes. To put it short and sweet this unique lounge is so easy to enjoy, it’s like giving candy to a baby.

1335 Fulton Street at Divisadero
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Thyme Tincture DIY: The Experiment


Thyme Tincture

Illustration by Phil Jimcosky

I have recently been exposed to the wonderful and varied world of tinctures. In November we threw our 3rd Annual Red Carpet Party at the Napa Valley Opera House. Mixologists from around the valley joined us to compete in The King’s Ginger Holiday Cocktail Competition upstairs, while downstairs San Francisco based mixologists Daniel Stahl from Rickhouse and Trevor Easter of Heaven’s Dog shook up their own creations for the crowd. Both drinks were outstanding, but Daniel’s sparked my interest because it contained a component that I had only heard about, but never knowingly experienced at that point; a tincture.

In the last few years tinctures have gained popularity in cocktail bars around the country. They allow a mixologist to explore different flavors and add a complexity that can elevate a cocktail to a whole different level. I did a little research on tinctures after my experience and discovered that there is really very little that goes into making them, which was a bit surprising given that they provide maximum flavor output. You simply choose your flavoring agents pack them in a jar, cover them with grain alcohol and shake every day for about six weeks, strain and bottle.

It is so easy, how could I not make a tincture at home?

I did a little research, but I didn’t really find much on tinctures for cocktails. Knowing the basic idea behind them I have started to experiment. Daniel used a tincture of thyme to garnish the drink he was shaking up back in November, so I decided to start with thyme. It has been two weeks since I packed my jars. Things seem to be going well, but I’ve got four weeks to go. Wish me luck and I’ll be back to share my results with you and if you’re lucky, the recipe for Daniel’s Just In Thyme cocktail.

For more fine beverage adventures look me up on Twitter @HungryMutineer.

Beer Events on the Horizon



Friday, February 3 – Thursday, February 16
Pliny the Younger Beer Release
Santa Rosa, CA – Russian River Brewing Co.

Pliny the Younger Triple IPA, the bigger little brother to Russian River’s already massive Pliny The Elder, will be available for consumption for only two weeks at the brewpub from February 3rd until February 17th.

Doors open at 11:00 am


Saturday, February 11th
Barrel-Aged Series release – Muscat d’Amour & Rècolte Sauvage

Boulder, CO

In honor of Valentine’s day, the Avery Brewers have decided to play match maker and offer two of their small production Barrel-Aged beers to the public. Celebrate the holy union of two Wild Ales and visit the Avery Tap Room in Boulder, CO. Give your best to the bride (#10 Muscat d’Amour) and the groom (#11 Récolte Sauvage) but be sure to stock up before you leave. Purchases will be limited to 6 bottles each.
4pm – 11pm


Friday, February 10 – Sunday February 19
SF Beer Week

All week long at locations across the greater Bay Area.

Northern California’s beer community will converge in San Francisco for an outstanding week full of special releases, sour beer nights, IPA fests and countless beer pairing dinners. There will be literally dozens of events consecutively happening during this very special hop filled weekend. Fine food and drink is crucial to SF culture and beer is no exception. Restaurants, Bars, Brewpubs, cafés and hell probably even the library will be offering events and specials that highlight quality brews for this very beer gathering presented to you by the San Francisco Brewers Guild.

Still having trouble grasping the magnitude? Check out the SF Beer Week schedule of events.

If you want my advice – scour through the event listings, plan your week, grab your friends, pack into a car, head to The City, and prepare yourself for a week long extravaganza that will expose you to more quality beers than you ever thought possible (also be prepared to pee more than you ever thought possible).


Image courtesy of digitalart

Sweet Wines + Valentine’s Day


Valentine's DayI’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that wine, like love, means never having to say you’re sorry. That doesn’t mean, however, that too much of either can’t tickle your gag reflex.

Until recently, I felt much the same way about sweet wines as I did about that couple pawing at each other on the subway: “Gross”. But if love is unapologetic foreplay in public, then wine must surely be approaching every glass with an open mind.

Which is how I found myself nose to rim with a glass of ice wine over lunch recently. I could hardly help but to be enticed by the perfume of baked apricots, fresh almonds and marmalade that was unfurling from the preciously small desert glass. But my inner wine snob balked. “Isn’t this the stuff of sophomoric delight? Worse yet, isn’t this the nectar of naivité? A sippable incarnation of girlish silliness?”

It only took one small mouthful to quiet those snobbish reservations. On my tongue, the flavor of liquefied peach gummy candy; bright, juicy, sweet, and tangy danced a lovely little number before slinking down the back of my throat like silk.

So this was love: being so pleasantly wrong and stupidly happy. It was kind of like getting a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day – you’d think that such a clichéd gesture would initiate ruthless eye-rolling, but the pleasure in the whole thing is disarming. There’s a reason it’s done, my friends, and so it is with sweet wines.

One of the key components in any dessert wine worth drinking is a high level of acidity. That acidity is what makes these wines delicious and prevents them from being cloying saccharine messes. Acid is to dessert wines as good sex is to any loving relationship – the key to longevity (or is that communication? Good thing I’m not a relationship blogger I guess…).

This Valentine’s Day, do yourself (and your significant other if you’re so inclined) a favor and arrange a rendezvous with a sweet wine. I’ve rounded up five sweet wines from Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes – a region that’s producing desert wines that easily hold up to the best from abroad. Much easier to get your hands on and less expensive, why not show a little love for the good ole’ USA while you’re at it? Yup. Went there.

Forget Burgundy’s Picks:

Wagner Vineyards Semi-Dry Gewürztraminer 2010 ($12.99) – Not technically a desert wine, this is a good choice for who might be hesitant to go all the way on the first date…with a sweet wine. A floral nose of roses and peonies mingles with notes of lychee and a trace of nutmeg on the finish. That rich, heady perfume carries through to the palate where the wine fills the mouth with a slightly oily texture. The weight of the sugar is gorgeously balanced by the wine’s sparkling acidity, making this an old-world style Gewürz that is an unbelievable bargain for the price.

Lakewood Vineyards 2010 Glaciovinum ($13.99) – This super affordable desert wine is made with a grape called Delaware that some claim is native to North America and others argue is the result of some sexy time between European and native varieties. Either way, Delaware yields some delicious desert wine – I likened the nose to cherry Jolly Ranchers but fancier reviewers call it “sweet tangerine.” Bright, juicy, and just bursting with sweet exotic flavor, this desert wine is quaffable delight.

Treleaven Eis Wine 2008 Late Harvest Riesling ($29.99) – Peaches, marmalade, and a streak of caramel make up the nose of this luscious iced wine. The late harvest grapes are frozen after they’ve been picked, which excludes it from being a true ice wine, but its no less delectable. Rich and juicy, this dessert wine has stunning acidity and perfect balance.

Sheldrake Point Riesling Ice Wine 2008 ($50) – The nose of baked apricots and fresh almonds brings to mind the smell of a Danish. On the palate, it’s really bright, juicy with flavors of white peaches, and even a hint of peach gummy candies. It’s sweet without being cloying at all.

Martini-Reinhardt 2008 Reiesling Trockenbaren ($100) – This wine smells like Hawaii; fragrant mango, frangipani, cocoa butter, and even a whiff of sun tan lotion. It’s bright, juicy, rich and warm – cheaper than a tropical getaway but just as indulgent.

Read more by Caroline on her blog Forget Burgundy. Image courtesy of digitalart.

Mutineer Auction Lot: Bid for 2 Couples Envolve Wine Dinner with winemaker/star of ABC’s “The Bachelor” & Alan Kropf


Envolve Wine Dinner with ABC's Bachelor & The Mutineer + Bardessono Stay for 2 Couples

Photo by Ian Andreae/Mutineer Magazine

Mutineer Magazine’s Editor in Chief was recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list for food and wine and was asked to put together an auction lot for Food Network’s South Beach Food & Wine Festival to benefit Florida International University. Alan, wanting to do this big as he does all things, put together an incredible auction lot.

Bidders have a once in a lifetime opportunity to win the chance for two couples to dine with Ben Flajnik, winemaker at Envolve Winery & star of ABC’s “The Bachelor”, and Alan Kropf, Editor-in-Chief of Mutineer Magazine. The lucky winners will dine at Chef Victor Scargle’s restaurant “Lucy” located within the renowned Bardessono eco-luxury hotel in Yountville, CA. After a memorable dinner paired with delicious Envolve wines, both couples will stay the night at Bardessono in the lap of luxury. Both couples will also receive 2-year subscriptions to Mutineer Magazine.

Special Instructions

  • Valid from May 1, 2012 – February 1, 2013.
  • Dinner to happen at a mutually agreeable date.
  • Package redeemable Sunday – Thursday nights based on availability.

Click here to bid on this incredible lot. Bidding closes March 5, 2012 at 7pm EST.

Special thanks to Envolve Winery, Bardessono, Teplin+Nuss, and Charlotte Milan Communications.

Mutineer Magazine to Sponsor Firestone Walker From The Barrel Event


Firestone Walker From The Barrel

Mutineer Magazine is pleased to announce that we are once again sponsoring Firestone Walker’s From The Barrel event held at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch in Santa Margarita, CA. The March 30th event, now in its second year, will feature the finest ports, bourbons and barrel aged beers beers in a celebration of all things barrel aged.

Bourbons scheduled to pour include Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, Jim Beam Black, Angel’s Envy, Woodford Reserve, Eagle Rare 10 year and several others including small production California spirit makers.

Ports and Porto wines from some of the Central Coast’s premiere wineries will also be featured. Wineries scheduled to pour are Cass, Roxo Cellars and Le Vigne with several more to come.

Rare barrel aged beers from California breweries Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Lost Abbey, Ballast Point, Anchor Brewing and Russian River. New this year will be two out of state breweries, Jolly Pumpkin from Michigan and Crooked Stave from Colorado. Stay tuned for announcements of other breweries.

Guests will also have the chance to snack on tapas from local restaurants and dance to stirring sounds of the Tipsy Gypsies, all making for a perfect evening.

When: Friday, March 30 from 7pm-10pm

Where: Historic Santa Margarita Ranch
9000 Yuerba Buena Rd.
Santa Margarita, CA 93453

Price: Tickets are very limited and are $60 a person.

Visit FromTheBarel.net for more information and to buy tickets.

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