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A Beverage That Battles Health Problems


Red Wine

It almost appears to be some sort of trend – scientists tracking down health benefits of drinking red wine. We get it already! Red wine is good for you! I’m just waiting for scientists to move onto a new beverage like, Red Bull – it could really use some benefits. At least that way, I can feel better about drinking one every morning. Anyways, if you are looking for an excuse to drink some red wine, I’ve made a list of three reasons of some potential or maybe definite reasons to drink red wine for its health benefits.

1. Your Heart: A Danish study reports that those who drink red wine had about half the chance of dying from a heart disease as opposed to those who didn’t drink red wine. It has been said that moderate amounts of any form of alcohol do have benefits for your heart, but red wine has something called polyphenols (an antioxidant) in it that can help protect the lining of blood vessels that are in your heart. Read more. See the full post »

Banning Fast Food Ads Will Make Kids Less Fat?


Check out this story on how by using simple techniques described in Orwell’s “1984” can lead to healthier children. “A ban on fast-food advertising to children would cut the national obesity rate by as much as 18%, according to a new study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research and funded by the National Institutes of Health”, the article says.

Well, not surprisingly, the Wine Mutineer has some proposals of his own: See the full post »

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Beer Shampoo


Beer Shampoo

From the makers of such earth shattering products as Hello Kitty and Digimon comes another incredible idea, Beer Shampoo. Yes you heard me correctly; a shampoo with hop extracts that you shake up then spew in the shower. Sold in plastic bottles to avoid serious injury the Japanese marketer plans to sell 500,000 by March of next year. All of this so one can open a shaken bottle of beer without the drawbacks of cleaning up sticky puddles from your living room floor.

See more at CrunchGear

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Fascinating Yet Confusing Sake Question on Twitter

Other Beverage


If you aren’t part of the phenomenon that is Twitter, you might as well bury your head in the sand and pray that somehow you’ll stay connected in this futuristic world of web networking. If you are a “tweet” as they are called, and you follow the Wine Mutineer’s twitter feed, you probably saw that I posed the following question: Is sake a wine, beer, or spirit? See the full post »

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Dear Voltron



Here are some questions that were sent to the Editor-in-Chief of Mutineer Magazine. The editor then forwarded them to Voltron, and here is the results.

Dear Voltron,

What am I supposed to do with the cork when the server gives it to me in a restaurant?

Voltron: I would use the blazing sword to demolish the cork into a million peaces. Corks keep wine in the bottle. That’s it. Smelling it is like smelling your napkin, which to be honest, kind of creeps Voltron out. See the full post »

Steve Heimoff = Arch Nemesis


This Unchecked Aggression Will Not Stand

Mr. Heimoff has drawn a line in the sand by neglecting to hold himself accountable regarding the false accusations he made in reference to the integrity of Mutineer Magazine and myself.

If you aren’t aware of the situation, you can bring yourself up to speed here.

He did technically reply, but I wouldn’t call it much of a response.

Steve Heimoff Situation November 2008 01 See the full post »

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Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf’s New Column Debuts in the Wenatchee World


Wenatchee World

Today a column was birthed in the pages of the mighty Wenatchee World, serving Wenatchee, WA and the vast surrounding network of small, agricultural communities. The column discusses northwest wines to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner. See the full post »

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McDonald’s Opens Mutineer Themed Quarter Pounder Only Restaurants in Japan


Outside The Quarter Pounder

Yes, Mutineer Magazine is getting some clout. I recently wrote to McDonald’s executives and demanded that some McDonald’s locations be opened using only the Mutineer Magazine colors of red and black. Furthermore, I demanded that these new locations only serve Quarter Pounders and Double Quarter Pounders and that the shops be managed by someone called a “Quarter Pounder Secretariat”. See the full post »

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