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Pomegranate: The New Popcorn



Yes, pomegranates are awesome. We picked one up to snack on the other night at the Mutineer HQ and decided to blog about it for people who may not be familiar with fresh pomegranate. There may be more “correct” ways to prepare a pomegranate, but this is what we did. See the full post »

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Agent Red and The Wine Spies


Alan Kropf and Agent Red

This is the closest anyone has come to publicly posting a picture of Agent Red of The Wine Spies on the Internet. I’m pretty sure that device in his hand is some sort of spy camera. Agent Red is one of several special agents working behind the scenes at thewinespies.com, with others including Agent White, Agent Sparkle, and Agent Green (I’ve even heard rumors of an Agent Grenache). See the full post »

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Most Psychedelic, In Your Face Vodka Commercial Ever


Hey!…..Vodka! This commercial straddles the line between psychedelic and terrifying, with both roads eventually leading to uncontrollable seizures. The only thing that could possibly make this more in-your-face would be 3-D glasses, which would probably cause the viewer to lose control of all bodily functions.

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Playboy Wine


Playboy Wine, February 1962

Playboy is teaming up with wineries to get Playboy cover girls from the 60’s and 70’s onto wine labels. This idea sounds infallible to me. Winery partners include Schug, St. Supery, Gargiulo and Janzen. See the full post »

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Jack Daniels and The Rainbow Bar & Grill: A Perspective


The Rainbow Bar & Grill

The Rainbow Bar and Grill sits on the far west end of Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Strip where it has been home to classic rock stars in the 70’s, hair metal bands during the 80’s and everybody stuck on memory lane ever since the grungy 90’s. While the pub actually serves great food, it goes with saying that its reputation is rooted in mass-consumed cocktails and the foolish acts that follow. See the full post »

(rī)1 Whiskey…Even the Name is Complex


Rye One Whiskey

Check out this new “ultra-premium” whiskey being offered by Beam Global Spirits & Wine, “Rye One”. I’m gonna be honest, as kitchy as the logo is, it is confusing as hell.

The official press release makes no mention of where or how this spirit is produced, and who actually produces it, but these are details of little concern to the modern beverage journalist I suppose. There is adequate focus on the logo and concept behind this new product, but little else. Have we entered such an era of Branding that we’ve lost sight of what is important? See the full post »

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I Love Southern California…

Other Beverage

I mean, beyond Disneyland, the beach and incredible clubs, Southern California has the caliber of weather to support this kind of beverage ninja-ness. Not much more to say about this, the video really speaks for itself…

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Stuck in the Middle


Beachwood BBQ

For me the beach has always signified relaxation. It just so happens this is the home of Beachwood BBQ. The signage atop the door reminds me of 60’s pop culture, inviting and colorful. Twenty-six taps and thirty-eight bottles available now and Chef/Proprietor Gabriel Gordon tells me that about twenty more bottles are coming soon. Click here for beer list. See the full post »

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