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Second Floor Balcony = Restroom?

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Restroom Sign

With the political climate finally peaking, solidarity and sound minded decision making has been forgotten. I’m sure every politician in America is tired of being on their best behavior, so why not let loose a bit. I’m sure the media wouldn’t mind a few small transgressions. See the full post »

Viper Room, Back From The Dead?

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The Viper Room

For all of those who do not live in Hollywood, California I will start by clarifying that the Viper Room is not half the hot spot it was in the 1990’s. Once known for River Phoenix dying right outside the front door and a recycled clip of Tommy Lee decking a paparazzi on the sidewalk. The Viper Room clout waned through the 90’s and into the new millennium. The nail in the coffin was when co-founder/partner Johnny Depp cashed out and walked away from the club. Suddenly it was just another iconic place on Sunset Strip booking crappy bands – anybody with 12 bucks could get inside. See the full post »

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WSU Liquor Sales

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WSU Stadium

As a WSU Alum, I can’t help but enjoy this bit of news. Washington State University, the once championed party school, has been working to stray away from its party image for the past few years. What would be the best way to do this? Allow liquor sales on campus. That seems a bit contradictory, but I like it. WSU is going to allow liquor sales prior to football games, at golf events and at the Student Union Building. The union building is at the heart of the WSU campus and If I could have stopped by the bar in between classes I would have spent much more time around campus. See the full post »

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Tasting vs. Drinking is like Prostitution vs. Marriage


I am pleased to announce that we’ve made a great philosophical discovery here at the “Mutineer Institute to Try and Drink Good” (MITTADG). OK, there is no MITTADG, but if there was, this is exactly the kind of topics they would be tackling. Also, I’m sure I’m not the first person to ponder the question of what the difference between tasting and drinking is. See the full post »

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Scottish & Newcastle: No More Free Beer


Scottish & Newcastle

For over 20 years Scottish & Newcastle has given its retired workers vouchers worth around $55.00 that were redeemable at supermarkets for beer and ciders. Because of the growing numbers of retirees the brewery has axed the program pissing off many of those that took advantage of the free beer. Many of the pensioners like Thomas Cook give the beer as gifts for Christmas, now they will go without. They might want to rethink this plan in the accounting office of Scottish & Newcastle. The last time somebody started screwing with the Scottish they got Braveheart.


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How Can You Abolish Alcohol, Yet Profit From Its Sale?

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Welcome to Alabama

According to “The Arab Tribune” of Arab, Alabama, “A Montgomery County Circuit Court has ruled that Marshall, Cullman, Blount, Dekalb and Lauderdale counties are entitled to a share of $1.3 million in back taxes generated by a statewide beer tax since 2004.” This means $150,000 for the dry counties (counties that do not sell alcohol), the same as the wet counties (counties that do sell alcohol). See the full post »

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Torys Whisky Commercial


This New York looking guy rolls into this bar after sneaking around some sort of parking lot walking in circles in the dark. Upon entering the bar, the bar itself appears out of nowhere, then this guy drinks somewhere between 8 and 9 nine shots of whisky in like 9 seconds, and every time he does a shot, his skin changes color and he gets really excited and happy, then he leaves, adding a hop to about every third step.

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Creepy, Psychedelic Duran Duran Suntory Whisky Advertisement


This is an advertisement for Suntory Whisky that quite honestly freaks me out. There are all these porcelain dolls rocking out to new wave Duran Duran, all leading to up to this crazy bartender doll selling you Suntory Whisky. This video is CRAZY.

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