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Polygamy: Not Just a Way of Life


Polygamy Porter

Do the residents of Utah have a sense of humor? Apparently so. In my continuing journey to find interesting beer I have come across a brew that pokes fun at the very culture in which it finds itself. Utah is known for a few things. Among those are snow skiing, polygamy, and now beer. A coop between Wasatch Beers and Squatters Beer, both founded in the late to mid 80’s, created the aptly named Polygamy Porter. I have yet to get my hands on one, but if the World Beer Cup gave them the silver medal in 2008 then that is enough for me to give it a try, or two. As the bottle says, “Why have just one?”

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Worst ****ing Lie of all Marketing

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It’s bad enough that when I walk into a 7-11 at midday looking for a pick-me-up that I have to sift through rows and rows of random energy drinks hoping to find one that doesn’t taste like an old, dead possum foot. The companies that create those little fizz bombs are natural born liars. They dress up their products with awesome, eye-catching colors and cool catch phrases like, “This Energy Drink Will Jack Up Your Face to the Extreme!” See the full post »

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The Five Sexiest Wines


Here are 5 of the sexiest wines according to the Wine Mutineer…

5. Rose Champagne

This is a wine for all of the senses. For the ears it is a startling pop. For the eyes it is a stunning hue of pink, like a rare stone. For the nose, it is myriad of aromas ranging from simple to complex, fruity to earthy, everyday to life changing. For the palate, it is tongue tickling bubbles and bright flavors. This is a wine of young love. It is a wine to have before dinner. It is a wine of embarking, of beginning an adventure together, and if nothing else, it is a great conversation starter on those awkward first dates. See the full post »

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The Smallest Bottle of Wine Ever


I have found the most incredibly useless wine innovation to date. The super small wine bottle. As certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, Klein Designs created a bottle of wine for retail sale only 3.2 cm tall (1.2 inches). That is tiny. It holds a minute amount of wine, you’d have to drink like 800 of these little bottles to even get a buzz. It’s a terrible idea. What’s more, they range in price from $20 to $90 a bottle. That’s way too much money! It even has a tiny little cork in it…stupid idea.

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10 Reasons Why 7-Eleven is Epic

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7-Eleven is an American Institution, and being that today is, well, 7/11, we pay homage by exploring what this corner store phenomenon is all about.

7-Eleven was started in 1927 at the Southland Ice Company in Dallas, Texas. Convenience items were sold with the ice when traditional grocery stores were closed. This original concept was well received, and it grew into 7-Eleven’s 34,200 stores operating today with a worldwide sales of 46.6 billion in 2007. See the full post »

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The 5 Stages of Drunk

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Even though intoxication may seem magical, it is actually a scientific process that is the result of your body processing the alcohol in your tasty beverage. The way your drunkenness is measured is called Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). This is a percentage of alcohol in your bloodstream, and it ranges from 0.0% to 0.4%. At 0.0%, you are a Mormon on Sunday. At 0.4%, you are probably clinically dead or hanging out at Mutineer HQ. Here is what you can expect in between:

See the full post »

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4 Shameful and otherwise Appalling Days to Drink


Santa Flashing

Everyone knows that feeling. You wake up around three hours after your alarm has given up trying to wrestle you out of bed. Your hair’s a mess and your face is caked with make up from the night before. This is truly alarming as you don’t usually, or ever, wear make up to nightclubs. Having spent the night in your clothes has left that brand new suit you just got back from the tailor yesterday covered in cat hair and down-comforter lint. It’s ruined. Rising from the bed (is it even yours?) you stub your toe on an empty RU-21 box and mumble an obscenity. You should not have gotten so drunk last night.

In theory, every night has the potential to cause the above morning after. Standard hangover victims ought to consider themselves lucky, as they’ve most likely narrowly avoided the truly disastrous aftermaths that these “holidays” can cause. See the full post »

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The Frutista Situation

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Frutista Freeze

Meet the Frutista Freeze, Taco Bell’s new creation to quench that summertime thirst. Taco Bell is really pushing this new product. They even have a flash site—complete with tropical sounds and flying airplanes—promoting Frutista-inspired contests for Frutista-fanatics to win fantastic vacations. See the full post »

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