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Mutineer on Tour – Eyrie Vineyards


Eyrie Vineyards

There are a lot of exceptional Pinot Noir wines coming from the Willamette Valley, and I’ve been fortunate enough to try a great deal of them, some of which I’ve ranted about on this blog. That said, Eyrie Vineyards, in my humble opinion, is the crown jewel of the Willamette Valley. These wines are RIDICULOUS! I’d go into more detail here, but if I get going I’ll never stop, so look for a piece on Eyrie in the upcoming issue of Mutineer Magazine, and in the meantime, hunt down a bottle of Eyrie for yourself…you’ll be glad you did.

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This Is What Happens When You Drink Cava



The fine people at Freixenet know how to market a product. It’s simple, you drink a bunch of Freixenet Cava and then you have rock star sex on a big, psychedelic bottle of Freixenet while roses rain from the sky!

Freixenet is the largest Cava house in Spain. What is Cava? Cava is a sparkling wine (think Champagne) that can only be produced in Spain using the same method used to produce Champagne. Most Cava comes from the Spanish region of Penedes near Barcelona. See the full post »

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Robot Somm: The Job Security Killer


Robot Somm

Check out this little guy. He is a robot Sommelier created by the fine people at NEC System Technologies. I haven’t been able to find an official name for him, so I shall dub him Box the Somm after the coolest robot ever from Logan’s Run. See the full post »

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10 Reasons Why Southern Oregon Wine is Killer


RoxyAnn Vineyards

10. Sustainability, like much of Oregon, is a priority throughout the region.

9. The wine industry is relatively young and undiscovered in the mainstream.

8. There is a strong culture of collaboration between Southern Oregon and other Oregon wine regions, paving the way for continued improvement.

7. Many of the pioneers who got the region started are still active in wineries.
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Mutineer on Tour – Soter Vineyards


Soter Vineyards

Soter Associate Courtney Shields is my host today, and we start off by heading into the vineyard to sip some Soter sparkling wine affectionately referred to as “Soter Pop”. Sparkling wine represents a relatively small amount of Soter’s production, but both the Rose and Blanc de Blancs are great if you can find them (rumor is the Blanc de Blancs is pretty impossible to find).

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Powells City of (Wine) Books


Powell's Books

Powell’s Books is the largest independent bookstore in the world, and as such, has become my ultimate destination for wine books. Powell’s is more than a book store though, it is a “City of Books” (really, it’s so ridiculously big that they had to color code the different sections of the store). See the full post »

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Mutineer on Tour – Antica Terra


Chad Stock

Antica Terra only makes wines that do the label justice. Not the most original marketing banter I’ve heard, but try this on: Antica Terra didn’t feel the 2005 crop from the Antica Terra Vineyard was up to snuff, so they, um, DIDN’T MAKE ANY WINE!!! The lesson here is, don’t call their bluff, these people mean business.
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Mutineer on Tour – Lemelson Vineyards


Anthony King

(Or How My Trip to Lemelson Turned Into a Religious Experience)

I’ve been meaning to go to Lemelson Vineyards for some time now. I poured the Lemelson wines at both the Beverly Hills Hotel and Gordon Ramsay in Los Angeles with great success, and I’ve heard stories that the winery itself is amazing, the stories proved correct. See the full post »

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