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Hopping Around Ocean Beach


Ocean Beach Pier

It’s the end of an era in San Diego. Thanks to a sizable contingent of drunken goons whose increasingly abhorrent behavior culminated in a melee at Pacific Beach last September, the City Council recently passed an alcohol ban on all beaches as well as bay shores and coastal parks. The ruling is unfortunate for those who call Ocean Beach home; a laid-back community where we don’t feel the need to pelt law enforcement officers with bottles and cans. Luckily for us, there are several bars in OB within walking distance of the sand and not all of them cater to the Jager Bomb and Miller Chill crowd. So, if you’re spending some time here soaking up the sun and surf, or live here and need a break from the usual suspects on Newport Avenue, here are a few places serving up some quality beers. See the full post »

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Excuse me, I ordered the “Real Ale”


Real Ale Fest

The Mutineer Team descended on Carlsbad’s Pizza Port this past weekend to attend the 11th annual Real Ale Festival. Imagine a land full of the best cask conditioned ales with the added bonus for those in the VIP section of twenty outstanding bottles to taste. Imagine no more, this becomes reality at the Real Ale Festival. I try to attend every event at the Carlsbad Pizza Port because I am never let down and this time was no exception.
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Napa Wine Auction


Napa Valley

My associate Douglas and I are up for the big Napa Valley Wine Auction, more specifically the barrel auction portion of the event. If you haven’t been, it is a wild orgy of Napa wineries that come together at the Trinchero winery to auction off their wines for worthy causes. An endless sea of barrels fills the enormous warehouse space that holds the barrel auction, while white wines and food from local chefs are served outside. See the full post »

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The Devil’s Share


Martini Glass

11 PM
It’s 11 pm in a crowded bar.  Feel free to insert the name of the bar in the city of your choice, but the scene is somewhat similar anywhere you go.  That is, you are in a bar or club that serves some of the latest and greatest martini-styled drinks.  You know the ones I’m talking about… The Cosmos, the Lemon Drops, the Apple Martinis.  They all come from the bartender’s hand in a fancy stemmed martini glass.  After a feeling of appreciation, you are now left to make your way through the crowded bar without spilling the contents on your shoes, the floor, or even worse, on somebody’s freshly laundered clothes.  Unlike the “Angel’s Share,” which winemakers (especially Cognac producers) respectfully accept as the part of the wine lost to evaporation and other elements during the production and aging processes,  I refer to this spilled portion of my martini as the “Devil’s Share”. Damn him. See the full post »

Squirt: It’s back…or did it ever leave?

Other Beverage


Spirits Mutineer Douglas Harenchar rolled into the office with a two liter bottle of Squirt (that I was subsequently informed that business manager Jeff Dorenbush actually purchased). I haven’t had Squirt in years, and its epic return to my palate has inspired me to dig a little deeper into this magnificent beverage. See the full post »

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The Eternal IPA



Many years ago, before the Panama Canal and Next-Day Air shipping, sailors had to actually forge across the great seas. Of course, one of the most important items aboard was ale. Now imagine the most salty, sultry, and savage environment possible and picture yourself hauling this precious cargo, only to find it spoiled and undrinkable upon your arrival. See the full post »

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Boldly Going Where No Beer Has Gone Before



Two hundred miles straight up, traveling at 17,000 miles per hour and circumventing the earth over fifteen times a day, is the International Space Station or Sapporo Space Brewing HQ. The largest brewery in Japan has taken brewing to new heights, literally. Sapporo’s, newest concept is beer from barley grown in space. Sapporo has taken the third generation of barley plants that were originally budded on the International Space Station and has enough to create about a hundred bottles of the “Space Brew”. No word yet, when and if it will be available for public consumption, but if it is the zero-g beer should cause quite a stir. To say the least, this technique is pretty far out, but it shows the lengths that brewers are willing to go to push craft brewing to its limits.

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Sex and the City Cosmopolitan


Sex and the City

I was chatting with some friends down in Pacific Beach yesterday, when it occurred to me that I had it all wrong. I thought Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was going to be this summer’s blockbuster, runaway hit. No. Hell no. Everyone, well more specifically, every girl in the country it seems, is going to be lining up this weekend to be the first to see the hugely anticipated Sex and the City movie.

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