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Mutineer Magazine Issue #5 Preview


Mutineer Magazine Issue #5 Preview

You may have noticed a drop in blog posts last week on the Mutineer Blog. This is because we were feverishly working around the clock to finish the April/May issue of Mutineer Magazine, which will be the first issue of MM nationally distributed at bookstores and newsstands across America.

We’ve taken the magazine to a whole new level, with top-notch stories and an improved layout; the Mutineer Magazine vision is really starting to come together. If you are already a subscriber, you should receive your copy in the next week or two, and if you aren’t a Mutineer Magazine subscriber, then you should head over to our subscription page and join the mutiny!

Here is a preview of the features in the upcoming issue:

Wine Feature: Drugstore Winemaker

by Chess Katier
Chess tells his own story of leaving behind a dark life of drug dealing to pursue a career as a wine horticulturist. With illustrations by Seattle artist Hunter Lea, this piece will be unlike anything you’ve ever read in a wine magazine.

Beer Feature: Pairing Food With Beer

by JJ Bagley
JJ Bagley talks to beer experts Charlie Papazian (Brewers Association), Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Brewery) and Jamie Emmerson (Full Sail Brewing) about the art of pairing beer with food.

Spirits Feature: 12 Questions

We surveyed 16 spirits blogs on questions ranging from absinthe to the ultimate orange liqueur in a margarita. You’ll be surprised by the answers.

Wild Card: Finding Coffee and Community in Seattle

by Erin Jimcosky
Erin Jimcosky explores the independent coffee scene of the Seattle area to capture the experience of some of the world’s most inspired brewhouses.

Special Report: 2009 American Wine Blog Awards

For the first time ever, the American Wine Blog Awards results will be published in print. Check to see if any of your favorite blogs won, and check out anyone your not familiar with!

The Mutineer Interview: Jim Koch

Jim Koch of The Boston Beer Co./Sam Adams gives a no-holds-barred interview with JJ Bagley about the rise of Sam Adams, the craft beer scene in general, and Koch’s signature hangover cure.

Special Report: Drinking My Way Around the World

by Zane Lamprey
Three Sheets host Zane Lamprey opens his personal photo archives to take readers from Las Vegas to Croatia and everywhere in between. We’re talking automatic weapons, black eyes, and Star Trek. Things will get crazy.

Haven’t subscribed yet to receive your copy of Mutineer? Subscribe here.

Blogger Interview: Dr. Wort’s Buzz-erk Beer Blog


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 4 we highlighted six beer blogs that you should be reading. Here is the first of six full interviews with those bloggers.

Site: wortblog.blogspot.com
Blogger: Dr. Wort
Location: Portland, OR
Launched: January 2007

See the full post »

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I Must Have This #2: The Upside Down Beer Bottle Glass Device


Hopeside Down

Now you’re probably thinking, “I don’t remember there being an ‘I Must Have This #1’, and that is because it never existed…UNTIL NOW. In a move I’m sure all will agree with, I’ve made the incredible alcohol firing gun the first installment of this series.

Today’s item (and actually available for purchase in the real world) is the “Hopside Down” glass. This glass has been making waves on blogs, and it is pretty cool, I’m just not sure why. I mean, if you want a bottle of beer, why are you pouring it out of the bottle in the first place? This paradox is supported by Hopside Down’s motto “viva la longneck”. I don’t care, I’m into this and I must have this.

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Kells Irish Style Lager


Rogue Kells Irish Style Lager

The term lager doesn’t usually inspire much for beer drinkers, but when I saw that Rogue had produced Kells Irish Style Lager I simply had to try it. Rogue developed this recipe for Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub, but it is also available at your local beer store. I poured a few glasses and after my friend tried it, the first thing he said was, “This is the best beer other than specialty Belgian style sours that I have had.” I have to say he was right, full of flavor and without any foul after-taste that is usually associated with this style of beer, the Kells is a great session lager. For more on Rogue visit there website.

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Red Bull: Giving Cola Wings

Other Beverage

Red Bull Cola

Red Bull has entered the fray that is soda, more specifically, cola. Don’t let the name cola confuse you, this is no Coke/Pepsi knock off, “Red Bull Cola isn’t just a cola; it’s premium, strong and natural.” Most people, including myself, overlook the word, ‘natural’. In my defense though, the word does seem to be overused, and in most cases it doesn’t even seem to be accurate. Mutineer’s Editor-in-Chief, Alan Kropf, displays a perfect example of a questionable product labeling of the word “natural”. Let’s not steer too far from the topic of Red Bull though, because in the case of Red Bull claiming to use “natural” products, well I can ensure you, they are not joking around. See the full post »

Osmosis Mint Water

Other Beverage

Out for an afternoon bike ride to Point Defiance in Western Washington I felt my bodies’ reluctance to continue after a grueling uphill climb. This seemed like the perfect time to stop and grab a bottle of water from a nearby gas station. As I perused the cooler section my eyes were drawn to a shiny silver bottle of Osmosis Mint Water. Like a raccoon, once in my hand I could not put the shiny object down and proceeded to check the ingredients for my two mortal enemies sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. The label called it mint water and according to the ingredients that is exactly what it was: purified water, mint. See the full post »

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2009 American Wine Blog Award Winners


2009 American Wine Blog Awards

The winners of the 2009 American Wine Blog Awards were announced on Tom Wark’s Fermentation Blog today and are as follows:

Best Wine Writing On a Blog: Vinography

Best Graphics or Presentation: The Good Grape

Best Single Subject Blog: Lenndevours

Best Business/Industry Blog: The Wine Collector

Best Winery Blog: Michel-Schlumberger Benchland Blog

Best Wine Reviews: Bigger Than Your Head

Best Overall Blog: Vinography

Congratulations to all of the winning blogs. Pick up Mutineer Magazine at bookstores throughout the United States beginning March 31 for a feature article on the winners and finalists of the 2009 American Wine Blog Awards.

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Suze Orman vs. Restaurants

Beverage News

Anything to do with “calling people out” is sure to get my attention, so when I got the Facebook group invite to join “Mom-n-Pop Restaurants Against Suze Orman”, it was game on.

I received the invite from Emily Stoller Smith of the unfathomably awesome Eyrie Vineyards, which we wrote about in Mutineer Magazine Issue 2. People often ask me what my favorite wine is, and Eyrie is definitely in the top three, if not my favorite of all time. Anyways, the invite was from a trusted source, so I felt compelled to enter the fray. See the full post »

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