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Root Beer with a Twist


Root Beer

I created this mixture out of boredom and, well… we didn’t really have anything else in the office in the order of cocktail ingredients. We only had Skyy Vanilla Vodka and a party keg of Virgil’s Root Beer. While Wine Mutineer, Alan Kropf, watched in horror, I lifted the experiment to my lips. To my pleasant surprise, the concoction actually was a resounding success. See the full post »

Screw This Cap – A Conversation with Tim Keller


Screw this cap!

Wine is an idea very much rooted in tradition and history, so when something new and innovative comes along, it tends to cause a stir. I was stirred this morning when I caught wind of a new kind of cork alternative, called, well, it is actually so new it does not have a name yet (though “the breathing screwcap” is a possibility). The mystery closure was invented by UC Davis Business Graduate student Tim Keller. Tim has also been trained as a winemaker, and has been honing his skills in the field over the last ten years.

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Vodka Is The Easy Way Out…


Drink on FireI drink a lot of vodka, so don’t get me wrong.   It has its place.   Lately though, I’ve been exploring cocktails that don’t use vodka.  My  thought behind this is that vodka is really good at one thing: getting  people very drunk, very quickly.  Vodka is defined as a tasteless,  odorless spirit.  So, with exception to the alcohol, it really isn’t adding much to your cocktail.  It’s like alcoholic water, which again,  has its place.  Why not use a spirit that will add complexity and  flavors to your cocktail?  See the full post »

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Romulan Ale + Space Travel = Mutiny



By tomorrow we should all be celebrating the success of NASA’s Phoenix Lander, due to set down near Mars’ North Pole in the late afternoon.  Ramp up is set for 4:30pm and the automated landing process is expected to last about an hour.  This marks one more hurdle leaped by NASA, but more importantly lines us up: right on time to discover faster than light travel later this century.  See the full post »

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Chimay Ale



Go to the store and pick up Chimay Ale, it is a must try.  Here in Southern California, you can find them at Ralph’s grocery store, which leads me to believe you can find them at any respectable supermarket.  I happened to buy the Chimay Ale White, which is their triple fermented ale. Chimay is one of the largest importers of Belgian Ales, but don’t expect great complexity; only a nice approachable Belgium triple. Make sure you use the correct chalice while drinking this as it does affect the nose, and that affects the taste.  This is an oversized example so that you don’t strain your eyes.  If you don’t have a chalice, then a red wine glass would be the best substitute. 

While you taste think: spice, clove and fruit.

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Rolling Rock, Moonvertising



Mutineers do things their own way, and when I heard about Rolling Rock beer’s attempt to advertise on the moon, I was intrigued.  No, they haven’t actually advertised on the moon as of yet, but they have managed (or so they claim) to destroy Mt. Fuji.  They call it “moonvertising” and it involves shining a massive green Rolling Rock logo on the moon.  Rolling Rock has been generous enough to share their pseudo-technology with us to help get the message of Mutineer Magazine out to the world.   (Actually, anyone can get a message on the moon, we just like to feel important).  So cheers to Rolling Rock, and viva the Mutineer!

Go take a look at Rolling Rock’s Moonvertising page, www.moonvertising.com

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An American Hero’s Legacy, Or Lack Thereof


I was very sad to hear that the father of California wine, Mr. Robert Mondavi, passed away yesterday. Today, though, I was embarrassed to call myself a journalist after seeing the coverage that was given to Mr. Mondavi’s passing and legacy in the news today.

First up, CNN.com. Out of 21 stories featured on the front page, Mr. Mondavi wasn’t mentioned. What was mentioned? “Ashlee Simpson Gets Fairy Tale Wedding”, “Charter Bus Overturns On Freeway, Killing 1″, and my favorite, “Clinton Passes On A Shot Of Bourbon”. You can find the story if you scroll down to the bottom and venture into the “U.S.” section, then find the “West” section.

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The Great One, Robert Mondavi


It is 3am, I have a belly full of wine, the band Spiritualized is playing on my iTunes, and this futuristic gospel symphony is sounding different than it ever has before, for tonight I learned that the great Robert Mondavi has passed away at the age of 94. I never met the man, but it would’ve been an honor. Mr. Mondavi was an original Mutineer, someone who never accepted things as others saw them. He defied convention and saw beyond others’ convictions of the impossibility of his vision. Hindsight is easy, but venturing into the unknown is a terrifying journey, but it is also at the heart of the forgotten American Dream. Mr. Mondavi did not settle, and he did not let a situation dictate his standard. He is the Michael Jordan of wine, and I am thankful for all of his contributions to the world of wine.

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