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Oprah’s Dr. Oz Offers Most Useless Nutritional Advice Ever


Oprah and Dr. Oz

In a brilliant marketing move, CNN.com displays headlines on behalf of Oprah’s Dr. Oz, and today I saw this headline and I could not ignore, “What men should eat every day”. Ever since becoming BFF’s with Oprah at the Napa Valley Wine Auction, I’ve made it my business to keep up with what Oprah is up to, so this article was a must-read for me.
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Amazon.com to Enter the Fray That is the Wine Business



This story has been building for awhile, with many details yet to come, but it is becoming obvious that Amazon.com will offer wines for sale on their site sooner than later.

This could potentially revolutionize the way wine is purchased and explored by consumers as well as the way it is sold and marketed by producers. See the full post »

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Cristal Cerveza = Awesome Advertising


Cristal Cerveza

Cristal knows how to market a product! I’ve never enjoyed Cristal, which I’m sure is a top-notch beer (or Cerveza), so I set out to learn. I found myself on this website: www.cristal.com.pe. See the full post »

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Budweiser Frogs


Budweiser Frogs

Sgt. Pepper is to concept albums as the Budweiser Frogs are to concept advertising. This campaign was EPIC. At the center were three frogs (they do kind of look like toads though) named “Bud” “Weis” and “Er”. The ad campaign debuted during the 1995 Super Bowl (49ers dominated).
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Alcohol in the Latest Men’s Health

Men's Health

The latest Men’s Health Magazine has two stories about alcohol in it.

The first story is called “When Beer is Bad”, and it refers to a University of Michigan study that links beer consumption to pancreatic cancer. Bummer. Apparently drinking one beer a day resulted in the onset of cancer five years earlier than those who developed pancreatic cancer without drinking beer. The study mentions alcohol being the risk factor, but doesn’t mention how the results of other alcoholic beverage like wine and spirits. See the full post »

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Why 3 Stereotypes in the Younger Demographic Should Be Drinking More Wine



I don’t understand why more young people (over the age of 21 of course) don’t drink wine. It could be that wine is such as quiet beverage that it requires simple situations in which to be enjoyed, yet younger people find themselves in these situations more than you ‘d think. Here are three typical young adults who are perfect candidates to become wine lovers: See the full post »

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Nordic Rock Ice Cubes: The Real Deal?


Nordic Rock Ice Cubes

You have seen these making cameos around the blogosphere: rocks that act like ice cubes. On paper, this is a great idea, as your drink will not become “bruised” with ice melting. One thing concerns me though, especially considering what happened to Wine Spectator recently with their restaurant reviews (I really need to get something up about that). See the full post »

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King Cobra, is it worth the $1.50?

Other Beverage

King Cobra

Nothing says yum like a black and gold can with a King Cobra printed on it. I found this compelling can while cruising the isles at my local convenience store – the Anheuser-Busch King Cobra Fine Malt Beverage. It was a beverage that I absolutely could not walk away from without purchasing. This 22 oz. can of beer will run you about $1.50, but it’ll cost you a lot more in tastelessness. See the full post »

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