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Keep Drinking and You’ll Look Like This


Truffle Shuffle
The number one killer of Americans today is heart disease from obesity. So, when a mutineer talks about being fat it’s not a laughing matter… Okay, maybe the “truffle shuffle” is a laughing matter, but Jeff Cohen’s childhood obesity is merely a rare exception. Suffice it to say that us Californians undoubtedly place a heavy emphasis on staying light. See the full post »

Hangover Remedy Exposed

Beverage News

RU-21 Experiment

Over the years I have heard many different remedies for hangovers, from the “George W. Bush Preemptive Strike” of two Advil when you pass out and two Advil when you come to, to the “Oh shit, I’m hung-over. Let’s go eat a greasy breakfast.” And my favorite (though untried) beer with raw egg yolk and Tabasco. I was on my way out of my favorite beverage shop, Vendome, standing at the counter, when I spotted my next mission in front of me.

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Pinot Camp Random Diary Excerpts


Pinot Camp

Pinot Camp, one of the most exclusive wine events in the world. Available only to the utmost professionals in the industry. It is an annual event for Sommeliers and other wine service professionals held in Willamette Valley to educate about the wines of Oregon. It is important to note that this is fundamentally an educational event, and is brilliantly organized to this end, with transportation provided throughout the event to prevent any drinking and driving. Furthermore, any drinking beyond the professional call of duty is not encouraged by the organizers and is entirely a reflection on this writer. See the full post »

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Cap’n Crunch + Milk Shake = Delicious Diabetes

Other Beverage

Cap'n Crunch Shake

At Mutineer Magazine, we’re all about the ridiculous pairings (unless it’s effing Clamato).  Let’s quickly review before we dive into today’s subject.  Some of the best awful pairings of all time include, but are not limited to, the following.

Bacon and Duct Tape
Woody Allen and Women
Techno and Music
Shaquille O’Neal and Kung Fu
Mel Gibson Films and Historical Accuracy

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Drunken Flying Fish


SeaTac Airport

I used to love airports. They conveyed an excitement to me that meant an adventure was coming. That excitement has turned to burden as I have entered the ranks of business travel, and as such I have begun to appreciate the amenities one can find in the modern airport. Of all airports, one stands out as being exceptional, and that is Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (Frankfurt is the worst).

After undergoing a somewhat recent remodel, the main concourse more closely resembles a posh Las Vegas casino than a typical airport. As you leave security, you enter a cathedral of a space full of dining and shopping options, with the far side being a massive (and I mean massive) glass wall overlooking the runways of SeaTac.

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The Great Belgian Beer Tour: A Connoisseur’s Dream, A Drunkard’s Paradise



Tired of your favorite pub or just want an excuse to go to Europe and get sauced? Here it is, Ciao! Travel has put together a Belgian Beer Tour that takes you from Amsterdam to Brussels and allows you to explore just how much of the good stuff you can really handle. Starting off in Amsterdam–I hope your hippocampus is still functioning after this–you have the chance of exploring the Van Gogh Museum or drinking, taking a sightseeing tour or drinking, and walking around Amsterdam or drinking. See the full post »

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The 5 Grossest Things You Can Find in a Cocktail


Number 5 – ASPARTAME

Okay, so aspartame isn’t really gross tasting or smelling. In fact, it’s pretty sweet… Until you have BRAIN TUMORS growing out of your eyes from its ill effects. Aspartame has long been a favorite substitute for more natural sweeteners like, well… sugar since its discovery by James M. Schlattler in 1965. Originally an anti-ulcer drug candidate, Aspartame’s sweet taste was actually an accident. Nowadays, consumers ingest a lot of the drug on a daily basis. Huge culprits are Sugar-Free Red Bull and Diet Coke. See the full post »

The Mutineer Receiving His Own Information


Scott Paul

Somewhere between Playboy and Donnie Darko lies Scott Paul Wines. The latest reincarnation of the rabbit as a marketing tool has its origins on the wall of the sleek Scott Paul Wines tasting room in rustic downtown Carlton, OR. A large painting of a rabbit welcomes you on the far wall as you enter the room, and in a way it welcomed owner Scott Wright into the world of winemaking. See the full post »

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