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Worst Drunk Driving Public Service Announcement Ever

Beverage News

If you saw our post about the Star Wars PSA, you know how powerful and awesome a PSA can be. This example, however, is the most un-powerful and un-awesome PSA ever created, with a shout out to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission for using tax dollars to put it together. See the full post »

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Bird Gets Wasted on Fermented Cherries

Beverage News

I know what you’re thinking: Really? They are going through with this whole drunk animal week thing? Easy answer: YES. Today’s intoxicated creature is a bird that helped itself to a few too many fermented cherries. See the full post »

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Wine Biz Radio


Wine Biz Radio

Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf will be on Wine Biz Radio tonight to talk about all things Mutineer Magazine, though I’m sure we’ll chat about the Wine Bloggers Conference as well, which Mutineer Magazine will be attending. You can listen live on Talkshoe or hear the show on 91.3 FM KSVY this Friday from 4-5pm.

Hosted by the infamous Kaz and Randy, and combining irreverence with great radio journalism and just a hint of insanity, Wine Biz Radio is the real deal. Check out their website here: winebizradio.com

Star Wars Warns About Drunk Spaceflight

Beverage News

Star Wars

Check this out from 1979 – It is a public service announcement from the fine people at Star Wars. It features a bunch of psychedelic alien creatures in the Mos Eisley Cantina pounding drinks and looking for trouble. One of the aliens drinks a little too much, and requires some intervention from one of his psychedelic alien friends to call it night. “When friends drink too much, even in galaxies far, far away, friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” Well said…well said. See the full post »

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3 Headed Jack Rabbit, Draught Wine


3 Headed Jack Rabbit

Word on the street is that Constellation Wines has released a draft wine fountain to promote its Jack Rabbit Wine. As far as I can tell this is a UK phenomenon…crazy Brits. Apparently, “draught wine is currently growing by 5%”. This new draught dispenses three varietals of wine: Chardonnay, Merlot, and White Zinfandel…bleh. I want a wine draught that dispenses Barolo, Sauternes, and Oregon Pinot. See the full post »

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Psychedelic Safari Party

Other Beverage


This is kind of like “Lion King” except all the animals get pretty wasted after eating fermented fruit. In case you didn’t get the memo, this week has become “Drunk Animal Week” here on MutineerMagazine.com. See the full post »

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Washington State University Research Lab



“Washington’s wine industry got a boost from researchers at Washington State University (WSU) last week. The university opened its new $500,000 enology research lab at its Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser, Wash. The Working winery will be the largest experimental noncommercial winemaking facility in the Pacific Northwest.” Reported in the Wine Spectator See the full post »

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How Not To Stomp Grapes on Live TV


Our Director of Operations Jeff is a simple man with simple tastes, and as such, this video rocked his world. I mean, the lady is stomping grapes on live TV, then she is flat on her face making what appears to be the sounds otters make. This “grape stomper” is clearly not a trooper – she doesn’t even try and get up to continue stomping.

What’s better is that the news anchors really don’t care, they’re thinking “wow, that was really terrible”. Why they insist on stomping the grapes on a raised platform I don’t know, and using the small buckets they are using will get them each like 5 awesome bottles of wine…makes for damn fine entertainment though.

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