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Cosmic Questions for Galen Struwe of Sacre Bleu


Sacre Bleu Wine

What is Sacre Bleu?

Sacre Bleu is no more or no less than a clever name for our wine. Most people get that it is a bit of a gag or innocuous curse word. The fact is that the literal French translation is “Sacre Bleu” and is an old reference to the Virgin Mary in Renaissance paintings. See the full post »

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Trouble in the Tropics

Beverage News


Indonesia may not sound like a big tourists location to do a little partying, but these days that is starting to change. Locations like Bali and Jakarta have become major tourist destinations. Tourism and changes in Indonesian culture have lead to the increase of alcohol consumption throughout the country. See the full post »

Fire Week: Flaming Shot #4


This guy fails in his fire glory before he even has a chance to burn his face off when he spills the flaming alcohol on his hand and then begins to squeal and run around. Not much else you can say about this one…

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The Next Best Thing To Visiting The Winery Yourself


The Winery Channel

The fine people at B Cellars are pretty stoked about this “Fine Wineries” video on The Winery Channel highlighting the vineyards and winery at B Cellars. The nine minute cinematic adventure is informative and entertaining and definitely merits getting stoked about. See the full post »

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Fire Week: Flaming Shot #3


Okay, if you haven’t figured it out from the last two blogs that flaming shots are a TERRIBLE IDEA.

Other terrible ideas include: Prohibition (no explanation needed), the Oklahoma City Thunder (My beloved Seattle Sonics were moved to cattle country this year and are now on pace to be the worst team in NBA history, seriously), trying to heat a house with a bbq, and giving restaurant wine list awards to restaurants that don’t exist (sorry Wine Spectator, but if you are going charge a couple hundred bucks to submit a restaurant, you gotta get it right).

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Fire Week: Flaming Shot #2


If you take away three things from MutineerMagazine.com, let it be these three things:

1) 100 point scores are silly.
2) Don’t drink and drive.
3) Flaming shots are a terrible idea.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video of people who thought that lesson #3 was stupid.

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Fire Week: Flaming Dr. Pepper


Flaming Dr. Pepper

When a simple shot is just not enough, step up to a Flaming Dr. Pepper. By combining Amaretto, Bacardi 151, a beer and a blowtorch you not only get a great tasting shot, but capture the attention of the entire bar. Start by filling a shot glass ¾ full with Amaretto then slowly layer the 151 on top, now light the sucker on fire and drop it into a pint glass of beer. Consume quickly, reload and do it all over again.

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Animals and Holiday Drunk Driving

Beverage News

Animals and Holiday Drunk Driving

Woodland creatures are pitching in with the anti-drunk driving effort this holiday season.

Watch this, and DON’T drive drunk this holiday season: See the full post »

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