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Why You Shouldn’t 007 Your Way Into a Liquor Store

Beverage News

Make sure to watch the whole thing, it is quite epic.

We didn’t plan this, really. It just seems that it is turning out to be “Burgle Week” here on the Mutineer Blog. My brother, SPC Kropf, sent me this video and I had to get it up on the site. See the full post »

The Great 26th American Wine & Food Festival Mutiny


Red Hot at Red Seven

Are you going to the 26th American Wine & Food Festival? The Mutineer is! Yes, the Mutineer will be at the festival sipping wine and breaking hearts this upcoming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

What is the 26th American Wine & Food Festival? It is a wild and crazy gastronomical wine-fueled orgy held right here in Los Angeles. I spoke with someone at the Festival today and learned that tickets to Saturday’s event have been sold out, so if you don’t have your ticket yet, you are among the unlucky. See the full post »

Homeless Men Burgle Restaurant, Get Wasted, Get Caught

Beverage News

Herradura Seleccion Suprema

As reported today in the Madison Capital Times, two men were arrested in Madison when the owner walked in on the two burglars trying to leave through another door. The men apparently pounded almost an entire bottle of what I can only assume is Herradura Seleccion Suprema, as the article says it is a “$600 bottle of Herradura tequila”. Keep in mind they enjoyed the tequila while STILL IN THE RESTAURANT. Probably not the best idea. See the full post »

Sidral Mundet

Other Beverage

Sidral Mundet

Sidral Mundet is a delicious beverage from Mexico that is actually available on the West Coast (United States). I first tried this after finding it at a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles, and had it again today at the Philly Cheese Steak café.

This is a curious beverage indeed. It is apple soda that is made in Mexico. The neat thing about Sidral Mundet is that it is made with natural ingredients, including real sugar, instead of the cheaper alternative that is commonly used in the United States, corn syrup. See the full post »

Sneak Peek, Mutineer Magazine Issue 2: Big Money Beer


Jacobson’s Vintage No. 1

As seen in Mutineer Magazine Issue #2 – Big Money Beer, pg. 21

Every discipline has its flagship. Wine has Petrus, automobiles have Ferrari, real estate has Beverly Hills, and beer has these four bottlings priced to satisfy even the most affluent ego. Even if you have the money, these beers are so sought after that it requires a few connections and a lot of luck to get your hands on one. See the full post »

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The Device


The Device

Have you always wanted to home-brew, but didn’t want the hassle of purchasing all the equipment and hauling everything back and forth? Well then, your solution has arrived, an all-in-one beer machine. See the full post »

Red Bull: Lightly carbonated. Serve chilled.

Other Beverage

Red Bull

By now I am sure that most of the United States population has at least tried a Red Bull, whether you needed to snap out of your zombie-like state because you were up watching Soprano’s DVD’s all night or because you were just trying a new cocktail at the bar – Red Bull and vodka. Maybe you were browsing around a convenience store in California, 1997, and stumbled across this sleek and intriguing can. See the full post »

Wine 2.0 Expo Preview


Wine 2.0

The Mutineer heads to the Big Apple tonight to attend the Wine 2.0 Expo. Here is a chat with Wine 2.0 Expo organizer Cornelius Geary about this week’s event: See the full post »

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