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Blogger Interview: Farmstead Wines


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 3 we highlight twelve blogs that were represented at the Wine Bloggers Conference. Here is the fourth of twelve full interviews from the conference.

Site: www.farmsteadwines.com
Blogger: Anthony Nicolo
Location: Vancouver, Canada & Washington DC
Launched: November 2007

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When Water Attacks

Beverage News

Director of Operations Jeff Dorenbush at the Puyallup Flood
“Being close to danger is just part of the job”, says Jeff Dorenbush of Mutineer Magazine on location where water had devoured a road.

People always talk about water like it is this awesome thing, and alcohol like it’s the enemy (See Jesus + Hatchets = No More Alcohol). In some ways it is, but when was the last time tequila roared mercilessly through a populated area? This is what water has done tonight in the Pacific Northwest, and being that the Mutineers are dedicated to covering all things beverage, they jimmy-rigged a Land Cruiser snorkel kit to the Mutineer Passat and headed to ground zero for ultimate coverage. While the car snorkel was a hit, things fell apart when the Mutineers realized that no one had packed a flash light or umbrella. Furthermore, no one had any journalistic experience covering merciless floods, and with a rented copy of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and nachos waiting back at Mutineer HQ, things just began to feel not-meant-to-be.

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Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey


Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

George Stranahan, artist, rebel and founder of Flying Dog Brewery has now ventured into the tasty world of whiskey. When his barn burnt down over seven years ago one of the firefighters helping douse the flames was Jess Aspen, a fellow lover of spirits. As the two discovered their shared passion for alcoholic beverages the idea was born to create a whiskey distilled in the beautiful landscape of Colorado. Now available, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is a small batch distillery located in Denver. Availability is limited, but sure to be coming to your area soon.

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Martini Mythbuster: Shaken or Stirred?


Check out this cut from Mythbusters featuring the brilliant Anthony Dias Blue, who is Editor-in-Chief of the Tasting Panel Magazine (which has included articles by yours truly) and an all-around food and beverage guru through Blue Lifestyle.

This clip is pretty straightforward and will make you an expert on the finer differences between the Martini’s two most popular preparations.

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Belgian Style Ale Tasting at Iron Hills Brewery


Iron Hills Brewery & Restaurant, West Chester

Chris LaPierre, the head brewer at Iron Hills, has brought over 15 of the finest craft brewers together for the annual Belgian style tasting event at their West Chester, PN location. Not only will attendees have the opportunity to try some of the best Belgian style ales coming from American brewers, but the brewers themselves will be in attendance. This is an opportunity for those new to this style to question the brewers about what makes Belgian style ales so popular with brewers and consumers alike, and for the old-schoolers to drink in the flavors they love so much. For more information visit the Iron Hill Brewery website.

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Blogger Interview: Cheap Wine Ratings


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 3 we highlight twelve blogs that were represented at the Wine Bloggers Conference. Here is the third of twelve full interviews from the conference.

Site: www.cheapwineratings.com
Blogger: Tim Lemke
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Launched: June 2007

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Best Way To Open Your Beer Bottle


Nothing worse than sitting down to relax, having a beer and watching some TV only to realize you forgot your bottle opener, not to worry, after watching this video you’ll never worry about having a bottle opener again. This mad genius has come up with more than enough ways for you to use everyday objects to get the top of that bottle open without ever leaving the couch.

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Japan vs. USA

Other Beverage

Using Stephen Colbert’s proven process of “gut feeling journalism”, I have uncovered that Japan is developing weapons technology against which the United States will have no defense. The fact that Japan has perfected the Coke robot effectively makes them the world’s leading superpower. See the full post »

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