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Yes! WinoBabe of the Month! Wait, WinoBabe of the Month?


Savanna SamsonPhoto of former adult film actress Savanna Samson

Like bacon flavored cereal, some ideas are better left untouched. WinoStuff’s WinoBabe archive sounds great in theory, but somehow misses its target. See the full post »

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A Beverage That Battles Health Problems


Red Wine

It almost appears to be some sort of trend – scientists tracking down health benefits of drinking red wine. We get it already! Red wine is good for you! I’m just waiting for scientists to move onto a new beverage like, Red Bull – it could really use some benefits. At least that way, I can feel better about drinking one every morning. Anyways, if you are looking for an excuse to drink some red wine, I’ve made a list of three reasons of some potential or maybe definite reasons to drink red wine for its health benefits.

1. Your Heart: A Danish study reports that those who drink red wine had about half the chance of dying from a heart disease as opposed to those who didn’t drink red wine. It has been said that moderate amounts of any form of alcohol do have benefits for your heart, but red wine has something called polyphenols (an antioxidant) in it that can help protect the lining of blood vessels that are in your heart. Read more. See the full post »

Dear Voltron



Here are some questions that were sent to the Editor-in-Chief of Mutineer Magazine. The editor then forwarded them to Voltron, and here is the results.

Dear Voltron,

What am I supposed to do with the cork when the server gives it to me in a restaurant?

Voltron: I would use the blazing sword to demolish the cork into a million peaces. Corks keep wine in the bottle. That’s it. Smelling it is like smelling your napkin, which to be honest, kind of creeps Voltron out. See the full post »

Steve Heimoff = Arch Nemesis


This Unchecked Aggression Will Not Stand

Mr. Heimoff has drawn a line in the sand by neglecting to hold himself accountable regarding the false accusations he made in reference to the integrity of Mutineer Magazine and myself.

If you aren’t aware of the situation, you can bring yourself up to speed here.

He did technically reply, but I wouldn’t call it much of a response.

Steve Heimoff Situation November 2008 01 See the full post »

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Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf’s New Column Debuts in the Wenatchee World


Wenatchee World

Today a column was birthed in the pages of the mighty Wenatchee World, serving Wenatchee, WA and the vast surrounding network of small, agricultural communities. The column discusses northwest wines to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner. See the full post »

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Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection


Vicktory Dog Pup 13 of 22

For $672 you can get the entire 22 bottle set, or you can cherry pick for $40. Carivintas Winery is behind the wine and “Best Friends” is behind the dogs. “Best Friends” is an animal sanctuary in Utah, they have twenty-two dogs that were seized from Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation. Ten percent of the wine sales goes to “Best Friends”, who will then use it to combat dog fighting. Yes, this is a story that everyone can love…

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The Showdown, Beer vs. Wine


Beer vs. Wine

Which do you prefer beer or wine? The city of Charleston, SC is putting this very question to the test. They are going to host the first ever Beer vs. Wine dinner.

The question isn’t which beverage is best or most favored. It is which of the two pairs better with food. A number off different beers and wines will be provided with meals and guests will vote on which pairs best with their meal. We’ll have to keep an eye on this one and see what the people have to say.

Palate + Wines of France = Awesome Luncheon Today


Plus: The Top 3 Reasons to Look to France For Your Everyday Wines


I went to a killer luncheon at the new restaurant “Palate” in Los Angeles today. The event was put on by the fine people at the “Wines of France”, with Master of Wine Sheri Sauter Morano talking about the wines being poured. See the full post »

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