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Big Brother Is Watching: Surveillance of Coca-Cola Employees Provokes Strike In Washington State

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Coca-Cola -- International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Around 5PM yesterday evening, approximately 500 Coca-Cola employees, from six “Teamster Local Unions” across Western Washington, went on strike as a result of the company’s “surveillance and intimidation of its employees” and its “refusal to bargain a contract in good faith.”

Coca-Cola is currently under investigation by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for serious and repeated violations of federal labor law, including “surface bargaining”, surveillance of its employees, and threatening to retaliate against workers for engaging in protected activities. See the full post »

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Mutineer Blog Contributor Spotlight: Yashar Shayan


Yashar Shayan

You probably have noticed by now that we have a lot of new faces regularly posting on the Mutineer blog. We recently recruited [read: brainwashed] some young, fresh and talented fine beverage revolutionaries to “Join The Mutiny.” And instead of letting these wild kids hide behind their tiny avatars, we decided to put them in the spotlight.

Meet Yashar Shayan, Sommelier and Mutineer’s foremost resource on all things vino in the state of Washington. See the full post »

Craft Beer Radar #5: Notable Upcoming Beer Releases


Each week, beer blogger Lee Williams highlights the most notable upcoming beer releases that belong on every craft beer lover’s radar. This is Mutineer’s fifth edition of the weekly series.

21st Amendment Fireside Chat

21st Amendmendment — “Fireside Chat”

This past weekend 21st Amendmendment Co-founder and Brewmaster, Shaun O’Sullivan, quietly announced the name and initial details of the brewery’s fifth canned beer release on Facebook. The beer, called Fireside Chat, is a winter holiday ale and will be released in October.

Shaun says, “The name of this 8% ABV canned craft beer — slighty spiced, is Fireside Chat. Look for it this October, you know when most holiday beers are released and the XMAS decorations show up at department stores. Ya, I know, not too thrilled about the decorations, but the beer is going to be awesome.” See the full post »

Mutineer Monday: August 23rd


Mutineer Monday
The mission of Mutineer Monday is to advocate and promote the fine beverage industry by challenging the masses to “Join The Mutiny” and raise a glass (whether it be alcohol or non) to igniting and inspiring a fine beverage revolution!

Each week, we reach out to our readers, our Twitter followers, our Facebook fans, our contributors, our favorite bloggers and writers, and even our own team — asking everyone to share how they will be partaking in Mutineer Monday. To participate, all one needs to do is indulge in a delicious fine beverage (or two or three) and leave a comment on our blog, on our Facebook wall, or give a shout-out on Twitter using the hashtag #MutineerMonday (and #JoinTheMutiny if you have enough characters). And if are feeling particularly ambitious, feel free to do all three!

Each Monday, Mutineer salutes some of our fellow fine beverage revolutionaries who have joined the mutiny. Raise a glass (and a fist) in the air and toast them with us! Viva La Fine Beverage! See the full post »

New Product Spotlight: Beer Savers Silicone Bottle Cap


BeerSavers Bottle Shot
It is not uncommon to reseal wine. In fact, there are several fancy gadgets on the market for doing just that. And truth be told, I have attempted to use them on beer bottles — some proving to be successful, and others disappointing. Now, I guarantee some of you are rolling your eyes at me thinking, “Why would somebody recap and save beer?” — a question I will answer in a moment.

Beer Interactive, an online beer marketing firm, recently released its latest beer gizmo, Beer Savers — the world’s first silicone bottle cap for beer bottles. The caps play two major roles: 1. they help to keep beer carbonated longer after opening and 2. they serve as a way to identify ones beer (similar to wine charms that attach to the stems of wine glasses). Each pack contains six colored caps and retails for $12.99. They can be purchased at BeerSavers.com. See the full post »

Scribe Winery: Vino and Vivacious Vistas


Scribe Wines

Recently, I was exposed to impressive and inspiring views, almost to the point of being overwhelmingly expansive and picturesque. At 2300 Napa Road, Sonoma, I just showed up, atop the hill, and felt embarrassed when I found the tastings were done by reservation. I was hemorrhaging apologies, but Kieran (the property manager and that day’s host) was accommodating and hospitable. It took him no time to put a glass in front of me.

One of the two gentlemen I met that day from Essex, England called the pinot noir “bollocks.” I wasn’t sure I knew what that meant, but after finding out, I agreed. The flavor profile is distinguished and diligent, with each one of its notes. Another thing I think the Pinot’s flavor arrangement had going for it was universality — not too light, not too earthy, not at all gutless. The finish just flutters and hovers unlike any pinot I’ve encountered before. See the full post »

Craft Beer Calendar: Notable Craft Beer Events – Week of August 23rd


Bells Beers

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pittsburgh, PA: Bell’s Brewing Tap Takeover

  • Location: Harris Grill
  • Time: 7:00PM
  • Description: “Harris Grill will be tapping a bunch of Bell’s Brewery beers, including some firkins. $30 a person buys guided tastings of the brews by Derek Zomonski of Bell’s as well as a cheese, pork belly tacos, lobster rolls, hanger steak kebobs, desserts and more. A snippet of what will be on tap includes: Pale Ale, Two Hearted Ale from firkin, Hell Hath No Fury, Kalamazoo Stout, Amber Ale, Consecrator, Dopplebock, Oberon and the Porter. Tickets must be bought ahead of time and 48 hours advance notice is required for cancellations.”
  • Cost: $30
  • Contact: 412.362.5273

See the full post »

Possibly Screwed: The Wine Guerilla, 100% Cork Want to Win Over Your Wine


Cork and Screwcap

Everyone has days where they should put a cork in it. Other times, most of us shrug away our first impressions, instincts or judgments and just say ‘screw it.’ Determined to be the winning angel on your shoulder, 100% Cork and Wine Guerrilla have each started their own movements to influence the thing that’s stopping you. Or, rather, the thing that’s sealing your wine. See the full post »

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