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Feel Like Spending Some Serious Money On Some Wine?


If you really feel like throwing down some cash on some wine, you should fly out to Chicago this weekend for the Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. Wine Auction at TRU Restaurant. Being that there will be things to spend money on at this auction, I expect Citigroup and their $45 billion of bailout money to be there for sure. If only the auction was in a couple of weeks then Citigroup could fly to Chicago in their new $50 million corporate jet. See the full post »

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Savor: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience


Now in its second year Savor is the ultimate craft beer and food pairing event. This years one night tasting will include 120 craft beers from 65 breweries paired with over 35 different appetizers. One of the best aspects of this event is the opportunity to meet and discuss beer with the brewers responsible for crafting such incredible beverages. It’s the knowledge of these brewers and their ability to communicate the passion they have for their creations that will make this evening unforgettable. See the full post »

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The Wine Guerrilla Mystery


Bruce Patch from Wine Guerrilla sent me some samples a while back and I’ve taken my sweet time writing about them. Mr. Patch gave me a little inspiration to get it done when he e-mailed me a write-up done by Mutineer Magazine regular columnist Ron Washam on his blog the HoseMaster of Wine:

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Sirocco at The Dome, Bangkok

Beverage News


One of the most notable bar locations in the entire world, Sirocco is an elegant and minimalist outdoor balcony bar and restaurant located on the top of one of the cities tallest skyscrapers. From this second tallest building in Bangkok, Sirocco overlooks the skyline of the sprawling city of almost nine million. It’s attention to detail that sets the atmosphere and cuisine apart from the competition, whether the sleek décor or the pan seared foie gras. Not only will you find a 360-degree view of the city, great drinks and a Mediterranean breeze, you can also dine on some of the cities best food.

Any mutineers in the Thailand area?
The Dome
1055 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

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The NBA Changes Its Mind About Liquor Advertising in the Name of Profits


There is nothing like good old American “corporate values”. The great thing about these corporate values is that they are flexible depending on the status of the economy. According to Advertising Age, “The National Basketball Association has voted to rescind its ban on courtside advertising from hard-liquor brands, giving individual franchises a major new category in the search for marketing partners, and potentially opening the door for the league itself to strike a deal with a spirits maker.See the full post »

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RIP: Vintage New York


It was a bummer to hear that Vintage New York has closed its wine shops in New York City. You may recall Vintage New York from Dec/Jan of Mutineer Magazine as a part of the story on New York’s Finger Lakes wine region. I learned of the shut down from Steve Shaw Jr. of the incredible Shaw Vineyard in the Finger Lakes region, who was also a part of the Dec/Jan story on the Finger Lakes wine region. Shaw attributed the poor economy and lack of local interest in New York wines as the major reason for the shop closing. See the full post »

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A Beer Poem


I sit and sip my IPA, mulling over the now gone day.

The hops hit my tongue and lull my mind, I slowly start to unwind.

The beer is good the day is done, now it’s time to have some fun.

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The Groundhog Day “Sweet Vermouth On The Rocks With A Twist”


This is one of my favorite movies ever. Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a weatherman and continual a-hole with contempt for everything and everyone. Connors is forced to relive the same day in the small town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania over and over. In an attempt to score with his producer Phil is forced to drink sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist, her favorite drink and a cocktail he obviously detests. According to the director Harold Ramis, Phil has to relive the day for about ten years. So here is a tribute to the ten years of Phil’s imbibing his most repudiated drink. See the full post »

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