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Guess That Wine


Kristen Bell

Here is actress Kristin Bell filming her new movie, “When in Rome”. In this scene, she is wasted, drinking a killer bottle of ____________________. Can you figure it out? If you are the first who can correctly guess what wine Kristen Bell is drinking in this picture, we’ll give you a free one-year subscription to our magazine, Mutineer Magazine. Plus we’ll announce to the world you are a wine genius… Good luck! See the full post »

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Mutineer on Tour – Patton Valley Vineyard


Jerry Murray

After spending the day with Patton Valley Vineyard winemaker and vineyard manager Jerry Murray, I’ve found my morale high and my belly full of outstanding wine.

Perched in the hills of the Willamette Valley near the small hamlet of Gaston, Patton Valley Vineyard is a little off the beaten path in relation to the rest of the Willamette Valley, and I am convinced that this is its greatest asset. See the full post »

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Mutineer On Tour


Mutineer on Tour

It is official, Mutineer Magazine is hitting the road! The adventure, dubbed “Mutineer on Tour”, will hit up wineries in Washington, Oregon, and California, in addition to some distilleries, breweries, bars, and probably a local jail or two. There will be an additional blog detailing the misadventures of our magazine on tour, and this blog will be accessible through the main Mutineer Magazine Blog. See the full post »

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Interview: Joel Butler of Chateau Ste. Michelle

Chateau Ste Michelle

Being a native Washingtonian, Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf has a soft spot in his heart for the wines of the Evergreen State. Given the wines being produced, that soft spot has evolved to a constant craving. I had the opportunity to ask Joel Butler, the Director of Education and Master of Wine at Chateau Ste. Michelle, some questions about Washington wine. See the full post »

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Honig Rocks


…And they have the postcard to prove it.

Honig Rocks

The “Honig Rocks” postcard is the latest in a long tradition of postcards, including spinoffs of the Apple iPod advertisements, Calvin Klein, and a kind of psychedelic vision of Godzilla taking on the Honig Staff. A video explaining the scientific processes used to create a “Honig Postcard” can be seen by going to http://www.honigwine.com/rockvideo. The postcard was developed to stay in touch with winery customers in a way that is fun and creative. See the full post »

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Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes



Remember this show? Probably not. It enjoyed a short lived life on Fox as a reality show about Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick, producers from American Idol, as they purchase and run a vineyard in Paso Robles, California. See the full post »

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Interview with William Echikson, Author of Noble Rot


Noble Rot

“Noble Rot” is a groundbreaking piece of beverage writing that straddles the line between research and entertainment. At 288 pages, it is a quick and enjoyable read that tricks you into gaining a comprehensive understanding of the past and current workings of Bordeaux and the most influential people that have helped shape it. It is a must read for anyone with a taste for Bordeaux, or an interest in French wine culture. If all of that didn’t convince you to go out and get this book, you should because the gentleman who wrote it, William Echikson, is incredibly nice and even agreed to do an interview…Enjoy See the full post »

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WinePod: The Final Nail in Prohibition’s Coffin



Meet “WinePod”, a “state-of-the-art tool for small lot artisan winemaking”. Okay, so you buy this thing, and you can make your own wine at home. Sure, it lists at $4,499, and you could take all that money and buy a ton of really awesome, professionally-made wine, but what is the fun in that? See the full post »

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