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Almost Time to Almost Begin Harvesting in Willamette Valley


Domaine Drouhin Vineyards
A look at the beautiful vineyards of Domaine Drouhin in 2007.

It is that time of year again, HARVEST. Different regions harvest at different times throughout the fall, and it is around this time that Oregon’s Willamette Valley typically begins the annual wine making process, but this year things are running a little bit behind.

What does this mean? Nothing yet. Things can change in an instant in Oregon, and all we can say so far is that this has been a cool year, things are behind schedule, and vineyard challenges have been minimal. As a fan of wines that highlight complexity instead of alcohol, I see this vintage as holding huge possibilities. See the full post »

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The Other Big Story This Week: Rum Tax


U.S. Virgin Islands

The economic crisis has been dominating the news as well as the attention of politicians; however, this last Tuesday night a bill was passed in the Senate relating to rum taxes and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The bill says that the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico will receive $13.25 for each proof (a liquid gallon consisting of 50% alcohol) gallon of rum produced in the U.S. Virgin Islands and sold in the United States. The bill, S. 2886, extends a previous tax arrangement that lasted from July 1, 1999 to December 31, 2007. The bill is retroactive to January 1, 2008, and extends the 1999 arrangement to December 31, 2009. See the full post »

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An Epic Conclusion to Criminal Week on the Mutineer Blog


Mutineer Magazine Criminal Week

We have not one, but two epic stories of criminal bravery for you to wrap up the unintended “criminal week” here on the Mutineer Magazine Blog. What’s more is that these stories both occurred this week, which I feel is a testament to the human spirit, in that these burglars didn’t let the crumbling economy hold them back or distract them. These men are professionals, or at least the closest thing to it, because according to reports all of these criminals remain at large. This probably won’t be the case for long, so here is my contribution to their 15 minutes of fame: See the full post »

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HoseMaster of Wine: Wine Gets Naked


HoseMaster of Wine

I was turned on (no pun intended) to the HoseMaster of Wine[nsfw] through a post on Tom Wark’s Fermentation Blog, and this blog is the real deal.

The blog was birthed by Ron Washam, “After 19 years as a Sommelier in Los Angeles…moved to Sonoma County to explore the other aspects of the wine business”. He quickly validates my decision to leave behind the rat race of corporate restaurant work by saying, “I’ve spent, OK wasted, 30 years learning about and teaching about and swallowing wine.” I like this guy already. See the full post »

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The Apartment Building Aroma Training Program



There are many ways a wine enthusiast can train and develop their ability to identify aromas in a wine. One that is overlooked and is of great usefulness to me is what I call, “The Apartment Building Aroma Training Program”.

Here is how it works: You walk through your building (on your way to your car or something, you don’t want to look crazy) and try and identify the aromas and smells on the way. See the full post »

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Since When Is France Afraid of Alcohol?

Beverage News

Screenshot of Heineken’s French website.

France has long been a leader in fine beverage. This has been a position of pride rather than shame, so I was surprised to hear about the temperance movement this morning while talking to Randy Resnick after recording his New Wine Consumer podcast, which can be heard at www.newwineconsumer.com. See the full post »

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“It’s Cold, Damn Cold!”


Ice Cold Beer

It’s not just your favorite Doc Brown quote from Back to the Future; it is the all to common problem of ordering a great beer in a frigid glass. I can’t fathom why a bar would offer good beer and not train the staff on how to properly serve it.

In case you didn’t know, the colder a beverage is, the more muted the flavors are, that is why Jagermeister is served ice cold. That said, pouring a great beer into an ice-cold glass only masks the flavors the brewer worked so hard to create. See the full post »

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Drinking Game…Redefined.

Beverage News

Video Game Bar

As if having a bar in your house isn’t awesome enough, these guys have taken it to the next level. It is a bar with a built in arcade setup controlling the game on the flat screen TV behind the bartender. See the full post »

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