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The Happening: Premiere Napa Valley Auction


The barrel room at Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Greystone is filled with merchants, vintners, press, guests and one woman in an impossibly blue dress wearing leopard wedge-heeled shoes. Everyone’s here to taste the 200 auction lots for the Premiere Napa Valley wine auction. Not all of the wineries in the Valley can participate and some partnerships have formed to produce auction lots. You can blindside your palate by trying to taste all of the auction lots on Saturday morning. However, some vintners produce tasting events the day before. The Spring Mountain appellation vintners did a group tasting at the Spring Mountain winery. The host vineyard’s auction lot was a 100 percent Petit Verdot, which vineyard manager Ron Rosenbrand said is “something we’re proud of.See the full post »

Washington Wine Commission Tries to Not Suck, I’m Ready to Apply as their Much-needed “Washington Wine Liaison”


I have to give them credit for trying. I checked the Washington Wine Commission Fee Collector website this morning to find a “Snipes Mountain AVA established” headline in the Washington Wine News part of the website. The news is dated as February 20th 2009, the day the Snipes Mountain AVA was officially established, and the same day Mutineer ripped into the organization for NOT having any information about the new Snipes Mountain AVA, which tells us that this information was added either late Friday night or sometime over the weekend. This is clearly an attempt by the WWC to not look like fools, though the damage has been done. See the full post »

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Sumner Sweetheart Wine Walk


Sweetheart Wine Walk

Well, contrary to my prediction that I’d be “cruising for chicks” in Sumner in my post previewing this event, I actually brought a date to experience this afternoon of wine in the small Washington hamlet of Sumner. See the full post »

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Washington Wine Commission = EPIC FAIL, Bloggers = EPIC SUCCESS


Today was supposed to be awesome. I was excited to write about the Snipes Mountain AVA gaining official status but ended up spending my day trying to figure out how and why the Washington Wine Commission could botch this up so badly. I posted a blog about it earlier today and have already had two Washington wineries contact me after reading the blog to vent about WWC dropping the ball on the Snipes Mountain AVA as well as past ball droppings. See the full post »

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The Snipes Mountain AVA is Born Today! Someone tell the Washington Wine Commission!!!


So Mutineer Magazine has staked a claim here in the Pacific NW in the name of raw, old-school journalism. We came here to get the first hand story on this mysterious corner of the fine beverage universe, but things have become complicated since we got picked up for National distribution by one of the world’s leading distributors, and ever since our world has been a circus at best and depraved sweatshop of the printed word at its worst. See the full post »

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The Happening: Culinary Institute of America at Greystone


The Symposium for Professional Wine Writers packed off to the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone for the second day of activities. The morning was occupied by discussions of readable wine writing from Frank Prial, the pioneering wine writer at the New York Times and the impact of climate change on global wine styles. Lastly, a discussion of how great topics gestate. Corie Brown, who recently parachuted out of the sinking Los Angeles Times, said she never had a passion for The Great Wine Tasting Experience, but found stories at events such as auctions and the people who were there. She also reminded all present that they were not the story. See the full post »

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The Happening: Symposium for Professional Wine Writers


According to Louise Kiernan from the Chicago Tribune, you shouldn’t be reading this. At the opening session for the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers, Kiernan suggested that bloggers and writers step away from the screen and go out and have a life, and meet people (drinking wine optional but encouraged). Her presentation encompassed things to do less (work, write and make assumptions) and things to do more (ask questions – the harder the better and learn how to search court documents and doing FOIA requests, read and surf). Although some of this is a bit contradictory, it’s common sense. Reading other wine blogs has taught me things I have stolen and used and things I would never do even if water boarded. Among those soaking up this advice included Eric Asimov of the New York Times, Tyler Colman, author of “Wine Politics” and Alder Yarrow of Vinography.

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The Happening: Sexy Chocolate Sumner


No, this is not Prince’s new album title, but rather an amalgamation of three killer events you should know about.

Pike Chocofest – Seattle, WA

Looking very cool is Pike Chocofest at The Pike Brewing Co. in Seattle, which bills itself as a “romantic evening of chocolate paired with wine, mead, spirits, and beer” and “foreplay for [Valentine’s Day]”. Some of the chocolatiers involved include Fran Bigelow, Theo Chocolate, Carter’s Chocolates, Trevani Truffles, Claudio Corallo Chocolate, and BruCo Chocolate. For more information you should send an inappropriately seductive e-mail under the fake name “Naughty Nellie” to the fine people at Pike Brewing Co. Tickets are $25 per person.

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