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The Happening: Boston Wine School Spring Classes, Boston


I’ve been meaning to start this blog column for sometime, and today I take the mighty plunge. I call it “The Happening”, and it is my way of addressing the constant stream of event information that finds its way into my e-mail inbox. These events range from epic to elegant and from now on no event will visit my e-mail without then paying a visit to the Mutineer Blog, with the first mention going to Jonathon Alsop’s Boston Wine School, which kindly sent me information about the upcoming spring classes offered through his school. See the full post »

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Sippy Cups + Glass Blowing = The Indy Supercar of Wine Glasses


The fine people at Revelation are pretty excited about their wine glass. The Revelation website is a pretty epic attempt to capture the magic of this glass. While the introduction loads, the website kindly asks you to turn on your computer speakers. At this point it is clear that something big is going to happen…and then BLAM! What seems to be a naked woman drinking out of one of these Revelation glasses appears. Impressive. See the full post »

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Feel Like Spending Some Serious Money On Some Wine?


If you really feel like throwing down some cash on some wine, you should fly out to Chicago this weekend for the Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. Wine Auction at TRU Restaurant. Being that there will be things to spend money on at this auction, I expect Citigroup and their $45 billion of bailout money to be there for sure. If only the auction was in a couple of weeks then Citigroup could fly to Chicago in their new $50 million corporate jet. See the full post »

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The Wine Guerrilla Mystery


Bruce Patch from Wine Guerrilla sent me some samples a while back and I’ve taken my sweet time writing about them. Mr. Patch gave me a little inspiration to get it done when he e-mailed me a write-up done by Mutineer Magazine regular columnist Ron Washam on his blog the HoseMaster of Wine:

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RIP: Vintage New York


It was a bummer to hear that Vintage New York has closed its wine shops in New York City. You may recall Vintage New York from Dec/Jan of Mutineer Magazine as a part of the story on New York’s Finger Lakes wine region. I learned of the shut down from Steve Shaw Jr. of the incredible Shaw Vineyard in the Finger Lakes region, who was also a part of the Dec/Jan story on the Finger Lakes wine region. Shaw attributed the poor economy and lack of local interest in New York wines as the major reason for the shop closing. See the full post »

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Tom Who?


Dr. Evil

In case you haven’t heard, I have an arch-nemesis, Steve Heimoff. Now, I didn’t always have Steve Heimoff as an arch-nemesis. Way back when, when I was coming up through the bush leagues, a scrappy fellow by the name of Tom Merle called me out, and thus a rivalry was born. Then, at some point, I got a girlfriend, replaced the ’73 alfa with a sparkling new Passat, grew a mustache, and felt I was ready to move on to a real arch-nemesis, the aforementioned Mr. Heimoff. Now, for some people it is difficult to move on from these types of situations, and apparently Tommy Boy thinks we are still arch-nemeses, but alas we are not. I’m a sporting fellow though, and I’ll indulge the water-balloon-esque comment bombs on the Wine Mutineer OWC Page. See the full post »

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Blogger Interview: Farmstead Wines


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 3 we highlight twelve blogs that were represented at the Wine Bloggers Conference. Here is the fourth of twelve full interviews from the conference.

Site: www.farmsteadwines.com
Blogger: Anthony Nicolo
Location: Vancouver, Canada & Washington DC
Launched: November 2007

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Blogger Interview: Cheap Wine Ratings


In Mutineer Magazine Issue 3 we highlight twelve blogs that were represented at the Wine Bloggers Conference. Here is the third of twelve full interviews from the conference.

Site: www.cheapwineratings.com
Blogger: Tim Lemke
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Launched: June 2007

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