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The Legacy of Papa Pinot


David Lett

We were saddened to hear that ‘Papa Pinot’ David Lett of Eyrie Vineyards passed away on Thursday. I never met David in person, but I did get the opportunity to know him well through his wines and contributions to the wine industry. I met with his son, Jason, in August to research an article on Eyrie, which was included in the last issue of Mutineer Magazine.

If you haven’t had a bottle of Eyrie Pinot Noir, do yourself a favor and track down a bottle.

Here is a link to the obituary in the LA Times.

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Instant Karma (Sparkling Wine)


Karma Sparkling Wine

I was flying on Virgin America earlier this week when I was introduced to “Karma Sparkling Wine” on Virgin’s “Red” on-screen ordering system. Further research revealed that The Wine Spies had also taken an interest in the bubbly beverage, making it clear to me that I needed to know more about this California sparkling wine. See the full post »

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The Mutiny Spreads to Santé


Santé Article

Tonight I raise my glass to the fine men and women of Santé Magazine, for within the pages of the October issue of Santé lies a piece by yours truly, titled, “The Tired State of Beverage Journalism”.

The definition of “state” is: The particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time. There is huge potential for beverage journalism to become a more relevant medium, and my aim in writing this was to propose this idea to the beverage community in the respected pages of Santé. See the full post »

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Stating the Obvious: Champagne Linked to Seduction


Saile Sabga

In this modern era of information, is it news that there is a link between Champagne and the art of seduction? BrandRepublic reports that the Champagne house Saile and Sabga was ordered to stop using an advertisement by The Advertising Standards Authority due to the awesomeness of it. The ASA said, “WE considered that readers of the ad were likely to infer that her motive for doing so was seduction…We considered that the handling of Champagne in this way would be seen by readers as a metaphor for seduction.” See the full post »

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redwinebuzz.com Survey



Being that we are people’s champions here at Mutineer Magazine, we would love you to participate in this survey put together by Arthur over at redwinebuzz.com. The survey focuses on the serving preferences of wine. Check out the survey here.

I also suggest to pop over to the redwinebuzz.com to see what the site is all about. Focused around California Central Coast wines, the site has a blog, some great educational information, and other handy tibits.

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American Wine & Food Festival: Best Wine Festival EVER


American Wine & Food Festival

Night 1 of the American Wine & Food Festival was a beef extravaganza, with some of the Los Angeles’s best restaurants showing off their interpretations of what’s for dinner. The event was held at Wolfgang Puck’s Red Seven restaurant, and Chef Puck was on hand to shake hands and slurp down some wine himself. See the full post »

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Almost Time to Almost Begin Harvesting in Willamette Valley


Domaine Drouhin Vineyards
A look at the beautiful vineyards of Domaine Drouhin in 2007.

It is that time of year again, HARVEST. Different regions harvest at different times throughout the fall, and it is around this time that Oregon’s Willamette Valley typically begins the annual wine making process, but this year things are running a little bit behind.

What does this mean? Nothing yet. Things can change in an instant in Oregon, and all we can say so far is that this has been a cool year, things are behind schedule, and vineyard challenges have been minimal. As a fan of wines that highlight complexity instead of alcohol, I see this vintage as holding huge possibilities. See the full post »

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HoseMaster of Wine: Wine Gets Naked


HoseMaster of Wine

I was turned on (no pun intended) to the HoseMaster of Wine[nsfw] through a post on Tom Wark’s Fermentation Blog, and this blog is the real deal.

The blog was birthed by Ron Washam, “After 19 years as a Sommelier in Los Angeles…moved to Sonoma County to explore the other aspects of the wine business”. He quickly validates my decision to leave behind the rat race of corporate restaurant work by saying, “I’ve spent, OK wasted, 30 years learning about and teaching about and swallowing wine.” I like this guy already. See the full post »

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