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Hornsby’s Hard Cider

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Hornsby's Hard Cider

It has been years since I had a Hornsby’s Hard Cider. To be honest I really thought that I just wasn’t cut out to enjoy hard cider, my palate responds to savory much better than sweet. All that said, I am willing to give almost anything a second chance so I opened a Hornsby’s Crisp Apple and poured it into a beer chalice. The moment I put my nose to the glass I knew this was a cider for me. It smells like an orchard of warm ripe apples basking in the sun the sweet scent wafting through the trees. The smell is great, but the taste is even better; super crisp, lots of apple flavor and yet very light on the palate with none of the stickiness that I usually associate with cider. The sweetness is balanced by what tastes like bitterness from the skin of the apple and works very well. Overall I would say I was very impressed with the quality of Hornsby’s Crisp Apple and would recommend it to anyone as a change from the norm.

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Starbucks To Release Instant Coffee; In Other News, Folgers Has No Plans To Open Coffee Shops

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Emily Bryson York and Jeremy Mullman of Advertising Age are reporting that “Premium java giant Starbucks is venturing into what some would consider lowbrow territory with a soluble-coffee product called Via, according to three executives familiar with the matter”. Lowbrow territory is not unfamiliar to Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz, who wrote the textbook on lowbrow moves by selling the Seattle Sonics basketball team to a cold-blooded ownership group from Oklahoma, who, to the surprise of no one, moved the Seattle team to Oklahoma (who are currently enjoying a dismal 13-40 season).

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The Happening: Sexy Chocolate Sumner


No, this is not Prince’s new album title, but rather an amalgamation of three killer events you should know about.

Pike Chocofest – Seattle, WA

Looking very cool is Pike Chocofest at The Pike Brewing Co. in Seattle, which bills itself as a “romantic evening of chocolate paired with wine, mead, spirits, and beer” and “foreplay for [Valentine’s Day]”. Some of the chocolatiers involved include Fran Bigelow, Theo Chocolate, Carter’s Chocolates, Trevani Truffles, Claudio Corallo Chocolate, and BruCo Chocolate. For more information you should send an inappropriately seductive e-mail under the fake name “Naughty Nellie” to the fine people at Pike Brewing Co. Tickets are $25 per person.

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Chocolate & Beer Pairings for Valentine’s Day


For chocoholics Valentine’s Day is the end all be all of holidays. For beer lovers this is a perfect opportunity to show just how well beer pairs with this holiday treat. The best pairings are with craft beers and good chocolate. See the full post »

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Jones Soda: Behind The Scenes

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Jones Soda Company

In the latest issue of Mutineer Magazine we dropped by Jones Soda Co. in Seattle to see what this fine beverage company is all about. Here are some behind the scenes photos from our adventures at the Jones Soda HQ.

Jones Soda - Bam Margera Jones Soda Jones Soda Jones Soda Jones Soda Jones Soda Jones Soda Seahawks Jones Soda Jones Soda

See more at our Mutineer Magazine Flickr page.

Wine and Spirits Jobs…dot commmmmmm

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The fine people at Wine and Spirits Jobs sent me an e-mail introducing me to their job listing service this morning, and it is a pretty awesome site. The abundance of job offerings is modest but solid, ranging from Sales Representative to Master of Whiskey to Hispanic Market Manager. These postings have gotten me a bit concerned. I knew Mutineer Magazine needed another Sales Rep, but now I’m going to talk to the guys about investing in a Master of Whiskey and Hispanic Market Manager as well. Yes, I am confident having these key roles filled on our staff will get us to the next level, so much so that Steve Heimoff will have to finally start returning my phone calls. See the full post »

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Vitamin Water Conspiracy

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Not since the days of Joseph McCarthy have we seen a witch hunt like the one being conducted on athletes regarding banned substance use. Even the great Alex Rodriguez (who is now officially “A-Roid” according to our graphics guy and embittered Seattle Mariners fan Jordan) has fallen prey to steroid allegations.

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The Happening: Boston Wine School Spring Classes, Boston


I’ve been meaning to start this blog column for sometime, and today I take the mighty plunge. I call it “The Happening”, and it is my way of addressing the constant stream of event information that finds its way into my e-mail inbox. These events range from epic to elegant and from now on no event will visit my e-mail without then paying a visit to the Mutineer Blog, with the first mention going to Jonathon Alsop’s Boston Wine School, which kindly sent me information about the upcoming spring classes offered through his school. See the full post »

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