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Odell Brewing Announces Limited Release Single Batch Double Pilsner


Odell Brewing Double Pilsner

Odell Brewing is back at it again, this time with their 2008 World Beer Cup silver medal winning Double Pilsner in hand. “Double Pilsner is a tribute to the classic Bohemian Pilsner, and boasts a strong German pilsner malt profile. Munich malts and Caramalt are balanced by Saaz and whole flower Tettnanger hops,” according to Amanda Johnson of Odell.

Limited to 100 barrels, Double Pilsner will be available in a limited area of distribution and will be found in six packs with a suggested retail price of $10.99-11.99. And as with all limited release beers, once this beer is gone — it is gone for good.

Interested in attending the release? The brewery will celebrate the release on June 19 in the brewery’s Tap Room with festivities beginning at 4:00PM.
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Kahlua Presents: Iced Coffee For Adults

Kahlua Milky Way Kahlua Javatini Kahlua Choco Coffee

L to R: Kahlua Milky Way, Kahlua Javatini, Kahlua Choco Coffee

At Mutineer Magazine, we get really excited over the marriage of two fine beverages (that is most definitely a wedding worth dressing up for).

Coffee is often an ignored bedfellow to liqueur. Most often, coffee cocktails are viewed as simply just an after dinner drink. They rarely ever take center stage. Until now, that is. This summer, the awesome folks at Kahlua (a coffee liqueur) are determined to revamp coffee cocktails, but with an icy twist. See the full post »

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Mutinous Neckties For The Win

Other Beverage

Cocktail Collection Neckties Not gonna lie, I dig seeing guys in a suit and a tie. Even just a button up shirt and a tie does it for me. Ties make people look sharp, they can come in all sorts of fun shapes and patterns and they make great gifts for guys when you are in a pinch. Heck, even I have been known to wear a tie from time to time.

I like all sorts of ties — funny ones, sports ones, serious ones. But I especially like geeky ones.

Combining the elements of art, science, and fashion, Stonehenge, Ltd. is the original creator of Molecular Expressions, a line of fashionable necktie collections from digital images made from photomicrographs (photographs taken with a microscope).

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Stonehenge, Ltd. has a line of Cocktail Collection neckties. See the full post »

Thomas Angove: The Inventor of Boxed Wine Dies


Boxed Wine

Some of my most memorably unmemorable days happen in college as a result of boxed wine. Ah the stories of doing “boxed wine stands” are not very pretty. But hey, it was college dude. It happens.

Although my taste in wine has become significantly more sophisticated since then, I am humble enough to admit that there is, in fact, a time and place for … gulp … boxed wine. See the full post »

The Happening: Mutineer Sponsored Events for April 2010


The Happening - Mutineer

Interested in knowing what epic events your favorite Mutineers are appearing at in the month of April? Check out the list of events that Mutineer Magazine will be sponsoring this month. And if you are around during any of these events, we encourage you to come and check things out! See the full post »

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Mutineer Interview with Zane Lamprey

Three Sheets

Zane Lamprey in Cognac, France

If you haven’t seen Zane Lamprey’s television show Three Sheets and you are reading this magazine, then as your attorney I highly recommend you visit www.zanelamprey.com immediately to see what you’ve been missing. The complete first three seasons are available to view for free, and in addition to being wildly entertained, you’ll receive an outstanding education in all things fine beverage. The show is currently without a network as the result of its previous home Mojo going off the air, though Lamprey is determined to get the show back onto television, and if his die hard fans have anything to say about it, the show won’t be without a home for long. See the full post »

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Another Fine Beverage Disaster: Canadian Club Tanker Truck Flips


RV from 2012
The Mutineers try and outrun an epic fine beverage disaster in the Mutineer RV.

Yup, fine beverage disaster struck again last week when a tanker truck carrying 7,000 gallons of flammable (and delicious) Canadian Club whiskey flipped near Georgetown, Kentucky. See the full post »

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The Great Knob Creek Bourbon Shortage of 2009


The Courier-Journal out of the Louisville, Kentucky is reporting that Knob Creek has run out of bourbon! Ye gods!

Fans of Knob Creek bourbon may find their favorite whiskey in short supply this summer as the brand’s bottle warehouses near Clermont, Ky., are empty and the next batch of aged whiskey won’t be ready until November.

Bourbon experts say the looming shortage is somewhat unusual, although brands such as Knob Creek, which is aged for nine years, are more susceptible because their distillers must predict demand far in advance.See the full post »

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