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The Savvy Wine Cheapster


I rarely use the word “value” when talking about wines.  Value makes me think cheap, and cheap makes me think bad, and bad makes me think of the Fantastic Four movie, new flavors of soda that are obviously not meant to be, and my ever non-existent love life.

Today though, we’re going to look at wines that, well, are an outstanding value.  This means that the wines are very good and very inexpensive.  The reason for this is consumer perception and supply and demand.

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5 Beers The Easy Way


The best way to find out what style of beer/ale you like is to try them. This seems obvious but it is so easy to fall into patterns of buying what we know. Here are some different beers that are relatively easy to find and have completely different signatures.

Blanche de Chambly: This is a great example of a Belgium style white from Unibroue and is very clean and refreshing. I recommend this for everyone and you can find it at any grocery store that has a decent beer selection.

PaulanerPaulaner Hefeweizen: A classic German wheat beer with banana and clove subtly woven throughout this tasty brew. American’s usually put a slice of lemon in their Hefe’s, but I would suggest against this and drink it as the Germans do, just the beer, no lemons or anything else.

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Comme Ca


Comme Ca

There are a range of great restaurants in Los Angeles, but Comme Ca is different. It is the rare restaurant that can rattle your soul.

Comme Ca is the sister restaurant to Sona, which in my opinion is one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. Comme Ca calls itself a brasserie, which, according to my Mac OSX dictionary is:

an informal restaurant, esp. one in France or modeled on a French one and with a large selection of drinks.

What does informal mean? Well, referring back to my handy dictionary, it means:

having a relaxed, friendly, or unofficial style, manner or nature.

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Office Drama

Beverage News

Light Blub in the Microwave

I am here to report that after only 2 weeks of being in the new Mutineer Office, there has been an incident of office drama. The incident stemmed from JJ bantering on about how he doesn’t eat things cooked in the microwave, and then Alan microwaving a lightbulb. Alan claims that it’s a misunderstanding, though JJ is certain Alan is trying to sabotage the office and ruin his microwave. Stay tuned…

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Black Panthers meets A Bond Villian

Beverage News

The Mutiny has truly begun…The new Mutineer HQ has been completed and operations have begun in our new lair. Located in West Hollywood, it will allow us to better serve our readers (as well as host some compelling after parties). Everything is “mutineer red” and black, inspired to look like an old Black Panthers HQ meets a James Bond 007 Villian’s secret layer. It’s pretty overpowering and stressful to sit in given the overload of red and black, but I’m hoping we adjust and are able to keep it this way.

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The New World of the New Vintage


New Vintage

“Hops shortage you say? I had no idea. Really? Tell me more.” Sidetracked near the coat check, I stopped, captured in conversation by this idea. Talk of hops at a wine event? But why not mention her fair cousin, Beer? The young man leaned forward, pushing up his light gold frame glasses and said, “Crop damage actually. It’s hard to get at the moment and local breweries are going under. You can check it out online.” No way… the hop crop got creamed? That can only mean we’ll have to make more wine! Luckily, here we are at the “New Vintage” wine event put on by the Washington State Wine Commission in the very hip W Hotel in downtown Seattle. See the full post »

Wine Rocks Seattle


Wine Rocks Seattle

The Gibson tonight was a hive pleasantly abuzz with wine lovers and musician-winemakers for this first annual, Wine Rocks Seattle. The showroom glowed with the redwood ambiance of hard wood floors and walls covered with the most beautiful guitars you’ve ever laid eyes on; wine stands standing seductively in every corner like high-class call girls promising intoxicating kisses. Live music played in a rotating cast as the winemaker-musicians took turns playing, or watching, or pouring us glasses of wine… See the full post »

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