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The Century Club of Wine


The Wine Century Club

I caught wind of the Century Club while at a Young Winos gathering. It is a pretty cool concept. You download the application, which lists a bunch of grape varietals, and you fill in the names of the wines you’ve had until you reach 100. The Wine Mutineer is well on his way, and will report back when he is granted entry into this mysterious secret society.

Check it out at winecentury.com

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The Nightmare of The Wine Hobo


The Nightmare of The Wine Hobo

I stumbled onto an interesting new comic today. Jamaica Dyer depicts the life of a man with an insatiable love for wine. The comic is aptly titled The Nightmare of The Wine Hobo. There isn’t much more to say here, check it out and enjoy.

Wine Mutineer and Beer Mutineer Head to the Pacific Northwest


Camp Mutineer: A Pacific Northwest Adventure

Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf and Beer Mutineer JJ Bagley are currently somewhere in the void between California and Washington as they make their pilgrimage to Seattle. The Mutineers will be living in Washington for six months as they explore the incredible fine beverage scene of the Pacific Northwest. Look forward to lots of great Pacific Northwest content!

Seattle, WA

Issue #3 Cover Mutineer, Gary Vaynerchuk, Appears on the CBS Early Show


Gary Vaynerchuck on Mutineer Magazine Issue 3 Cover

Gary Vaynerchuk appeared on the CBS Early Show to taste some wine with Harry Smith and talk about holiday wines. Gary doesn’t pull punches regarding pinot grigio, and has some ripping saxophone Christmas music in the background. Check it out. See the full post »

Beverage New Media


Old Camera and Wine

For anyone that is unsure about beverage new media, news flash: IT’S HAPPENING. To not realize this, you are depriving yourself of what is the most important and exciting development in wine since the invention of the glass wine bottle. See the full post »

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“Cult Wine” Section On A Wine List: What Do You Think?


Cult Wine List

What do you think about restaurants having a section of their wine list specifically for “cult wines”? I know of a restaurant doing this and I personally didn’t really like the idea. To me, cult wine means: overpriced wine that enjoys a higher demand than supply. See the full post »

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The Young Winos of L.A.


Jesse Porter

So I made my way to a Young Winos meeting last night, and I can tell you now, these people are the real deal. Led by alpha wino Jesse Porter, these weekly meetings are as fun as they are informative, so much so that I stopped playing journalist at about 15 minutes in and entered the tasting fray as a young wino myself. I left the meeting (halfway through albeit to speed through the rainy streets of L.A. to get back to Mutineer HQ and put the final touches on Issue #3), with zero pictures (I had to scout out this picture off an Internet tabloid site) and 1 page of notes. I had gone from a neutral observer to an all out wine tasting combatant, and damn it was awesome. See the full post »

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The HoseMaster of Wine = The George Carlin of Wine


The HoseMaster of Wine Blog is certifiably insane, in a good way. We wrote about the Hosemaster back in September, and after following the blog since then, I’ve been compelled to write a follow up. See the full post »

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