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Two Awesome Impromptu Cocktails


Elusive Juice

My roommate and I have a long and glorious tradition of sitting on the couch every night and drinking, while watching 70’s musicals. It’s glamorous, to be sure, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little excitement in life. Sometimes we get sick of beer, or wine, or no-brainer cocktails like vodka tonics. I love cocktails that are clean and simple and don’t use too many ingredients. Plus which, it’s annoying and expensive to keep lots of bottles of random mixers and liqueurs around, so I like to come up with easy, cheap and unusual cocktails that only need a couple of ingredients. Please to enjoy. See the full post »

Airplane!: A Great Bar Fight on Film

Other Beverage

Brief Summary:
Two Girl Scouts kick the tar out of each other with switch blades, glassware, and other various bar devices.
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Mutineer Magazine Issue #2 Preview


Issue #2 Preview

It’s almost here; Mutineer Magazine Issue #2 will be in mailboxes next week. Here are some of the stories you’ll find lurking in the pages of our publication:

Bottle Shock: Stranger Than Fiction

Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf examines the relevance of the new Hollywood flick “Bottle Shock”, going straight to the sources and talking to George M. Taber and Steven Spurrier about the film. See the full post »

5 Myths About Absinthe



We recently met up with Obsello Absinthe distiller Alex Davis to get the facts about modern absinthe.

The article will appear in the upcoming issue of Mutineer Magazine, but here is a taste to tide you over.

Myth 5. While the effects and experience of drinking absinthe is different than typical alcoholic beverages due to additional active ingredients, absinthe is NOT hallucinogenic, it will not make you “trip” or hack off your own ear. See the full post »

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Other Beverage

As Director of Operations here at Mutineer Magazine, you don’t see my name on blogs too often. But if it’s one thing I know, it is energy drinks, and today I most definitely have something to say. I was taking my daily trip to the convenient store to purchase a much needed energy increasing beverage only to find myself in front of the glass refrigerator door staring at an intriguing can. Its name pronounced Juice, but spelled even cooler, “Joose”.
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Cobra Whiskey Pairings


Cobra Grass Snake Whiskey

This stuff is supposedly quite the aphrodisiac, but to be honest, it scares the hell out of me. As if having a cobra in your whiskey isn’t enough, this particular bottle also has a grass snake in it, which is actually in the cobra’s mouth.

The only real use I can see for this is for proactive parents wanting to deter curious teenagers from rummaging around the liquor cabinet. I mean, kids are typically nervous enough when they are rummaging through cupboards like a liquor bandit, can you imagine if they grab a bottle thinking they hit the jackpot, only to find a friggin’ king cobra with a grass snake in its mouth IN the bottle…problem solved. See the full post »

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Spuds MacKenzie: An American Institution


Spuds MacKenzie

Spuds MacKenzie was like a marketing super soldier. Spuds made his world premier during a super bowl ad, and soon skyrocketed to doggie stardom. Spuds got all the women, and partied pretty much non-stop. He was a celebrity that middle America could finally relate to, and he became an institution in American pop culture. See the full post »

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Beverage News


RoboBar: How to send 99% of Hollywood’s Struggling Actors Below the Poverty Level

This thing straddles the line between terrifying and the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. RoboBar is a new robotic bar that comes in three models: a high-entertainment model, a high production model, and a non-alcoholic model. See the full post »

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