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Samuel Adams Utopias is Getting Close


Samuel Adams 2007 Utopias & Riedel Glass

It’s 2011. To many, it’s just another year. For those really into beer, it’s the year Sam Adams
Utopias is released. Released every odd year since 2003, Utopias is the world’s strongest naturally fermented beer. “But what about the beaver that had the 110 proof bottle of beer in it??” First of all, it was either a squirrel or a stoat, depending on which of the eleven bottles produced you saw. Second, that was achieved through ice distillation, which essentially is freezing alcohol to where the water freezes and separates and the alcohol left behind is a more concentrated product than what was started with, which they do repeatedly until they get the desired strength. Sam Adams, however, manages to achieve a staggering 27% alcohol by volume beer all at the hands of yeasts that are typically reserved for wine and champagne, along with ale yeast.

Utopias itself is brewed using traditional methods and is a blend of several malts and three variety of Noble hops; Spalt Spalter, Hallertau Mittelfrueh, and Tettnang Tettnanger — and it is then blended and aged in a variety of different barrels. Sam Adams uses some fairly obscure barrels, some of which have been filled holding liquids for as long as 18 years before being blended into the final product. This year’s batch was finished in sherry casks from Spain and Madeira and port casks from Portugal, all of which gives it tremendous depth and flavor. See the full post »

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Craft Beer Radar: Notable Upcoming Beer Releases


Abita Save our Shore Welcome to the first of what I hope will be an informative weekly post about some of the more noteworthy just announced, upcoming beer releases. I am proud to join the extremely passionate team of fine beverage champions here at Mutineer – vive la quality drink, revolution!

Abita Beer – “Save Our Shore”

We have all been shocked and saddened by the truly catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, in the shadow of this ongoing disaster is Abita Beer of Abita Springs, Louisiana who on Friday, July 16 released the first bottles of Abita SOS, a charitable Pilsner. Initially for sale in New Orleans, cases will then make their way across the county. Seventy-five cents from the sale of every bottle is going to a fund established by Abita to assist with the environmental impact and to help individuals fighting to survive in the wake of the widespread economic devastation. See the full post »

Court of Master Sommeliers Have Epic Gathering of Master Sommeliers


Master Sommelier By definition a Master Sommelier has had most every beverage ever created in the entire universe, so when a bunch of Master Sommeliers get together for a big conference with tastings, you know some epic stuff will be poured.

A special presentation, dinner, and tasting by Wine Australia allowed conference attendees the rare opportunity to taste Seppeltsfield Tawnies from 1908, 1953, and 1977, as well as a 1935 Seppeltsfield brandy. The 1953 and 1977 vintages were specifically drawn from their casks for the event to commemorate the years the Guild of Sommeliers and the Court of Master Sommeliers were each founded. They will not be available to the public until 2053 and 2077, respectively. See the full post »

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Animals and Holiday Drunk Driving

Beverage News

Animals and Holiday Drunk Driving

Woodland creatures are pitching in with the anti-drunk driving effort this holiday season.

Watch this, and DON’T drive drunk this holiday season: See the full post »

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Bird Gets Wasted on Fermented Cherries

Beverage News

I know what you’re thinking: Really? They are going through with this whole drunk animal week thing? Easy answer: YES. Today’s intoxicated creature is a bird that helped itself to a few too many fermented cherries. See the full post »

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