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The Flaming Homer, Available At Moe’s Tavern


Flaming Moe's

On November 21, 1991, The Flaming Homer cocktail was unleashed on the world via “The Simpsons”. Here is how the drink was created, taken from The Simpson’s episode [Flaming Moe’s] summary page on Wikipedia. See the full post »

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The HoseMaster of Wine = The George Carlin of Wine


The HoseMaster of Wine Blog is certifiably insane, in a good way. We wrote about the Hosemaster back in September, and after following the blog since then, I’ve been compelled to write a follow up. See the full post »

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Yes! WinoBabe of the Month! Wait, WinoBabe of the Month?


Savanna SamsonPhoto of former adult film actress Savanna Samson

Like bacon flavored cereal, some ideas are better left untouched. WinoStuff’s WinoBabe archive sounds great in theory, but somehow misses its target. See the full post »

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Brats and Beer: Wurstküche



Downtown L.A. now has a hip new eatery located in the Arts District. Wurstküche, which means sausage kitchen in German, serves an array of different sausages and reportedly has 24 beers on tap. Offering unique sausages like; buffalo, beef, and pork with chipotle sausage or alligator and hickory-smoked pork with rattlesnake and rabbit. Also available is the classic bratwurst, accompanied by fresh caramelized onions, grilled peppers and of course sauerkraut. See the full post »

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No More Happy Hour?

Beverage News

British Happy Hour Ban

After a hard day at work it is always a delight to go to your favorite watering hole and knock back a couple drinks with your buddies. Truthfully, I can’t wait to punch out and hit up the bar for happy hour. What’s not to love about happy hour? The drinks are cheap and who doesn’t love cheap drinks? I’ll tell you who doesn’t love cheap drinks. The BRITISH. Don’t take this the wrong way, we love our readers from across the pond, but I am gonna have to bash your legislators. See the full post »

Further Proof That SPAIN RULES!


I was reading over some events this morning and this one stood out to me, I couldn’t help but share:

The event: Cerveceria El Petit Apolo
The Location: Barcelona, Spain
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Snow[fall] Rising


Snow Beer Sales Graph
Photo from 8Asians.com

Bud Light has been the best selling beer in the world with a 16% market share since 2001, but this title is soon to fall. You might think that the new “King of Beers” is another one of America’s industrialized lagers, but you would be wrong. See the full post »

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What It’s Like To Be An Alcoholic


Best I can gather is that this ad is “concept art” trying to capture the feeling of what it is like to be an alcoholic. You see, Sean Connery is strolling out to his patio to hang out with his Doberman and do some sketching. He officially sketches for six seconds, looks to the Doberman for advice, and decides to forget the sketching and go straight to the booze. Heavenly music sets in, and after giving the bottle a fond look, he pours himself a glass. He swirls the ice around, and takes a slow sip. “Damn, I love alcohol, this is way more fun than sketching”, he thinks to himself with a raised eyebrow. The next shot shows his sketching papers blowing away and his pencils rolling off the table, as they have been replaced with Suntory Whisky. See the full post »

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