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Ten Colorado Brewers Embark On “Tour of BoulDurango” To Raise Money For Charity


Team Avery Brewing Today, ten brewers from three Colorado breweries will embark on a five day, 470 mile bike ride for charity. Tour of BoulDurango starts at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder and crosses over 6 majestic mountain passes to Durango. During the epic journey, the ten crazy brewers from Avery Brewing, Oscar Blues Brewing and Ska Brewing will be visiting craft breweries and brewpubs along the way in an effort to bring together Colorado brewers, raise money for local charities, and encourage the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie.

“Craft beer isn’t about getting rich and cutthroat business practices; it’s about following your passions and doing what you love, it’s about being part of your local community and working with people who are just as psyched to be in the business as you are.” — Adam Avery, President and Brewmaster of Avery Brewing Company. See the full post »

The Happening: Mutineer Sponsoring Tales of the Cocktail


Tales of the Cocktail Logo Tales of the Cocktail 2010
Date: July 21 – 25, 2010
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Epic. That is the closest you can come to describing Tales of the Cocktail, which has become the mixology event to top all mixology events. Taking place in the city that birthed the modern cocktail, Tales offers attendees an ambitious mix of parties, seminars, tastings, dinners, competitions, and other spirits and mixology-fueled events. See the full post »

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Bears & Women at Tales of the Cocktail…NOW WE’RE TALKING!


Smoke and Honey

We’ve received a barrage of invites to the endless list of parties, gatherings, events, and other fine beverage celebrations that collectively make Tales of the Cocktail a legendary experience, but none have me as pumped at this one: Smoke & Honey. See the full post »

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Blogger Mutiny: This Week in Fine Beverage


Lots of exciting things happened in the fine beverage blogosphere this week. Here are some of Mutineer’s favorite posts of the week:

Spirit Blogs

Wine Blogs

  • Don’t Bogart That Sip: Should Sommeliers Taste Your Wine Purchase? — (1WineDude)
  • More Adventures in Wine Advertising — (Good Grape)
  • The Secret Sherry Society: A Quick Interview in the Dark — (Catavino)

Craft Beer Blogs

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FTW: Willow Garage Invents “Beer Me, Robot”


Willow Garage PR2 Robot

Just when I thought that being a Mutineer was the coolest job in the world, I discovered Willow Garage, a team of robot design experts. They actually get paid to develop hardware and open source software for personal robotics applications. Which begs the question: whose job is cooler? I sense an epic battle of wits and strength coming on… or maybe just a duel. The Mutineers vs. The Roboticists — Coming to a theatre near you.

But, I digress. See the full post »

AOC Bans Menu-Pinaeu Varietal From Touraine Wine


Menu Pineau Grape The wine world – particularly in Europe – has been hit hard by the painful blows struck to the international economy. Producers and sellers have had to deal with increased competition, changes in consumer behavior and deleterious farming factors caused by global warming. As a result, France is overhauling several regulations governing its wine production.

Some of the revisions can be seen as a positive step toward updating the country’s rigid and slightly antiquated rules. For example, in 2009, vin de table wines – the bastard bottlings sitting at the bottom of the French viticultural totem pole – were granted permission to list both vintage and grape variety on their labels. See the full post »

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Diageo Reserve Announces World Class Bartender of the Year 2010: Erik Lorincz From Connaught Bar, London

Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year 2010

Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year Erik Lorincz (Connaught Bar, London) with the judges (left to right) Gary Regan, Dale DeGroff, Peter Dorelli, Alberto Soria, Salvatore Calabrese, Hidetsugu Ueno and 2009 winner Aristotelis Papadopoulos

Over the past year, 9000 of the world’s best bartenders competed in regional events all over the world to become the next Diageo Reserve World Class 2010 Bartender of the Year. See the full post »

Buckbean Brewing Company Announces Beer Blogger Competition


Buckbean Brewing Company Bar Photo

Some industries have been a little slower than others at acknowledging the importance of social media and the influence of blogs. Finally, it seems like the craft beer industry has started to catch on.

Although barely two years old, Buckbean Brewing Company, has been actively reaching out to beer bloggers, engaging the community and sending free samples all across the US. They have even publicly stated that they believe “the online beer community is the most underrated and, at times, unappreciated group of beer enthusiasts and experts out there” — which is quite a bold (yet, reasonable) statement.
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