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DJ Trotters

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DJ Trotters

So, is there a shortage of sex-fueled images to use in beverage print advertising? If so, I would like to volunteer myself to help rectify the situation.

Here is exhibit A for your consideration: Stating The Obvious Champagne Linked To Seduction

This is an ad that was banned for being too sexual. See the full post »

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The Mutiny is Spreading to Yakima

Yakima Herald

Check out this awesome story in the Yakima Herald Republic Newspaper about the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival and a little thing we like to call “Mutineer Magazine”.

http://www.yakima-herald.com/stories/2008/10/02/fresh-hop-ale-festival-local-brewfest-getting-bigger-better See the full post »

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The Mutiny Spreads to Santé


Santé Article

Tonight I raise my glass to the fine men and women of Santé Magazine, for within the pages of the October issue of Santé lies a piece by yours truly, titled, “The Tired State of Beverage Journalism”.

The definition of “state” is: The particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time. There is huge potential for beverage journalism to become a more relevant medium, and my aim in writing this was to propose this idea to the beverage community in the respected pages of Santé. See the full post »

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On to The Great American Beer Festival

Great American Beer Festival

Attending the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is like going to the largest school on the planet for beer. Its stuffed into a three-day event that allows you to try more beers than humanly possible, many will be overwhelmed by the shear magnitude and some will succumb to the greatness of it all. For those of us with the fortitude to brave this challenge I ask Julia Herz the Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association to give us some insight to what it’s all about. See the full post »

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The Drunk Driving Situation in Los Angeles

Beverage News

Alan in Audi

There is something about this town; it changes people. You straddle a line of being on top of the world, while being at your most vulnerable. The result is usually crazy actors driving while wasted – effectively their automobiles turn into 4-wheeled missiles seeking the unlucky.

This blows my mind, because these celebrities have the money and resources to enjoy taxi or limo service wherever they go. It begs the question of whether or not these celebrities are trying to get caught… See the full post »

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Stating the Obvious: Champagne Linked to Seduction


Saile Sabga

In this modern era of information, is it news that there is a link between Champagne and the art of seduction? BrandRepublic reports that the Champagne house Saile and Sabga was ordered to stop using an advertisement by The Advertising Standards Authority due to the awesomeness of it. The ASA said, “WE considered that readers of the ad were likely to infer that her motive for doing so was seduction…We considered that the handling of Champagne in this way would be seen by readers as a metaphor for seduction.” See the full post »

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Giving Blind Tasting a Whole New Meaning

Spar Imperial Vodka

If you’re that guy wearing a fake Rolex from Tijuana, listening to pirated music you downloaded from the Internet, and giving your girlfriend counterfeit designer handbags you picked up in Koreatown, consider this: counterfeit vodka could cause blindness and death. See the full post »

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redwinebuzz.com Survey



Being that we are people’s champions here at Mutineer Magazine, we would love you to participate in this survey put together by Arthur over at redwinebuzz.com. The survey focuses on the serving preferences of wine. Check out the survey here.

I also suggest to pop over to the redwinebuzz.com to see what the site is all about. Focused around California Central Coast wines, the site has a blog, some great educational information, and other handy tibits.

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