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The Apartment Building Aroma Training Program



There are many ways a wine enthusiast can train and develop their ability to identify aromas in a wine. One that is overlooked and is of great usefulness to me is what I call, “The Apartment Building Aroma Training Program”.

Here is how it works: You walk through your building (on your way to your car or something, you don’t want to look crazy) and try and identify the aromas and smells on the way. See the full post »

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The Great 26th American Wine & Food Festival Mutiny


Red Hot at Red Seven

Are you going to the 26th American Wine & Food Festival? The Mutineer is! Yes, the Mutineer will be at the festival sipping wine and breaking hearts this upcoming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

What is the 26th American Wine & Food Festival? It is a wild and crazy gastronomical wine-fueled orgy held right here in Los Angeles. I spoke with someone at the Festival today and learned that tickets to Saturday’s event have been sold out, so if you don’t have your ticket yet, you are among the unlucky. See the full post »

Wine 2.0 Expo Preview


Wine 2.0

The Mutineer heads to the Big Apple tonight to attend the Wine 2.0 Expo. Here is a chat with Wine 2.0 Expo organizer Cornelius Geary about this week’s event: See the full post »

Oprah’s Dr. Oz Offers Most Useless Nutritional Advice Ever


Oprah and Dr. Oz

In a brilliant marketing move, CNN.com displays headlines on behalf of Oprah’s Dr. Oz, and today I saw this headline and I could not ignore, “What men should eat every day”. Ever since becoming BFF’s with Oprah at the Napa Valley Wine Auction, I’ve made it my business to keep up with what Oprah is up to, so this article was a must-read for me.
See the full post »

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Amazon.com to Enter the Fray That is the Wine Business



This story has been building for awhile, with many details yet to come, but it is becoming obvious that Amazon.com will offer wines for sale on their site sooner than later.

This could potentially revolutionize the way wine is purchased and explored by consumers as well as the way it is sold and marketed by producers. See the full post »

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Why 3 Stereotypes in the Younger Demographic Should Be Drinking More Wine



I don’t understand why more young people (over the age of 21 of course) don’t drink wine. It could be that wine is such as quiet beverage that it requires simple situations in which to be enjoyed, yet younger people find themselves in these situations more than you ‘d think. Here are three typical young adults who are perfect candidates to become wine lovers: See the full post »

The Whistler Tree


Whistler Tree

This is the Whistler Tree, the largest and oldest cork oak tree still commercially producing wine bottle corks. Now, before you write this blog off because trees are dumb and boring, consider this: In the harvest before last, this one tree yielded enough cork to make over 100,000 wine corks! Yes, this tree is the real deal. See the full post »

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Mutineer on Tour – Saginaw Vineyards


Saginaw Vineyards

Today I discovered something about the Willamette Valley…it’s friggin’ big! I left the Willamette Valley today to begin my pilgrimage to the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, and after driving south for 3 hours, I saw a billboard proclaiming wine and music at a winery off the next exit. Ignoring the pleas of my GPS system, I headed towards the mystery winery. See the full post »

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