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The Mutineers at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival


Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival

We’ve returned from the land of hops and apples with our livers and reputations intact, and for all practical purposes, that is a decisive victory in the world of the Mutineer.

Mutineer Magazine proudly sponsored the 6th Annual Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival this past weekend and I can say with confidence that the only thing more beautiful than the women of Yakima is the beer. These people know how to throw a killer party; we were very impressed. See the full post »

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Seattle’s Pike Place Market


Seattle’s Pike Place Market is right up there with Starbucks, the Space Needle, and rain in terms of being a Seattle cliché, and rightly so as this place is a must visit for anyone making a pilgrimage to Seattle.

We checked out the market on our way to Pike Place Brewery, paying special attention to the renowned fish stand, “Pike Place Fish Co.”. This fish stand is famous for throwing fish around. No one was really buying fish, probably because of the economy, so we didn’t see any fish being thrown, but we did see the awesome fish on display for sale, and boy did they look amazing.

Pike Place Fish Co. Pike Place Fish Co. Pike Place Fish Co.

Pike Place Fish Co. Pike Place Fish Co. Pike Place Fish Co.

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Instant Karma (Sparkling Wine)


Karma Sparkling Wine

I was flying on Virgin America earlier this week when I was introduced to “Karma Sparkling Wine” on Virgin’s “Red” on-screen ordering system. Further research revealed that The Wine Spies had also taken an interest in the bubbly beverage, making it clear to me that I needed to know more about this California sparkling wine. See the full post »

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Yakima Farmer’s Market



Of COURSE Mutineer Magazine checked out the Yakima Farmer’s Market. Yakima is located in a region known for agriculture, and the farmer’s market did not disappoint.

The lemonade stand was a highlight, operated by Dimmick’s Cinnamon Toasted Nut Co., who also had delicious toasted nuts available to sample and buy. Another highlight was the honey table, which had honey that was still in the cone available to sample and buy. So you eat the cone with the honey. It was pretty awesome. See the full post »

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Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles


Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

I was driving home from Blue Palms in Los Angeles the other night, and I just happened to pass Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard all about it. It gets a famous mention in Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown” when Samuel L. Jackson’s character uses Roscoe’s to convince Chris Tucker’s character to help him out with something. See the full post »

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Google Mail Goggles = Friends Don’t Let Friends E-mail Drunk

Beverage News

Google Mail Goggles

Google has this new program “Mail Goggles” created to protect the inebriated from sending reckless e-mails.

Here is how it works: Mail Goggles asks you five math problems and gives you 60 seconds to solve them. Succeed, and your mail will be delivered as intended. Fail, and you will be sent to bed. Simple as that.

Granted, some people can’t answer questions like these when they are sober, but that is another situation. Mail Goggles is your friend, and your last line of defense against contacting that ex- in a drunken state of mind.

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Sipping Drinks on Virgin America

Beverage News

Virgin America

First off, I apologize for the momentary lapse in blogs this week. We took the entire Mutineer Magazine staff up to Washington with us to attend the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival, so things shut down in the Mutineer Magazine office. See the full post »

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The Summer of JJ



Today marks the 2nd day of the “Summer of JJ” (viva Seinfeld), which is a sort of missionary trip to spread far and wide the arrival of  Mutineer Magazine, and I wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what Mutineer Magazine’s Beer Editor is up to. See the full post »

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