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“Study: Paying more for alcohol saves lives”

Beverage News


This is a story that claims that raising the price of alcohol saves lives. What this story doesn’t report on, is the probable increase in liquor store thefts as the result of raising prices. See the full post »

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Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection


Vicktory Dog Pup 13 of 22

For $672 you can get the entire 22 bottle set, or you can cherry pick for $40. Carivintas Winery is behind the wine and “Best Friends” is behind the dogs. “Best Friends” is an animal sanctuary in Utah, they have twenty-two dogs that were seized from Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation. Ten percent of the wine sales goes to “Best Friends”, who will then use it to combat dog fighting. Yes, this is a story that everyone can love…

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Screwdrivers, Beer Cans and Women

Beverage News

Silas Kintaro

Men seem to have a very easy time getting into altercations over women, especially when they are under the influence of alcohol. This idiot wasn’t drinking beer though; he was using it as an instrument of abuse. Silas Kintaro allegedly tried to stab another man with a screwdriver, but when that didn’t work he went back to his place of residents and started throwing unopened beer cans at the man. All this over the woman that was with the other man. Think of how much better things would have been if he had only stayed at home and actually drank the beer.

Columbia Tribune

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Top 5 Domestics


Top 5 Domestics

Kegerators.com has announced its choice for the top 5 domestic beers to look out for. When we say domestic don’t think that we are about to rattle off the usual list of Budweiser, Coors and Miller, we’re talking about craft microbrews. If you are a true beer lover, you know that craft microbrews are making a huge presence in the industry and with so many out there its hard to keep up. But here we go… See the full post »

The Showdown, Beer vs. Wine


Beer vs. Wine

Which do you prefer beer or wine? The city of Charleston, SC is putting this very question to the test. They are going to host the first ever Beer vs. Wine dinner.

The question isn’t which beverage is best or most favored. It is which of the two pairs better with food. A number off different beers and wines will be provided with meals and guests will vote on which pairs best with their meal. We’ll have to keep an eye on this one and see what the people have to say.

Palate + Wines of France = Awesome Luncheon Today


Plus: The Top 3 Reasons to Look to France For Your Everyday Wines


I went to a killer luncheon at the new restaurant “Palate” in Los Angeles today. The event was put on by the fine people at the “Wines of France”, with Master of Wine Sheri Sauter Morano talking about the wines being poured. See the full post »

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Pair It With Beer


BBQ Ribs

The craft beer scene is making more and more people aware of how well beer pairs with food. The range of flavors and versatility of beer allows it to pair so well with so many dishes, but most of the public has not had enough experience with these pairings to feel confident in doing so. I ran across this pairing chart on the Brewers Association website and thought it would be a good tool to help navigate this union. See the full post »

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Jurassic Beer


Fossil Fuels Brewing Co.

Tired of the same old brew? Fossil Fuels Brewing Co. has reached back to the Eocene Epoch, about 45 million years ago, to bring some of the most unique beer in the world to the market. See the full post »

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