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Blogger Interview: 1 Wine Dude


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 3 we highlight twelve blogs that were represented at the Wine Bloggers Conference. Here is the second of twelve full interviews from the conference.

Site: www.1winedude.com
Blogger: Joe Roberts
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Launched: Fall 2007
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Rogue: More Than Ale


The beginning for Rogue was in 1988 in Ashland Oregon on the beautiful Lithia Creek as a Brewpub that sat sixty people with the brewery located in the basement below. In less than a year the team realized another location was needed and moved the fledgling business to Newport where it still resides. Along with the award-winning American Amber Ale and Brutal Bitter, Rogue also produces a line of unique spirits. Here are four cocktail creations made with Rogue Spirits to inspire your New Years celebrations. See the full post »

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Sparkling and Still and Liqueur! Oh, My! The Great J Vineyards Mutiny


J Vineyards

J Vineyards sports an ambitiously schizophrenic line-up of fine beverages ranging from elegant bubbles to complex table wine to the delectable pear liqueur. The space-age green bottles are as inspired as the liquid refreshments that they contain, and upon entering the equally space-age tasting room at the winery in Sonoma County’s Healdsburg, it is clear that these people mean business. See the full post »

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Tequila: The Cure for Holiday Depression*


*Mutineer Magazine does not condone tequila as being a cure for holiday depression, and recommends a subscription to Mutineer Magazine as a possible cure for holiday depression.

“Stop hiding, and start living with Tequila!” This is the proclamation made in the short film “Tequila”, and to be fair to Tequila, a long and detailed list of side effects are mentioned true to the form of the major pharmaceutical companies. Yes, tequila is everything I thought it was and more.

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New Years Eve ’08: Absinthe-fueled Party at Lucques in Los Angeles


New Years Eve is quickly approaching, which we are all pretty psyched about ever since our IT guy found the following message in a fortune cookie up at the Pike Place Market last night: 2009 Will be the Year of the Mutineer…but I digress.

I caught wind of a New Years Party that has all the ingredients to be a hit: great location, great food, and ABSINTHE. Yes, this party is the real deal. The theme is Moulin Rouge, and I suspect this theme will be taken a little too far, or at I hope that is the case. The location is Lucques, a very cool restaurant in West Hollywood that is definitely worth checking out regardless of whether of not you go to the New Years Eve party. The evening’s food will consist of five and six-course menus depending on the seating. See the full post »

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Blogger Interview: The Brix Chicks


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 3 we highlight twelve blogs that were represented at the Wine Bloggers Conference. Here is the first of twelve full interviews from the conference.

Site: www.brixchicks.com
Bloggers: Liza S. & Xandria P.
Location: Oakland, CA
Launched: August 2008
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The WineRack


The WineRack

Leave it up to the guys at The Beerbelly to come up with something so extraordinary, so usable, and so practical. The WineRack is a sports-style bust-enhancing bra, but instead of using some space age material you fill it with your favorite beverage. Not only does it increase your bust size by two cups, it holds 750ml of liquid. Forget the ThighMaster, this is a much better way to “tone” those difficult areas.

The WineRack Bra

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Anderson Valley: Winter Solstice Ale


Winter Solstice Ale

This award winning ale is brewed inside a Bavarian-style brewhouse with copper kettles that the owner, Ken Allen, brought from Germany. Dedicated to quality, Anderson Valley uses water drawn from wells on the brewery property along with Pacific Northwest hops to create their classic line of beers. The Winter Solstice Ale is medium bodied and easier to drink than some of the other seasonal ales, and its a good introduction to this style.

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