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Tasting vs. Drinking is like Prostitution vs. Marriage


I am pleased to announce that we’ve made a great philosophical discovery here at the “Mutineer Institute to Try and Drink Good” (MITTADG). OK, there is no MITTADG, but if there was, this is exactly the kind of topics they would be tackling. Also, I’m sure I’m not the first person to ponder the question of what the difference between tasting and drinking is. See the full post »

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A Letter To Steve Heimoff


Alan Kropf's Unposted Comment on Steve Heimoff's Blog

Because Mr. Heimoff has chosen to not post my comment on his blog which attacked us today, this is my response to him.

Dear Mr. Heimoff,

Today I received several e-mails about a blog you posted titled, “If you knock ratings, then don’t rate wines!”, which basically attacks the integrity of Mutineer Magazine and myself directly.

I have invested everything I have into Mutineer Magazine, and while I welcome constructive criticism, I will not stand by and have you make false accusations about me or my magazine. See the full post »

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Agent Red and The Wine Spies


Alan Kropf and Agent Red

This is the closest anyone has come to publicly posting a picture of Agent Red of The Wine Spies on the Internet. I’m pretty sure that device in his hand is some sort of spy camera. Agent Red is one of several special agents working behind the scenes at thewinespies.com, with others including Agent White, Agent Sparkle, and Agent Green (I’ve even heard rumors of an Agent Grenache). See the full post »

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Playboy Wine


Playboy Wine, February 1962

Playboy is teaming up with wineries to get Playboy cover girls from the 60’s and 70’s onto wine labels. This idea sounds infallible to me. Winery partners include Schug, St. Supery, Gargiulo and Janzen. See the full post »

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Wine + Metals = Cancer = Terrifying Headline



Check out this headline in the DailyMail.co.uk, “The metals in your daily glass of wine that have been linked to cancer and Parkinson’s”.

I really don’t like this headline, and I feel it is misleading. In the fourth paragraph, the writer decides to let the cat out of the bag:

“However, the wine industry and Britain’s food watchdog urged drinkers not to panic, saying that the levels of metals were within recognized safety levels.” See the full post »

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Cristophe Smith of Titus Vineyards on the Silverado Trail Silver Pass Weekend


Silverado Trail

Wine Mutineer, Alan Kropf: What is the Silverado Trail Silver Pass Weekend?

Cristophe Smith: It is happening on November 8th and 9th, and it is basically 17 wineries doing an open house together. There will be food with the wine; you can try the famous wings over at Judd’s Hill and I’m going to be making some candied walnuts over at Titus from the walnut trees on the property. It will be a special weekend with great wine sales going on at all of the wineries.
See the full post »

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Humans Taste Like Bacon, End of World Near



Remember “Box the Somm” from the Mutineer Blog a couple month’s ago? Well, he’s back with some alarming news: Humans taste like BACON! See the full post »

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Loire Inspired Dinner, Ortolan



I had the great pleasure and opportunity to attend a Loire Valley inspired dinner and tasting at the restaurant Ortolan in Los Angeles. Where to begin…

Ortolan is an incredible restaurant, and was recognized as such by receiving a star from the Michelin Guide for 2008; one of only 16 restaurants in Los Angeles to enjoy such recognition. Ortolan chef Christophe Eme is a Loire Valley native himself, creating a menu specifically paired with the Loire Valley wines we tasted. See the full post »

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