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English Chemist Sets Up Shop Making Moonshine


Dukes of Hazzard, General Lee Dodge Charger

An Englishman went old school and set up his own illegal distillery, Dukes of Hazzard style, producing whisky and vodka. This was no small venture though, it is purported that he made over 18 million dollars by trucking it out and selling it. Attempting to evade the police he hid the money in 11 bank accounts and numerous bonds. His fore thought about hiding the money apparently didn’t translate into daily transportation; his eventual downfall was brought by the fact that he was driving around in a Lamborghini. He is now rotting in jail for nine years.

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Beverage New Media


Old Camera and Wine

For anyone that is unsure about beverage new media, news flash: IT’S HAPPENING. To not realize this, you are depriving yourself of what is the most important and exciting development in wine since the invention of the glass wine bottle. See the full post »

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Wishing Bloody Mary A Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Bloody Mary

Mutineer Magazine is all about celebrations – an excuse to drink, right? Well, how about a celebration for a drink, to drink a drink? The delicious, tomato-tasting fine beverage, known as a Bloody Mary, celebrated its 75th birthday in New York on December 1st. The drink was created by Fernand Petiot in the 1920’s in France, but didn’t give “birth” to it until the 1930’s at the New York’s St. Regis Hotel. See the full post »

Jessica Alba Narrowly Edges Out The Wine Mutineer in Winning Campari Calendar Deal


Jessica Alba, Campari Photoshoot

It was a battle of epic proportions. The fine people at Campari believe that a calendar full of Jessica Alba posing in swimsuits is better marketing than the Wine Mutineer in a smoking jacket with a four-hour cigar and tumbler of Campari on the rocks. Each month’s photo could be taken in a different Saddam ghost palace. The shots would look something like this: See the full post »

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New Report: Space Beer Has Landed


Barney Drinking in Space

Updating from our last blog about space beer: The brew has finally arrived. To recap, the beer was brewed from barley grown in micro-gravity on the International Space Station. Sapporo, Japan’s Okayama University and the Russian Academy of Science are now the owners of 100 liters of some of the most unique beer ever brewed. Unfortunately it isn’t for sale, but it is said that Sapporo is giving tastings to a few lucky Earthlings. One of the next projects could be to grow potatoes, and we all know the most beloved Russian spirit vodka can be made from that vary ingredient. Lets look forward to the days of cheap space travel and home brewed space beverages.

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A Hard Hitting Truth About Sake

Other Beverage

Sake Dish Set

Many people out there will tell you that if you drink sake you will not wake up with a hangover. Even in extreme cases of over-indulgence sake will not produce a hangover. There are a number of reasons why after a night out, you may awaken with the classic symptoms known as a hangover. These would include nausea, headache, loss of appetite, oh and everyone’s favorite… vomiting. So, is sake a miracle substance? See the full post »

Reef Sandals With Built-In Bottle Opener

Other Beverage

Reef Sandals

Never be without your bottle opener again. In an effort to stop the insane moments of franticly looking for your bottle opener, Reef sandals has introduced sandals with a built-in bottle opener. See the full post »

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1800 Tequila: Bottle Design Contest


1800 Tequila Bottle Design

1800 Tequila is giving you the chance to submit your very own bottle design. The winner gets $10,000 and gets their bottle featured. You can experience the entire process at 1800tequila.com. I took one for the team and explored this opportunity myself, which not only confirmed that this is the real deal, but also yielded three classic tequila bottle designs created by the Wine Mutineer himself. See the full post »

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