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Beverage Halloween Costumes: Tequila Bottle


Tequila Costume

This costume is pretty awesome. Tequila has a reputation for making parties extremely fun, so why not capture that spirit in a Halloween costume? The guy modeling the costume here looks like he is loving it, so that is a good sign. I really can’t see how this costume can go wrong.

Buy it here

Slumming in Dallas

BeerOther Beverage

The Flying Saucer

I headed out to Dallas last week to get an idea for what the beer scene was like, and how it has changed since my departure five years ago. After landing I took off to Fort Worth to spend some quality time at The Flying Saucer. This place had a great selection of beers available and after several of these beers the night ended and slurred into the morning. See the full post »

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Beverage Halloween Costumes: Beer Man


Beer Man Costume

If you want to spend Halloween humiliated and alone, you need this suit. Dubbed “Beer Man”, and clearly inspired by the costume work on SNL’s “Ambiguously Gay Duo”, this suit is the ultimate form of birth control. See the full post »

3 Speed Riding Lawnmower DUI

Beverage News

You can either handle your liquor or you can’t. Steve here clearly cannot. Steve’s story begins when he is pulled over while driving his riding lawnmower to the store to pick up beer for his lady. He politely pulls his Craftsman over to the side of the road, and powers down the precision machine, a clear gesture of peace as this beast will not take kindly to starting up again. When asked what he is doing riding his lawnmower on the highway wasted, it is clear he is motivated by fear. “My wife said if I don’t get her another beer, she’s gonna stab me in the face.” You got a keeper there Steve. See the full post »

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Beverage Halloween Costumes: Beer Pong Table


Beer Pong Table Costume

This costume is a great conversation starter, just beware of one thing: Stay away from balls. Any kind of balls. Anything even remotely resembling a sphere that can be launched will be thrown at you with a vengeance. This will be hilarious the first time, but when the first golf ball hits you in the cheekbone, you will quickly lose your sense of humor. See the full post »

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Loire Inspired Dinner, Ortolan



I had the great pleasure and opportunity to attend a Loire Valley inspired dinner and tasting at the restaurant Ortolan in Los Angeles. Where to begin…

Ortolan is an incredible restaurant, and was recognized as such by receiving a star from the Michelin Guide for 2008; one of only 16 restaurants in Los Angeles to enjoy such recognition. Ortolan chef Christophe Eme is a Loire Valley native himself, creating a menu specifically paired with the Loire Valley wines we tasted. See the full post »

Beverage Halloween Costumes: Beer Keg


Beer Keg Costume

This costume is pretty awesome. Not too many hazards associated with it, that is unless you are an over ambitious, intoxicated, pseudo-gymnast who tries to do a keg stand on your shoulders. If you can avoid this obvious design flaw, this costume should serve you well. See the full post »

The Seattle Food and Wine Experience


Qwest Field

This weekend Mutineer Magazine will attend the Seattle Food and Wine Experience at Qwest Field in Seattle. Given the 1 and 5 record of the under-achieving Seahawks, the opportunity to drink away one’s sorrows should make this event a hit. See the full post »

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